«Чайка». Фильм Фонда борьбы с коррупцией.

The Anti-Corruption Foundation presents In May 2014 the story of a tremendous hotel opening ceremony was in the headlines
of Greek mass media. Look at it – the
five star hotel on the seashore of Halkidiki, a very popular tourist
destination in mainland Greece. One can assume from the utmost
interior design that the investors spent tens of millions of euros for construction. Upper floors offer luxurious rooms at 4000$ a night, and below there’s an enormous spa complex, furnished with solid marble. The opening ceremony was hosted by a well-known Russian emcee. The main star for the night
– pop singer Philipp Kirkorov. The investor obviously spent tremendous money. Acrobats,
showmen and magicians – all flown in a
special charter from Russia. Same with all the technical staff. Including the florists and lighting
technicians. Bizarrely, the opening solemn
speech was given by the Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky. listened with attention
by the Russian elite: businessmen, regional managers
and politicians. The highlight of the evening –
firework and laser light show. A gigantic Russian flag is projected onto the hotel building. So who paid for such exorbitant gala-day and whom exactly congratulates The Minister of Culture from the stage? The press says – the owners of the hotel are investors from Russia. One could imagine a famous oligarch or hotelier.
But it is not true. This video shows the people cutting the ribbon, being the hotel’s real owners.
Does anyone look familiar? This is
Artem Yurievich Chaika A son of the Prosecutor General
of Russia. You most probably see his
face for the first time. Despite his being relatively well known, until recent time, nobody actually knew
his face. Artem Chaika suspected person in the most known anticorruption case
of 2010’s in Russia on illegal casinos in Moscow Region. Anchor: The fight against corruption
is ongoing against law enforcement agencies… Reporter: The information obtained
from the internet did in fact reveal underground casinos
Anchor: It seemed this case would lead to a series of operations
throughout the country… — You can open or close a criminal
case for money, Assign someone to a position and so on… Finally the whole anticorruption case
completely failed in the court. Nevertheless for the first time
in many years the Prosecutor General’s son was mentioned. It became apparent that by using his connections with the right people in power and immunity
from any kind of prosecution
by 30 he was already a millionaire in US dollars. His wide and multiple range of assets resemble a huge business empire. Hotels and sandpits, batch plants and
salt mines spread across Russia and even beyond are all examples of business assets that belong to the Prosecutor General’s son. — Thousands of people work for him While turnover of his companies
amounts to hundreds millions of dollars.
But you can hardly classify the activities of Artem Chaika and his collegues as business It’s in fact – gangsterism and racket, illegal takeover and extortion
under the protection of the
Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation – Yury Yakovlevich Chayka. Getting interested in
the Greece hotel affair we uncovered a
large-scale mafia formation tied to the prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation. It was established that the
Illegal casinos of Moscow Region were just one of the many sources of income for Chaika junior. For more than 15 years
together with his father’s subordinates,
the prosecutor office’s staff Artem Chaika has been establishing his control over key assets in so many regions of Russia. Today he is in fact a millionaire
in US dollars. He is considered to be an
oligarch in Europe and an international investor, While in fact he is nothing but a link in the large-scale criminal chain, established under the protection of his father Yury Chayka. CHAIKA The Anti-Corruption Foundation case Artem Chayka
was not the only investor of that Greek hotel. You can see nearby the second owner. Her name is Olga Lopatina. Why would Artem take a random lady as a partner? — Olga Lopatina is the ex-wife of the Prosecutor General’s deputy Gennady Lopatin. She is stated in his
income declarations in 2009 and 2010. In 2011 she suddenly disappeared. And the assets written in her
name disappeared with her. In fact there was no division of marital property. It’s a well known pattern
when a government official needs to dispose of his business assets, and
arranges a divorce with his wife and says «Here I am this generous guy,
leaving everything to my wife.
All assets, the business, she’s living her
own life, and I’m living my own, and I don’t have any idea
what’s going on in her part». Well, shockingly, their divorce
appears to be a ruse. A recent photo made in 2014
shows Olga wearing her wedding ring
on her right hand. Moreover, Olga and
Gennady are actively communicating in Facebook:
they play online games together and like each other’s photos. It seems their divorce was planned out to hide their assets and
income. This is Olga’s last declaration before the divorce. Income – 0 rubles.
