【Hong Kong Small Business】Jade Market Stall #330 香港玉器市場 “how to buy jade?”

good morning Mr. Cheng, glad to see you again this is original raw jade stone the outer rock surface looks similar to anything raw stone, e.g. in the beach but once you cut, very smooth inside and little jade green color you can find this stone had been cut many times, like this part we cut it according to outside pattern natural stone should have pattern outside, even before stone mining more or less from our experience, to find the pattern and cut in half after cut, we will look for the colors to be used like this one with color and decide what to do e.g. we can make this also this shape very depends on colors if a bigger stone, we can make bangle, like this one first to do these bigger one because fit to size after marking the bangle, internal material can be used for this heart shape the shape and color are both factors to design woman likes the heart shape where man likes round shape also man can choose the ring also we can make the bracelet even necklace in Chinese New Year, people like animal zodiac rabbit, for example popular this year because people believe ” as nimble as an escaping hare when going into action ” also bring fortune and luck jade ox too, “body strong like a cow” Chinese Pixiu, is a mythical hybrid of creature, commonly referred to “chimera”, and considered a powerful protector of practitioners of Feng Shui it resembles a strong winged lion Pixiu is an earth and sea variation, particularly an influential and auspicious creature for wealth Bodhisattva Buddha these are traditional Chinese religion statue this is Guandi he was a famous military general religion about Christianity and Catholic we make this cross, bigger one like this in polish this one is K white gold this one look decent and bigger one makes you forthright the earring of lady there is hole for the ring this is hanging earring many different styles, e.g. autumn leaves, wishful icon, flower basket and double happiness (in Chinese character) these are the decoration of ring support (the surface part ?) yes, there are many different shapes this is oval shape this saddle shape this is Terminalia we have 3 shapes hello everyone, name is Mr.Cheng my stall number is 330 at Jade Market Zone B, also known as “Big Section” Battery Street is divided both zones, Small & Big Section I have started my business here since 1984 , if my memory is right originally I started on Canton Road (Jade Market) first the area was many shops between Jordan Road and Canton Road both sides was full of jade shops along Canton Road (around 1980’s ?) speaking it was 1960’s 70’s early around 1972-1974 I was first started business as a street vendor on Canton Road from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm mostly because it was no roof or shelter above we were on the ground on side-walk where blocked most of pedestrians (which mean it was not legal ?) yes, it was illegal but our union fight for us to stay on this area this open market was extended all the way to Kansu Street however, complained was made from neighborhood that we had to move the open market to this site after 11-12 years it was managed and organised by Urban Council (no longer now) we needed to register and assigned a specific site here from the street jade vendor market this was called a “temporarily market” it was even more business back on Canton Road than this new market place it is because customers found the price even affordable and reasonable after visited the shops and then compared to ours words spread by mouths, and more people gathering here to looking for or buying jade items also more vendors came here to make business too (this temporarily market has being temporarily for how many years ?) I could remember this place started in 1984/1985 (were you the first group of tenant ?) yes, I think I was among the first because there was no facility, e.g. open area without shelter, power and lights etc. every stall was marking on ground with painting, and we started around 8am 9am and allowed us until to 5pm but during a bad weather, we felt so helpless because no roof above so each stall had to hold up a big umbrella to avoid sunbeam and raining so that every single vendor did need this big umbrella to protect from weather the umbrella was supported by a cement “stone” but during a windy day, the umbrella could be blow away or collapsed because it is a big umbrella however wind was not the worst case when combined with rain, we had to escape and leave (when did the cover made ?) until 1987/8, our jade union fight for our rights to government because no shelter isn’t practical to both vendors and customers we asked for a strong structure like iron frame /cover and government agreed and built for us so we then moved to adjunct basket ball field to continue our business also with big umbrella 7-8 months later at same year, we moved back here at same marking site (but you have to re-locate again, can you tell us more ?) it is because a tunnel is building by government traffic congestion on the bridge need to be solved by another tunnel underneath here of this jade market so we need to re-located (when ?) we were told 1.5 years later will move to a new market place (after that is built ?) yes (it is adjacent to here ?) yes, just next to here on the construction site (what is this construction before ? I don’t remember ) it was a park and basket ball field if we move to the new market, no longer divided by Zone A & B (is that a permanent site ?) not exactly, we were told it will be temporarily again once the tunnel is completed, we will move back here exact location with new faculty, like new cover/ roof (I hope the government will kept promise ) my thought that this construction and relocation is so consumption too much (let me roundup Mr.Cheng has been here since 1984, how many years?) yes, around 1984, (40 year above ?) 30 something (let’s talk about the old neighborhood in Yau Ma Tei, was that very near to waterfront even 1984?) yes, I was living in this area when I was a kid I could remember Yau Ma Tei Police Station was existed here already behind the police station was just the harbour front it was belong to Yau Ma Tei Typhoon Shelter (all the way to Fruit Market) yes, yes, made easy to transport fruit on shore OK, how to look for good or bad jade: first, the color with colors a “good luck” meaning after all most old people like this “lucky charm” to bring them wealth and fortune second, for higher category is to have “kind of transparency” degree of transparency is depending on solid and xxxx solid white with little green color is acceptable even is not transparency higher class with xxxx will more expensive, it could be up to $ 10,000 and above if you purchase from a decent shop, it could be even higher than that general spending around $1000 is acceptable, I think at least with color and little transparency is good enough how about to identify genuine or fake first I will look for any “impure” , e.g. deposits, because it is natural stone yellow spot or dot on it and even black dots, all are minerals