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Hello friends, Chanakya has made many things possible in his time, he has done some very amazing things because of his some amazing work he is considered as one of the smartest mind in the Indian History few examples of Chanakya Amazing work: because of Chanakya’s brain His student Chandra Gupta able to defeat Nanda Dynasty and become king it is said that Chanakya was the master mind, due to which Alexander the great was defeated in India, when he was out to conquer the world, it is also said that it was Chanakya who brought different kingdoms which had different kings and rulers together and made it Arya Varta He made it a country which had only one governance, that Arya Varta become India if we talk about today’s time when author wasn’t getting success in his business, at that time his mentor suggested him not only learn from the management master Peter Ducker but also from Indian History Scholar Chankaya author followed his mentor’s advise he started learning from Chanakya too, at start he faced difficulties because it was really hard for him to understand Chanakya’s Sutras, because his sutras were quite tough but after putting lot of efforts Author finally able to learn everything after following Chanakya learning author able to face success in his business that too very quickly he faced success so quickly that people start asking him the secret behind his succes only then author thought of writing this (Corporate Chanakya) book in easy words so that people can understand it properly and nicely and can use it in their professional and business life author has made Corporate Chanakya Book in Three parts first Leadership, second Management and Third Training now i will share some important points from it so let’s begin… Leadership Equals Power a very important point under leadership is Power For thousands of years until today only those people able to go ahead in life or in any field who has power hence to be successful in business it is very important for you to be powerful and in order to become powerful Chanakya Ask you to focus on four things First Intellectual power today we are living in the information age More than any previous time, today person who has true knowledge and wisdom can become very successful in fact in the coming future Knowledge will be the most expensive commodity and only those people will able to become the most successful people who has more knowledge compare to others second) Man Power under man power all those will come who work with you or for you and even your customers will come under this these people power will make you powerful, the more powerful they are the more powerful you’ll become here i will add those powerful people too who knows you or to whom you know because the more powerful connections you’ll have the more powerful you’ll able to become Number 3) Financial Power many people think that they will work for others people betterment and money is not that important but reality is if your company or business in not making money then no matter how much you want but you will not able to help others for very long because money gives the power to convert things into reality Number 4) Enthusiasm and Morale as per research chances of getting success becomes high for those leaders who are full with enthusiasm energy and confidence that too with discipline Chanakya Says that if person focus on this factor then that person will able to achieve other three factors as well Art Of Punishment In order to become a power leader it is very important for you to be tough and Understanding means to achieve your goals and targets you must know how to use Stick see it’s true that if a leader is too strict always give punishment then for sure others will hate him but if a leader act very sweet and lenient and never corrects anyone’s mistake then no one will respect him nor anyone will work properly therefore Chanakya says that to be powerful you must know the art of using Stick don’t be so strict that people fear to talk important things with you and never be so sweet or lenient that people don’t value your words Staying at the top Chanakya says for ones it is easy to become powerful but staying to that position is very difficult hence in order to become good powerful admirable leader you must know how to have self-control you must have control over your 6 negative emotions 1) Lust (Kaam) Always desire of getting more and more destroys the person’s life hence it is important that after reaching at top, people should teach others and should mentor new leaders 2) Anger (Krodha), Anger never allows person to take right decisions hence everyone should protect themselves from it or should avoid it 3) Greed (Lobha) There’s a saying By Mahatma Gandhi: “Earth Provides Enough To Satisfy Every Man’s Need, But Not Every Man’s greed.” therefore man should never greed for himself but should always try to help others 4) Pride (Mana) in order to stay at top a person should never become slave of his Ego otherwise people will not consider him as a good leader 5) Arrogance Taking Credit for every win and blaming others for every loss never keeps a person at top. 6) Over-Excitement a leader should never allow his emotions to influence him should never show more happiness or more sadness because whenever house catches fire, only that person able to think properly and able to survive who has control over his emotions and feelings 7) Own law: we are able to stick to the ground we don’t fly because of the Gravitational law or force gravitational law keeps us to the ground similarly entire world is running in different-different laws and it is very important to have laws so that every thing can work properly similarly every house, organisation and country’s should have such laws which keeps everything in control similarly even you maintain certain laws at your home and business and never break it as a leader you