It’s hard to explain how one can afford to be a Greek hotel investor with that measly sum. They’d also have to reveal
ownership shares in foreign parent firm that
founded the hotel in the next income declaration. The most interesting question,
of course is where exactly did the deputy’s wife obtain millions of euros needed
to buy that hotel in Greece? Olga Lopatina did not declare that she is in fact in the sugar business. She is the founding member of two firms,
specializing in sugar — in Moscow and in
Krasnodar Territory. It has also been established that
the Prosecutor General deputy’s wife Olga Lopatina
has some compelling reasons for hiding this business. Her founding copartners in the sugar business, are Angela-Maria Tsapok and Natalya Tsepovyaz – wives of the gang leaders
of the Kushchevskaya crime organization: Sergey Tsapok and his right
hand man Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz. So it appears that the Prosecutor
General deputy’s spouse shares joint business with the
wives of the leaders of most brutal gang in the history of modern Russia. This criminal organization
In fact ruled and terrorized an entire district in
Krasnodar Territory for a period of 20 years. Within this period of time
their crimes included hundreds of rapes, dozens of murders, illegal racket takeovers
of companies and bribes to public officials. And, of course, their last criminal act – the infamous Kushchevskaya massacre. On November 4th, 2010 The gang broke into the house of a
local businessman who did not win their
favour, methodically killing 14 people, among them 3 children and an
infant. The bodies of the victims
were burned by them. — This short, dull extract from the Register of Companies, provides
answers to some very important questions. How exactly were they able
to control a huge part of the Krasnodarsky Territory business?
How did they manage to terrorize the local people? How were they able to
evade justice for such a long time? It’s actually quite simple:
they were under protection of public officials from the federal
prosecutor’s office. Following the mass murder the Tsapok gang was finally caught and
put in jail. Most members of the organization
are now in prison, its leader
Sergey Tsapok died in 2014 from a
heart attack in his cell. The investigation of Tsapok’s
gang criminal activities was under direct supervision of the Head of the
Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin. The Committee’s best resources were assigned to carry out the investigation. It is astounding that the field investigators were unable to discover that the Tsapok gang did business with wives of high-ranking officials of the prosecutor’s office. After all, it was quite
obvious: A criminal case against Tsapok
had been opened long before but the charges were dropped
under orders from the district’s prosecutor
Leonid Korzhinek. In addition to the gang leader’s wives, Lopatina’s sugar business
included the forth partner – Nadezhda Staroverova, wife of Alexey Staroverov – head of the Prosecutor General’s Office administration. In November 2014 he was dismissed
from office when police discovered a weapons cache and several members of the so-called GTA gang in his private residence. The gang killed and robbed a total of
14 people on the highways near Moscow. The prosecutor harbored them as
security guards and housekeepers. The money made by the
Tsapok gang wives and Olga was not invested exclusively in the hotel. The Greek property registry
revealed her villa not far from the hotel. Marble, stained-glass artwork,
gold, great chandeliers and
furniture styled after Louis XIV — a prosecutor’s
vision of baroque. Olga’s Greek villa was
built by the same company that developed the
Pomegranate hotel. The developer’s site boasts working on another
project — yet another villa on the
sea shore. Construction is well underway:
excavators are working on artificial landscapes and an Acropolis styled arbor. The window view overlooks the magnificent Mount Athos.
The villa’s owner, according to legal documents —
is Artem Chayka. The local press writes that
Artem visited Greece for the first time on his honeymoon. His father further cultivated his love
for this country. Yyri Chayka used to say that he tries
to visit this holy land once every year. Artem Chayka’s neighbors smile and say that a friend of Putin lives next door. Greek press is full with stories about the most expensive and luxurious hotel of the country. Travel agencies are selling VIP tours to Pomegranate’s Sports and Wellness centre,
located on the shore of the Mediterranean sea. Behind all this, there lurks a son of Prosecutor General and a wife of his deputy. Family members of the officials whose duty is to fight crime and corruption. But this is just the beginning of the story.
