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For example Facebook – Chat He teamed up to Ray-Ban, to their development
Augmented – Reality – glasses. Pinterest, Lens and identifies the improvement and more than 2500
million objects. Twitter also, stimulate investment in video, make sure
advertisers. Or Snapchat selfies opened 3D. Even as LinkedIn expands
his tool for freelancers and freelancers. It also includes stories “Google photos in
the way of Instagram. or YouTube shows historical commentary of the individual
user These and other messages that explain
not leave anyone indifferent. then I recommend that you see at the end …
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3 videos submitted every week. I’m JJ Priego and it is easy Promos TV! Vamoooossss !!!! [Music] It’s the best news of the week.
Go , s go! 1. Facebook has with Ray-Ban a developing partnership,
their Augmented – Reality – Glasses The project failed Google Glass seems to
have been forgotten. And it is that the reality Increasing the search for a second chance and
this time -ci, so it seems that the design of play important. A company that wants to try the
luck with these devices is Facebook which, according to CNBC, he teamed up with Luxottica, the
parent company of the brand such as Ray-Ban and Oakley, to develop their own glasses
augmented reality. The project is known internally as
belonging to “Orion” and according to sources CNBC, will be made by this device,
the data eye replace smartphones. It would be a device making
calls, users to see information on a small screen and make video calls
to to other friends and supporters. Currently, it is still too early to know more
details about this project, but as described Information and a few years in taking
over the execution. But this Augmented – Reality – glasses,
would not provide its commercialization, until at least 2023 and may be delayed
until the year 2025th 2. Google will show you the highlights
of a video When a video to watch YouTube, which
takes a long time, we wonder sometimes if the time will come – the expected time. Fortunately,
there are many tools for research own Timeline and the double
pressure on the sides, for a 10- Seconds forward or backward. But
fortunately, Google will introduce a new feature, the highlights from the show
video. Thus, the view Mountain has introduced
a new tool for the research system, that tells exactly the best moments
of the video. So from the search results, If you have links to specific times by
using words that define them . We will see , that it works. 3. Google Photos include “Stories” in
the style of Instagram Google. And it is that users of the
Google Photos app go watch slowly on their mobile phone at the top
very similar circles on the “stories” Instagram: by clicking, the system
will lead to a selection of photographs, that were to taken that day – there, but
several years or what? On the one hand, and above all to serve
as a way to reminding past, To allow on the other hand, those who
want to share this moment with contacts or social networks you want. Google noted that this system
by designed , artificial intelligence by the machine learning is
deleted photos automatically blurred, double or even capturing
screen, you do not wear something really ever a souvenir. However, machine learning systems
are machines without feelings or human empathy, and teach them to memories, it
could make the user how hurt family Death, accidents or past illnesses,
or even exe – files that fact Google has considered which allows
the user in advance – filter it the content or some people periods censor
of the time. This new feature is available, but their distribution is gradually between
different plates – forms and mobile. 4. Options to aim and improvement of already identified more
than 2.5 billion items Target options has to update his tool
visual search, a feature very Interestingly, it allows the user to take
a photo with your mobile phone. all Object in everyday life and leave
options, which indicate what and where You can buy something identical or similar to or find. Pinterest also allows you to save
images with the included lens as a pin target also be used for searching
the contents in a pin Search Share Content, thus
recommendations to a corresponding article. Thus, by made the day
of the company, which is now able to recognize more than 2.5 billion objects. And in this
sense affirmed options that, great visual search engine, and makes interesting
company rejects the label “Social Network”. They want the user
can use the apartment – form Find inspiration and an object,
which in the cut real life. By the way, the number of identified objects,
is not the only novelty of Lens, a tool that is already active throughout
the world, both for the user of the application in iOS and Android. And it is now also the new design
makes it easier to take photos and as the coil to charge
mobile phones to seek flat – form. In addition, can users now
save images from Lens taken and, if they wish, set in a PIN
and keeps in one of their boards of directors, If you want to come back later. – In addition, a pin is objective – mode is used ,
the user sees the spindle product, ie enriched content, which shows
on prices and information during Bearings and a direct connection to the
basket on the website online, which sells this product. It seems interesting right? 5. Video – ad spending online is
growing by 18% annually According to a report by Zenith, by the year
2021 each person will spend an average of 100 Minutes a day watching videos online, a
figure au about 84 minutes per day, which calculates the year of 2019. Eye, this number means, that 365
days will be the year 2021, a person Spend 25 full days watching videos
on the Internet. And the rapid expansion, the public
stimulate rapid growth Demand from advertisers, which makes the
video – online more digital channel rapid growth of advertising spending. Therefore, Zenith, that the spending
advertising for the video segment online Increase of 45,000 million US – dollars
