छोटा उधोग बड़ी कमाई देगा, kam lagat me acha business, small business ideas for women at home 2019

Radhye Radhye (Hello..) Today I’m going to tell you about such a product Which is used in almost every house And it is used in every auspicious work Mean vermillion (Sindoor/Roli), and in the market A lot of harmful vermilion(Sindoor/Roli) has come Chemical is mixed with vermilion (Sindoor/Roli) So you must have seen Which are brass and copper utensils And sculptures occur The scales of vermilion(Sindoor/Roli) on them are traceable So think this How Harmful For Our Body And many people are experiencing difficulties On the forehead when tilak And if you continually apply Tilak on your forehead The mark will come And in the US, if this vermillion (Sindoor/ Roli) is higher than the amount of lead Has banned this and if you The vermillion (Sindoor/Roli) will also be bought from the market So in 10 rupees, we get 20 grams That also gets fake And if you want to do vermilion (Sindoor/Roli) business So it’s a great business opportunity for you. Because its cost value About Rs 1 in About 20 grams will be ready That’s the original Let’s tell you How to make vermilion (Sindoor/Roli) So before You must subscribe to our channel And press the bell icon Please Subscribe First we have to take the color These colors give you village and city Anywhere Color Sellers Are They will get you easily And if you speak to them That we need to make vermilion (Sindoor/ Roli) So he will give you the same color The color that is inserted into this vermillion (Sindoor/Roli) Second, we have to take corn starch It comes to eating It also speaks the Ararot And you find it easily at the grocery store If you want to take more quantity, it is easily available from grocery wholesale. Third content is R o Water means mineral water There is a mix of color in it To make a color, take an empty pot In which color is to dissolve in water Then make vermilion (Sindoor/kumkum) We have to take a vessel Anybody can take a tub or a plate In which you want to make Then take a sieve for filtering it That should be absolutely fine Will get a little color in the empty glass and add water Slowly dissolve and dissolve to 5-10 minutes Add sum Water according color and shake it Color in it Do not print on hand Most people are using Holi’s color to make vermilion (Sindoor/roli) Which is quite harmful Will take that vermillion on the hand. Then the whole hand will be red Take a Cornstarch And add the color or rub in by hand This color cost is Rs 50/- for 100 Grm. in 100 Grm Color Make 10 KG Sindoor/roli make easily cornstarch is eatable. Cornstarch is available on Grocery Shop Cornstarch is Rate in lose=35/- per KG and buy a Bag So Rate is Approx is 30/- per KG This is to make you slowly And make it 2 or 3 kg at a time. Do not make more than this Cornstarch in not absorb the water. Water remains on the surface of the corn starch And it always gets together and gets accumulated on the bottom Seems to behave like a solid So there is some difficulty in mixing it Machines have also come to mix them There is no major difference between the hand made, and the machine The texture of both of them is the same You can make it in several shades Like – Red Pink Dark Red make it in several shades If you feel like making sindoor color is light so add more color And you can give shed accordingly Like – Dark, Light Now we have got this good Look how good it is

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    I m very happy aapne itne achhe process btaya paise earning krne ki mam aapko aur videos bnate rehna chahiye

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