The funds Artem Chayka and Olga Lopatina
invested into these hotels and villas had been acquired long before. Pomegranate Hotel is owned by
a Greek company. This document is the company file from the Registrar of Companies. And these are the financial statements of that company, signed by Artem Chayka. The text is in Greek, and only the family name is discernible. But with the online translator’s help, details are brought up to light. For example, we now know the son of the Russian Prosecutor General claims Switzerland as his country of residence. — Documents regarding approval of hotel president and Artem Chayka’s company, expressly state that Artem Chayka is the holder of the Swiss ID. This means that he pays taxes,
owns real estate and lives in Switzerland. We have found that real estate. According to Swiss registers,
Russian Prosecutor General’s son lives in this small house on the shore of Geneva Lake. Here is the post box sign – Monsieur and Madame Chayka. However, having checked the real
estate register we have found out that Artem’s family did not actually own the property. The purpose of this house is clear though. It is not intended for living in but is rather needed for the following reasons: а) accumulation of the length of residence for a number of official purposes, such as eligibility for citizenship or something else. b) to have a post box in Switzerland to which the country’s authorities could send their correspondence and
official communication. Obviously, we needed to continue our search. Indeed, if Artem Chayka has taken a decision to spend the rest of his life in Switzerland, he would need a house of a scale more suitable for his prosecutorial dignity. We have pinned our hopes on the fact that a small house with Chayka’s name on a post box is a property of a certain Lisurenko family. As we have found out, a connection with this family was not a coincidence. Lilia Lisurenko is a family friend of Gennady Lopatin, Deputy Prosecutor General. We have discovered the real house of Artem Chayka literally behind the corner, just a mile or so from the “post box house”. The mansion was acquired by Artem Chayka one year ago for almost 3 million Swiss franks. It is around 3 million US dollars. Modern and stylish, the villa boasts a wonderful terrace, where the owner can put a tea table and enjoy a steaming cup while contemplating the views of Lake Geneva and the Alps. It appears, Artem and his family have resolved to relocate to Switzerland on a permanent basis. But the real estate is only the top of the iceberg. A house needs to be serviced, and for that one needs accounts in the local banks. Moreover, in the records of the local Register of Companies
we have unearthed Chayka’s own law firm. Artem Chayka is indeed a lawyer. The law firm is a true family enterprise: Igor Chayka, a junior son of the Prosecutor General, had been a shareholder in the firm until March 2015. Then he transferred his shares to his elder brother. Chayka’s firm specializes in incorporation of Swiss companies, asset management, Immigration issues, and a whole range of other legal services, up to export and import. The firm’s name is FT Conseils, «FT» being the initials of Chayka’s partner, Francois Tharin. We went to the registered office Of the firm to find out if the Prosecutor General’s son is indeed doing business in Switzerland. Monsieur Tharin was in the office, but declined to talk to the journalists. (English) — You do not speak with the press?
— Never! — But you do not even know what questions I want to ask. — No comment, Mister, — No comment, Mister! Monsieur Tharin knows Russian people very well. In 1990s he helped Sergey Mikhaylov,
also known under his criminal name “Mikhas”, whom the Russian media of that time who was the leader of so-called “Solntsevskaya Bratva” gang, to obtain the Swiss citizenship. Also, Monsieur Tharin
had worked at a law firm known as “Juridical house”.
Until 2007, this firm had been owned by Murat Khapsirokov
now a senator), the son of Nazir Khapsirokov, a former Head of Administration at the Prosecutor General’s Office. This firm is administering Chayka family’s bank accounts and managing their wealth in Switzerland. Millions of dollars have been flowing into the prosecutor general family’s
accounts since 2003. This wealth is being invested