must make laws by considering three things 1) Why you are making that law and what is the benefit of that laws 2) That law should be beneficial for all last 3) leader should make a law by considering all example: if a hungry man stole food to survive then rules for such person should be less strict compare to the person who poor people’s food just for fun and enjoyment Control Office In ancient time, the most important place for any kingdom was Kings Empire( King’s fort) From king’s fort they use to control the entire kingdom, there used to be their Treasury from there they used to control and command their army from there only they used to discuss strategies with their Wazir commanders and intelligent people etc they used to rule from there, therefore whenever any enemy use to attack the fort and used to win then they were considered as winning the entire kingdom Fort used to be very important if we talk about today, then today’s fort is leaders office or the place where leaders work on which his control is really very important leader should have control over three things first) Treasury means business Finance second) Army in modern terms All employees from CEO Till Peon(Janitor) and last third) Wazir and commanders means all trustworthy people means people who worked with you and know how to handle business as per Chanakya the best Strategy is that a powerful leader should focus on Treasury and army and should allow trustworthy people to handle business Maintain Secrets the way it is important for a tailor to take measurement twice before cutting the cloth so that tailor can be sure about the measurement and can avoid wrong cutting of cloth similarly every individual should think before speaking, should think twice before saying anything if you want to be a powerful leader then it is very important for you to keep secrets of important things and never say anything which can create problem for you, don’t say things unless it is not very important two big reasons because of which a leader should never share a secret are: 1) It will bend you: a leader whose secrets are known by his people always live in fear, because he worries that his secrets can be leaked by others many times person can blackmail over your secrets which can make leader weak 2) Defensive: Sharing secrets can make a leader helpless because instead of planning and dealing with situation, leaders will start protecting his secrets Chanakya Enemies use to fear him, forget about enemies even Chanakya’s friend never used to know about his next move or plan Threefold sucess Chanakya Says success can be three ways or can be in threefolds first) Success By Counsel every individual needs advice, the better advisor person will get, the more success chance will increase second) success by Might a person who is in powerful position can take more decision without thinking much or without any worries which is really very important for success hence you should always be in the powerful position and if person is not in the powerful position then at least he should have the powerful connections last thirds) Success By Energy this type of success is got by person because of his energy, work, enthusiasm and passion Power Management a person who can handle any type of situation is really a very powerful person Chanakya says that the three most common situation which can come in front of the leader are first) People situation any person who wants to reach at top or at the top position then they must know how to handle people now however every individual is different therefore way of handling them is also different therefore Chanakya gives advise to all to Read and understand Human Psychology subject second) Knowledge situation In today’s knowledge economy, companies spend in crores and miilion for Research and Development because in order to move a head in life having proper knowledge is must hence always gain knowledge by reading books, today you can read as well as can listen books can gain knowledge in many ways, this video is also the way to gain knowledge Third Material situation) under material money, machines, technology comes etc Chanakya says you can handle situation in two ways first) to remove solution after facing the situation or second) to have a plan already, like if problem arises what you’ll do means to always have a back up plan Have someone to answer no one likes to have a boss who always shouts at them but reality is we should always have that someone to whom we can answer should have someone it can be friend, mentor or anyone should have someone to whom we can answer what we are doing and going to do etc because this thing will keep us properly on the success track these were very few information from very amazing and informative book Corporate chanakya i never thought that this book will have so much information which you must learn as i have already said this book is divided into three parts and first part of this book is leadership and leadership part itself contains 5 parts from that 5 parts i only able to share one hence if you want to learn everything then do buy this book from the given link in the below description if you want free audio of corporate Chanakya book so you can take it from seeken.org/audible audible is an amazon company which gives one month free trial only after that free month trial they will charge you , i have shared its link in the below description. if you never want to miss any of my videos, then do subscribe and click on the bell icon don’t forget the bell icon only then you will receive notification of my new videos on sunday’s don’t forget or else you won’t get notification and will miss such knowledgeable videos do like this video if you find it useful do comment your views about this topic share this video with friends and family and with people who are interested in business and finally thanks for watching

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