in be included this year, to 61,000 million 2021. 6. Twitter stimulate investment in video,
make sure advertisers Consistent with previous data. Twitter is
strongly committed videos. And it is the income of the social network have increased by
about 18% per year and Advertising It represents about 86% of its
total business. Therefore make -You that advertisers
are interested in this social network is its Priority that Sarah Personatte, confirmed
Vice – President of Global Customer Solutions Twitter. Interestingly, the video will be
an important tool for this because, The end of 2020, the company estimates that
80% of mobile data traffic occur through this channel. Consider that about 50% of its revenues
now come from this format, so the company has a large investment
to attract sponsors and advertisers, be known through videos. 7. Snapchat selfies opens 3D the social network, although several
have given up for dead, again good legion of fans who use it
every day. And the application seems to be the
copied to the recent years of other Facebook social networks like Instagram,
equal Messenger and WhatsApp. But despite … it continues to innovate and launch new
ways to share the generated content our cell phone. Those – Join Now 3D selfies in the
development of new three – dimensional capabilities our phones, they produce
kind of images. In the video you watch, we can see
a very graphic made the way they work those – one. And if we do that snap
3D, the fun comes. … as well as the usual filters
, which each can be added selfie thanks, the Augmented Reality can be the protagonist sees
the image in three dimensions. it means , , for example, when the fingers of a pushed
side to the other of the screen, the face Protagonist can be seen from different
perspectives, but yes, different. – May be, that the faces
only move a few centimeters, but are sufficient to generate the 3D feel. I have no doubt it will be a content to be
very popular within the following Snapchat Show that for the filter
and recording process go from front Competitors. 8. LinkedIn improved tool for self – employment
and freelancers LinkedIn has a new tool
that allows users of search engines Service or SME that specialize
in a particular area, greatly simplified the search process. As independent professionals can
provide in their profile that are open ” to negotiate “and get proposals and this
publication will be highlighted in your feed, other network users given
professional social. Even if the professional brand the option
“open to negotiations” the whole world can talk privately without
contact. This new feature is an addition to the tool
for SMEs and announced independent in July, I will explain here, which allows
freelancers and SMEs a section on their profile
that easily display the products and Services they offer. Well, you give more useful this feature
for independent users, when they use LinkedIn finder can filter the
results by the service providers. For example, if someone is looking for someone
who can help you to develop your strategy Marketing, you only have to enter
the word marketing in search and filter with the optional “service providers”.
And a list of providers displayed they shared their skills that have
enabled the box “open to negotiations” and that matching the search criteria
specified. Do I seem something spectacular? 9. LinkedIn created tests “officially” the to validate
user skills LinkedIn announced a new feature
that allows users to their skills validated and certified by
a test or test developed within professional social network itself. And they are by their different
knowledge and in the eyes of advertisers, They offer more confidence in their qualities
professionals. This new feature, which is called
“the assessment LinkedIn Skills” is used to check their experiences and to confirm
how “official” LinkedIn. professional social network, the disposal of
users, reports briefly They were developed by experts. To “consider” the help of the tool,
the user must scroll the skills section of your profile to
click “Make aptitude test” and select any assessment of capabilities
available to want to perform. If the judgment It has a success rate approved
in 70% or more responses, Occupation You can “competence badge by buy
tested.” And if the professional Do not pass the test, you have
3 months for a wait for new Evaluation. At this point, the user is
can use to make a LinkedIn reaches of learning their improved
skills. And is that Microsoft, the owner LinkedIn everything worked … 10. YouTube comments show the history
of each user A new feature, which prepares Youtube,
allows the expose history User comments and pretend
the whole world to see what others have published a long time ago. This new feature is called “Map
profile” and Comments a user on a particular channel,
in the last 12 months provide more context of entertainment. For access to this “Profile cards”,
click on the user easy the name of the speaker, the section of
a video. Before, if you do this, can the user
has sent to the channel of the homepage who the person commented, but now would be
obvious that all comments Person on this channel in
the course of a year. It is important that the “Company
shows profile” no history a user in all channels, in which
you discussed only in the channel, where You have clicked the new option. And of course, this new feature will allow
creators of content knowledge, for example, the story of his worst commentators to
those who know Comment discuss trolear and cause problems, and so
blocked could be immediately. However, as mentioned , the director
of YouTube, Tom Leung product management, The intention is that the new tool
of the Community strengthens, by Creator also know the best
commentators and select from the list authorized users, and therefore
your comments are automatically published. Currently, the function is in
– Phase I – study. Well, here’s the best news
of the week, the next week and better. How did you curious and excited like? What – you this video? What – what the
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