into the lake-side villas and the hotels on the Mediterranean coast. Chaykas claim that the source of this wealth is the shipping business in the city of Irkutsk. To find out how exactly the Prosecutor General’s son had acquired his multi-million wealth, we must go to Siberia. River Lena’s headwater is located in the Baikal
Mountains, near the lake with the same name. It is in the Irkutsk Region (region in Siberia) where the Prosecutor General
of Russia Yury Chayka made the first steps in his career. It is here where his son Artem began his business. The object of Artem’s interest is a shipping company in the city of Ust-Kut. It is 1000 km north of Irkutsk. The shipping company was a strategically important enterprise
to the Russian national security: it was instrumental in supplying
a region of Yakutia with fuel and food. In 2002 this northern supply chain faces serious problems. This is how the fleet of
Verkhnelenskaya Shipping Company looks like now. It had looked much more different until the end of 1990s. At the time the shipping company had a fleet of 70 large tankers and “river-sea” class bulk carriers. In 1999, Artem and a member of State Duma Bashir Kodzoev co-founded the company «Laena». “Laena” provided to the shipping
company with a USD 2 million loan for the purpose of fleet repairs. Once the money had been spent, Laena demanded premature repayment of the loan. The shipping company repaid it,
albeit with difficulties, but as a result the shipping company
remained with no funds to support its operations. Member of State Duma Kodzoev then filed an application for bankruptcy of the shipping company to the Federal Financial Rehabilitation Service In the meantime, Artem Chayka, a graduate
of the Irkutsk University’s chair of law draws up a plan for financial rehabilitation of the company. To this end, he proposed to
transfer the management to his people. The shipping company’s director
rejected that plan. Chayka then put his course mate to the list
of shareholders and called a general meeting
of the company in order to modify the board of directors. This strategy failed too. Criminal charges were then initiated against the shipping company’s directors. However, that case was being prosecuted by Irkutsk City Prosecutor’s Office rather than By the office of Irkutsk Region
Transportation Prosecutor. At that time, Albina Kovaleva,
a friend of the Chayka family, was the Irkutsk City Prosecutor. — This made perfect sense. Chayka himself originates from Irkutsk Region. All employees of the City Prosecutor’s Office were, in fact, his proxies. We have Albina Kovaleva, with her unique position, The woman is more than 70 years old. Probably even more than 80. However, she still works at the Prosecutor’s Office, although she must have retired long ago due to her elderly age. She holds a peculiar position,
something like «representative of the Prosecutor General
in the City Prosecutor’s office». A very interesting way of continuing
earning a salary and remaining in position while still influencing on certain things:
we should remember that the prosecution is in fact
an instrument of legalized violence. At first glance, Albina Kovaleva
is of little importance in this story.
However, we should keep in mind that Ms Kovaleva, a very senior and distinguished prosecutor had worked at Irkutsk City Prosecutor’ Office with Yury Chayka, and she can still influence upon his decisions. Her son, Dmitry Berdnikov, was appointed the mayor of
Irkutsk city immediately after, the mayoral elections had been cancelled
and replaced with the appointment system. Dmitry is not trying to hide his friendship
with the Prosecutor General’s son. – Do you have a close personal
relationship with the son of our Prosecutor General? – You know, our interests were
focused on different areas. As to our friendship, that a good friend is a good friend indeed. you should understand Does not matter whose son he is.
But I would not place any special emphasis on our relationship. The media claims that Yury Chayka, the Prosecutor General; his deputy Mr Ivan Semchishin; Zabaikalsk Region Prosecutor and an ex-Prosecutor of Tomsk
Region Mr. Vassily Voikin; Saratov Region Prosecutor Mr Vladimir Stepanov; and Murmansk Region Prosecutor Mr Maxim Ershov,
are all Albina Kovaleva’s disciples. Current Irkutsk Region Prosecutor
Mr. Igor Melnikov and Krasnodar Territory Prosecutor Mr Leonid Korzhinek, well-known for protecting the interests of the “infamous” “Tsapki” gang,
are also her disciples. All of these prosecutors started their careers in Irkutsk Region. Artem Chayka also enjoys warm personal relationships with Ms Kovaleva.