this can’t avoid from natural rocks if you can’t find any impurity or contaminated then I will suspicious with very rare exception of impure then this item will be extreme expensive secondly, if you feel the weight is so light compared to normal size of jade stone, i.e. high density vs low density at same size then our master (teacher) taught us this could be a fake item it is not jade but a counterfeit, priceless (from your experience to weight this jade item, lighter than normal with volume size, it is fake) if found no impurity, I will check it carefully no defect will make me suspicious not a natural jade stone (besides weight and shiny, what kind of colors ? I know is green or white ) most popular mainstream is green, but purple is more popular in recently years if you find it is all purple without any color or impurity, it could be dyeing (not neutral stone?) I know it could be Polyepoxide / epoxy (what is the weight?) lighter, and people say it is like a plastic all I know it is chemical (what color else?) red (can you show us the color?) this is red jade with white defect (it looks to me brown ) it is red (not brown?) this is brown color our concept red is this red string no, this is artificial red, red jade is this one no just red string color, must be this jade red to accurate say it is rust brown (are these red, brown, purple rare in jade ?) for traditional green is the most popular then to red, and purple etc. the word of “jadeite” is combined both red and green (let’s talk back to identify jade stone, do you use “fire” to test it ?) I have heard of this kind of method, but….. (but you don’t recommend people to do that test? ) yes, it could cause”expansion and contraction” by fire also the flame is big will burn everything away I think it isn’t too scientifically (what if I use small cigarette lighter to try it ?) usually 3 important ways to avoid to jade stone: (1) chemical corrosion (2) fire (3) collision avoid these 3 things will preserve jade longer if you burn it with fire will cause black (even real jade ?) yes, change it black, so I don’t recommend (so what you say if someone fire test it and the stone is real, a burn marking is there forever ….) (we thought this is a better way to try if it is a plastic or not, but we ruin it after-all) this jade market is open from 9am to 5 pm almost seven days a week, no holiday why is from 9am to 5pm? as far as I know this jade market can’t conflict to Temple Market business hours at night temple market has a long history and well known than jade market (what is their open hours ?) they set up the stall from 3-4pm and start business from 6pm to 11pm so jade market close at 5pm (what is the reason behind not to close later ?) back to old days in Canton Road when we opened 9am to 3pm then government allowed us to extend business to 5pm is already a bonus (2 hours extra…?) yes, government’s allowance is mercy to us also, Urban Council work team also need to patrol … (now is called “Food and Environmental Hygiene Department”) yes, they patrol this market and then temple market afterward so we can’t asking too much, otherwise will interrupt their job we have many tourists coming here everyday most are Europeans and Americans (how about mainlanders from China ?) yes, many are “free travelers” and they most likely are not to shopping here they come to buy basic commodities (and eat food) yes, and walking around (how about local Hong Kongers ? what is the percentage ?) usually they are merchandiser occasionally found some general locales I would say 50/50 because merchandiser need to purchase for shop stock (why they need to come here to look for jade? are there any sourcing other than here ?) simply because our cost here is much lower than their at shops (talk about more in old days, local people were the main group, what was the peak situation ? who came to buy ?) 3 or 4 years ago there were so many customers here, but the world economy turned badly it was China reformed and opening her market, mainlanders became rich (that was speaking of 40 years ago…..) (you are talking about last several years…not 10 years ago, right ?) according to my understanding, many people getting richer recently, include mainlanders, I felt 3/4 years ago the consumption power was higher than now (what about 10 years ago ? which majority group ?) mainly were local and European and Americans (1980’s were mostly local Hong Kongers ?) yes, they were (what specific person would like to buy jade jewelry ? ) those were…… (who like jade ?) yes, those who like jade items, they were in middle age, 40 – 60 year old (how about new generation now? they seems not too interested in this, and old people are disable to be here…?) not exactly, new generation is less interested but still have some some young customers look for circle items or art craft for example jade bracelet are popular, however I think they love it but anxious to wear it while at work because you need precaution to wear it, not have any collision on it, otherwise ruin it easily so you need to keep it well (I found that there are still have craftsmen and factories based in Hong Kong, I thought they are moved to mainland already….?) because of that reformed and opening market do attract back to China for here Canton Road many factories moved to China due to labour cost lower rent cost is lower too, these two main reasons ( so how many factories left in Hong Kong ? less than 10 ?) yes, around 10 or less craftsmen divided to two main technical skills: (1) polish (2) sculpture, these two main skills did provide job for living for this round one and bracelet is polishing skill job whereas sculpture is this one with figure and graphic, these are two main groups and they went back to China for living because cheap labor and easy employment cost are less than Hong Kong and rent is cheaper and factory size is bigger than in Hong Kong (where is the jade materials come from ?) Myanmar is the most (how about China?) only the white color jade, not red and green red and green jade is harder, whereas white jade is more softer white jade is easy being scratched

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  2. Thank you for this well edited, personal perspective of this gentleman, documentary learning jade qualities, showing the constant construction and ever changing Hong Kong city scape surrounding small markets. This is why your channel is so important to many of your subscribers like me.

  3. Thank you very much for this video Dennis, it's very valuable!! I remember very well when you went to the jade market with K.P. and Jenny a few months ago and spoke with the very kind man of the stall 330! I wished you can let him speak for a longer time, and finally you did this wonderful video! Thank you again very much!!

  4. Very interesting, as usually, thanks for this video! I especially like the fact that it's specialized and focused on a particular craftwork.

  5. Thank you Mr.Cheng for your clarity on customers should be looking for in jade. 30:02 forwards…good advice given best on YouTube.

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