The media claims that he calls her in public
his “second mother”. This is Nikolay Palenny, the director
of the shipping company, who stood against Chayka and the prosecutor. That’s how he described
an attack on his business in December 2002: — A conflict between…well, not not between, but rather relating
to Verkhnelensky Shipping Company and its fleet maintenance and
operation facilities “Kirenskaya” and “Alekseevskaya” has been ongoing, for, roughly, 2 years. This conflict is being imposed upon us by a certain group, of, I shall say, “dishonest persons”. Among others, Artem Yuryevich Chayka,
the son of the Minister of Justice, is behind this conflict. This group of people affects the business Of our subdivisions
in a very negative way. At that time Nikolay Palenniy still hoped that he could get through to the leadership of the country and prevent plundering of state enterprises. – We would like to forewarn
the Ministry of State Property from taking any hasty steps, (we’d prefer) that the Ministry
wouldn’t rush into changing the company’s management and wouldn’t bring outsiders from who-knows-where to our northern lands. And that they wouldn’t start making final decisions
regarding our management in a hasty way. It is not in the best interest of the country. On December 30th, 2002 at 11 a.m. Nikolay Palenniy left his apartment in this building and went to his garage to get his car. An hour later, at 12 p.m., he would be found hanged in the garage. Criminal investigation has not been initiated. The death was pronounced a suicide. Sometime later someone anonymously provided a copy of the forensic report to journalists. In this report the ligature mark is described. It’s the strangulation mark that
a rope leaves around a neck. It is 41 centimeters long. That is the circumference of the neck of the deceased. The full circumference. In suicide cases the ligature mark does not completely encircle the neck. Despite the fact that all pieces of evidence indicate that this was a murder, the law enforcement entities and the Prosecutor’s Office never investigated the death of Mr.Palenniy. And where did the ships sail? For the first time we disclose the mechanics of misappropriation of these state assets. Dry cargo vessels of River Sea class were assigned to two ports of registry: Kyrensk and Alexeyevsk. Those ports were executing freight contracts (through its parent company the “Verkhnelensk River Shipping Company”). After the death of Mr. Palenniy, the director of the shipping company, a self-appointed managing company with a similar name “United Verkhnelensk River Shipping Company” assumed the management of the vessels without any legal basis. That company had been recently incorporated and registered at the same address as other
companies of Artem Chaika: 5 Mashkova Street, Bldg. 1, Moscow. What has happened with the vessels? Through a chain of pseudo creditors and fictitious court orders, the “Verkhnelensk River Shipping Company” was forced to give up its vessels in lieu of debts. Thus 16 ships were transferred to The Moscow Equestrian Club “Serafimovo”. The club and the “United Verkhnelensk River Shipping Company” are controlled by the same people. They are backed by Artem Chaika and his partners. Another five vessels were sold to a front company. Within half a year all vessels were re-registered as assets of Mr. Chaika’s companies. Several vessels were sold dirt cheap to offshore companies registered on the island of Malta. More than ten vessels have been personally leased by Artem Chaika. A special leasing rate, three times below the market value, was offered to the son of the Prosecutor General. Unseaworthy vessels were simply abandoned. For the proceeds from the sale of the vessels a classical money laundering scheme was used. Money were transferred to a Latvian bank and transferred from one account to the next until final transfer to Switzerland to the accounts of the Chaika family. Later the money was converted into houses on the bank of Lake Geneva. Artem Chaika did not stop at taking over the shipping company. After that, several people from his team started dealings in the salt business, also in the Irkutsk region. This is the Tyret Salt Mine, number four in Russia by volume of production. In November 2011, the Tyret Salt Mine, that belonged to the state, was sold
into private hands for 660 million rubles, although its market value, according to estimates, was three times higher. With the help of Mr. Fetisov, the Head of Irkutsk Branch of the Agency of State Property, the ownership of the Tyret Salt Mine was transferred to “Solidarity” – a newly established company. That company is closely affiliated
with enterprises of Artem Chaika. Mr. Fetisov himself earlier was a police officer. The former Prosecutor of Irkutsk, Ms. Albina Kovalyova, first moved up to a position in the Regional Prosecutor’s Office and later headed the Real Estate Registration Office of the Regional Ministry of Justice. Mr. Fetisov became the Head of the Security Department of that entity. As time went by, Mr. Chaika was appointed as the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, and Ms. Kovalyova has become the Counselor to the Prosecutor General and Mr. Fetisov became the Head of the Irkutsk Regional Branch of the Agency of State Property. Apparently Pavel Fetisov, who became the Head of the Irkutsk Branch of the Agency of State Property, used to work under the supervision of of Ms. Albina Kovalyova. All this reshuffling, and let’s call it “intimacy” of Mr. Fetisov with the team that has been working a long time with Mr. Chaika throughout his career provided a ground to suggest that his appointment or one of the reasons of appointing Mr. Fetisov
to that position in the Agency of State Property, was to help with privatization of the Tyret Salt Mine. The other bidders were simply not admitted to take part in the auction for privatization of one of the largest salt mines in the country. It was a case of plain intimidation. There was at least one other group of people interested in participation in bidding for the Tyret Salt Mine. A straightforward question was placed before them:
How many criminal investigations do you want per person? You can even choose the charges: pedophilia, for example. A fine charge. Your life would be over at once. You can also choose from a list of jails in Russia. Do you want to have HIV-positive cellmates? Or TB infected? We are at your service. Thus, people from that other group decided that it was enough, and they were no longer interested in bidding for the Tyret Salt Mine”. This is how ownership of very different
properties and facilities all over the country has been changing under the auspices of the Prosecutor’s offices. For some business people
the business tool is an IPO, and for some, that tool are
the employees of their own father. The next target of Artem Chaika was the Vorobiyovsk Salt Deposit near Kaluga. In 2013, four companies
submitted bids for development of the deposit. Bids of two out of the four bidders, including the “Russalt” company,
the frontrunner and  main player, in the Russian salt market, were declined on the basis of “Lack of
technical means to perform work”. “Maloyaroslavetskysaltpromysel” and the Tyretsk Salt Mine were allowed to participate. “Maloyaroslavetskysaltpromysel” is part of
Chaika’s enterprises via[1] the “Galit” company. The Tyretsk Salt Mine is Chaika’s as well,
through affiliated parties. How can this kind of biding take place? It very well can, with the help
of the Regional Prosecutor General, Dmitry Demeshin. He is closely affiliated
with Artem Chaika. They are very close indeed:
Demeshin addresses Artem Chaika as “brother”. A month after the bidding was over Demeshin was promoted
to Major General[3] and moved to Moscow.
He became the Head of the Department of Corruption Reduction of the Office of the Prosecutor General
of the Russian Federation. And here is Artem himself placing a (commemorative) capsule
at the foot of the foundation of the Vorobyevsk salt processing plant. And here, next to his brother Artem, is Igor, the youngest son of the Prosecutor General of Russia. We’ll talk about him a bit later. The firsthand encounter with an unfriendly
corporate raider system of Chaika Jr. had Oleg Karapetov,
the director of a sand quarry, located not far from the Vorobiyovsk Salt Deposit, also near Kaluga.
Oleg Karapetov has been working here his entire life.
Last spring all the accesses
to the biggest developed sand quarry of
the Kaluga Region were blocked by felled trees. A vehicle containing people from the Prosecutor’s office was on duty near the headquarters 24/7. Daily there were two or three
representatives from the Prosecutor’s office present at the inspections. And at that moment
I started to understand, I began understanding,that
something wrong was taking place. They came with the task to shut down the enterprise. The quarry’s license was revoked. One of the reasons
cited by Prosecutor’s office was the lack of a steering
wheel on a bulldozer. Many times I went to meet with various people, everyone would just point up, up to the top.
They are not ”commoners”, and that’s it.  In my mind
the Prosecutor’s office is now “the justice”. Some years ago the Mostovskoy quarry got a new neighbor. A deposit on the opposite
bank of the Ugra River was given to a company named “Siberian Element – Renta K”. When the companies became competitors for supplying sand for the reconstruction the Mostovskoy quarry started
to have inspections. It was initiated – as everywhere else – by
the Prosecutor
of the Environmental Protection Agency. What kind of damages did I inflict?
Nobody brought up any claims. The Prosecutor’s offices are everywhere. I have worked here for forty years and I’m not afraid of anything.
Wanna crush me? Crush me!
Let people hear it! Shameful! And you are the first ones to implement them!
I’m just telling it as it is in front of everyone. I will draw a statement regarding
the refusal to provide documents and the ninety day operation suspension.
This is what we chose. The “Siberian Element” was established by one individual and that person is Artem Chaika. So… what can I say… I tried
to reach out to the top in Moscow to settle this matter, but failed
to get a response; other people tried to settle this matter as well. Somehow… I have been trying for a year. I went to the Minister a couple of times, they are decent people there,
they conduct inspections (of the business) annually. And to be honest they also point their index finger up as well. They say that they couldn’t do a thing, that I should bring a claim.
I was told everywhere: “Insist on court of law”. It looks like racketeering is taking place. At the time when all internal investigations were taking place, the Prosecutor
of the Kaluga region was Alexander Yurievich Gulyagin, the son of Yury Gulyagin, Deputy Prosecutor General. Quarry employees suspected that it was Yury Gulyagin who was giving orders to his employees, with the best interests of Artem Chaika, his boss’ son in mind. In the time free from
taking over state property Artem enjoys riding motorbikes. He’s a biker. This year he rode across
the country to Minsk with his own bike club “Iron Birds”
to celebrate the opening and closing
of the riding season. Local journalists spotted him
in a group of bikers, along with his younger
brother, Igor. The younger son of Russia
Attorney General – just like Artem – started his own business
yet being a student, and by the time he turned 27, Igor had achieved spectacular
results. His approach is different from
that of his brother’s, because Igor mainly makes money on government contracts. His business goes hand in hand with winning multibillion government
bids on projects like growing urban greenery, improving public services,
and waste collection. His success is guaranteed by profuse administrative resources
and a net of affiliated companies that
in each case effectively form a cartel in order to win a government bid. One of the biggest in the whole Europe,
a new skate park was opened today in Ostankino. It occupies
a whole hectare (more than 100,000
square feet) of land. – A huge work has been done to complete the renovation of Ostankino park. — I remember, you told me
about it. In three days this
biggest-in-Europe skate park was closed for
reconstruction. Turned out, riding there
was a life hazard. — That’s just insane. I mean, if a small kid falls in here, he’s gonna
scream like crazy and I mean… No one will ever be able to
take him out of here. Yeah, it’s crazy dangerous,
steep. I don’t even know if anyone can
do it, but if someone can, they’ll probably get a lot of money
if they make it. The quality of the covering, yeah, it’s ticky-tacky. The construction obviously
did not meet the standards. This skate park was a part of
the renovation of big Ostankino park, performed by the company
“SitiStroyService”. Other companies that competed
for the bid were “Innovatsii Sveta”, “BalticStroyCompany” and «Navigatsionnye resheniya” “Innovatsii Sveta” belongs to Igor Chayka, Artem’s younger brother. At first sight, these are
just four unrelated companies, founded
by different people in different cities. However, all the firms are interrelated. Firstly, the website
addresses of their offices and affiliates match: at some point, three out of
four companies used the same legal address in a business center of Presnya. Secondly, owners of two companies
are related through another firm “Dealsa”. The above firm was sold by the
owner of “SitiStroyServis”, Denis Galagan, to the owner of «Navigatsionnye resheniya”
Alexander Tsurkan It is thought that Tsurkan’s
firm won a 15-year 43-billion-roubles-worth
tender on waste collection in Moscow with the help of Igor Chayka.
Finally, “Dealsa” was registered in the same
business center in Moscow. Besides, all four companies
effectively share the same staff and don’t really try to conceal it: each firm promotes vacancies in
other companies through employment websites;
the architect working for “SitiStroyServis” also works on the projects for
“BalticStroyCompany” and Igor Chayka’s «Inovatsii Sveta»; The same web developer created the websites for all the companies in the cartel; That same developer worked
on the brochures for “Tiretsky rock salt-mining plant”
and even the website for the hotel in Greece, all property of Artem Chayka,
Igor’s brother. Thus, the four companies seemingly unrelated, in various combinations, took part in and won, together, 14 government tenders
Amounting more than 2.5 billion rubles. Obviously, such a scheme has all the features of a criminal cartel. — All four companies together participated in tenders,
one of them always won, and the others created a fake
competition. We known at least 14 such episodes. These companies share the same address,
staff, directors – even their web
designer is the same person. Besides, they filed applications
for the tender on planting greenery in Ostankino at the same time from
the same IP-address. The Federal Anti-Monopoly Service
has extended the deadline for the investigation on the
cartel accusation that we filed. Meanwhile, the “successes” of
Igor Chayka are remarkable. In May 2015, the Philharmonic
Orchestra of Vienna сonducted by Riccardo Muti gave a concert in a very
unexpected place the town of Klin, Moscow Region. This festival was a triumph of
Igor Chayka. Igor was the advisor
on cultural volunteering for the Governor of
the region, Andrey Vorobyev. Among his responsibilities
were creation of logos and brand books
for the towns in the region, sound zoning of
Klin town renovation of historical
homesteads, organizing weekend fairs and celebrations in honor of
Orthodox Saints. This is how Igor Chayka described
his job in an interview to “Rain” TV during the music
festival: – In 2014 we managed to
fundraise more than 800 million rubles
from off-budget investments. Many festivals and
many parks opened in Moscow region were in part due to the off-budget investments. – And what is the share of
your own funds? -Well, why does it matter…
Listen… -Don’t be modest.
-I will be. I will be, because I am an Orthodox
Christian, and one should be humble of heart. And this is the video of humble Igor Chayka getting
into a helicopter. As if emphasizing the
status of their young boss, the security
are over-concerned about his safety. Even more humble-looking is
the special motorcade escorting the young
official in his trips around
Moscow Region. Sometimes Igor Chayka drives himself and even picks up his elder brother. Before his appointment as an
advisor for the governor Igor Chayka said he wanted
to work in the government. To clear his way, they
even fired deputy governor for culture. But one and a half year
later, on July the 20th, Igor Chayka left his post
of advisor for the governor, saying he was unable to abandon Apart from renovating
parks, Igor also owns a handful of production companies. “Aqua Solid” is dealing
with chemicals according to its Articles, but in fact mostly deals with massive
production of concrete; “Vizualnye tekhnologii” produces road signs
and nameplates. In 2014, Igor’s firm
“T-industriya” bought 50% minus two shares
of concrete sleepers production company
“Beteltrans” from Russian Railways
for 3 billion rubles on a forged auction. — I believe this contract
competition was a fake, because the two participants,
“A-Terminal” and «T-industriya” are
affiliated and obviously make up a
cartel, by virtue of being managed by the same legal entity,
a Dutch trust company. Despite Igor’s attempts
to look like a modern western-minded
urban planner-official he does his business in
quite the same fashion as does his elder
brother Artem, winning government
contracts at very questionable
and fake tenders. While Igor was
preoccupied with the tender on concrete, Artem
purchased the crushed stone production from the
same company, Russian Railways. One could assume that
brothers do business together, but this question seems to be very sensitive for Igor and he avoids answering it. – Do you somehow collaborate with
Artem Yuryevich in order to prepare those
projects that you are developing, for
example those related to, New Jerusalem
museum, the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, or
here in the town of Klin? — Well… You know,
I think it’s better to ask my brother about what he
is doing. And… you see… I thought
you came up to me to ask about Tchaikovsky, and now you are shifting to
completely different… different topics. — We are just very thirsty…
very thirsty for information … not related
to Tchaikovsky And we are just using…
the opportunity to ask those questions that
the public, our viewers, want to know answers to. I understand, but… as for the questions about
my brother, of course, you would better ask
my brother. In reality Igor knows
his brother’s because he is in fact
a part of it. Igor has worked on the
public image of the town of Klin for 1.5
years thanks to his brother’s connections
with this lady: Alena Sokolskaya, the head of the district. Her husband, Alexander
Kozlov, is ex-deputy prosecutor of Moscow
involved in the case of casinos protection racket. The head of her administration,
Eduard Kaplun, former prosecutor of Klin,
is also involved in this case. Igor’s brother Artem was
involved in the case as the organizer of
the criminal network. There are more connections:
a lawyer Elizaveta Berezina both
is a partner in Igor’s Moscow law firm
and a participant in the auction for salt deposit on behalf of Artem. She is the founder of “Galit” Ltd that
facilitated fake competition in tender for Vorbyevskoye deposit; Artem’s
firm in Switzerland belonged to Igor until July of
this year; beforehand, brothers’ lawyers have
worked with the former executive secretary of
General Prosecutor’s Office, Nazir Khapsirokov. Igor registered his shares in the construction
company to a businessman named Ponomarev. Same Ponomarev has
transferred the ships from Verhnelenskoe ship
company in Artem’s favor. Finally, Igor is a
part of a huge system, in which
top heads and officials of prosecutor’s office
are involved. For example, The prosecutors of
Kaluzhskaya region helped Artem to gain
control over the salt deposits, and
prosecutors of Irkutsk region,
to seize the ship company. Together with Lopatin
family, Chayka does business in Greece,
through Lopatin he is connected with Tsapki gang
in Krasnodar Territory where Albina Kovaleva’s
former student, Leonid Korzhinek, serves as
the prosecutor. Her former students also protect
The interests of the family in Tomsk, Irkutsk,
Murmansk and other regions. Witnesses
report that Artem by using his connections
is able to fly all over the country and
demand from the regional prosecutors with regards to which
criminal сases to open, and which ones
to stop. — We’ve gone beyond our
usual anti-corruption
investigation. It’s not just
corruption here; it is robbery, murder,
and racket. This system is not
punishable, because it is created by those who
are appointed to punish. So many people are
involved in this system, that one could hardly say
the leadership of the country is unaware of what is going on there is so much
compromising information on
Yury Yakovlevich Chayka, making him totally controllable. He will do what
he is told to do. That’s why they need him.

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