💸 How I Make $1,783/Week on Shopify With FREE Instagram Traffic (2019)

Hey guys, my name is Matthew Sabia. I own a 6 figure e-commerce business utilizing
tools like Shopify, Amazon FBA, and other different drop-shipping methods. And one of the methods for driving traffic
and sales I’m notorious for in the community is leveraging Instagram for free traffic. One website me and a business partner of mine
own, actually generates around $1,700 a week in pure profit from free Instagram traffic. On this website, in particular, we’re not
even promoting posts, we’re not doing any paid ads, we will a little bit down the road,
but because of this, I obviously get asked a million times a day on a daily basis how
we do this. So instead of answering for the millionth
time, I figured I’d just jump right here in my office, shoot this quick video and show
you guys how it’s done. I’m going to show you guys how to set up
your profiles, how to post when to post and most importantly, how to grow those profiles
and start generating traffic and sales. So before we do that, I’m going to jump
right into the Shopify dashboard right here on my computer from that store I was just
telling you about. Show you some numbers, show you some proof
and then we’ll jump right into how we get it done. So, let’s move onto that. Alright guys so here we are in the backend
of that website I was just telling you about. As you can see we’re right here inside of
our Shopify dashboard. On the right-hand side, you can see we have
$2,711 worth of sales. It’s a bit early and we already have 127
visits, with actual 6 people on there right now. And if we go down, I’ll scroll down the
page a little bit. You can see right here, 83% of all the traffic
coming to this website is coming directly from Instagram. And like I was telling you guys that’s 100%
free traffic. We’re not buying ads on Instagram for this
store right now, we’re not promoting posts, we’re not doing anything like that. This is 100% free traffic. We can scroll down a bit more, you can see
the payment schedule right over here. Tomorrow we’re going to be getting a nice
$300 and we still have about $400 in our pending balance. And that’s all 100% on autopilot using the
methods I’m about to show you. So I’m going to scroll back up here and
what I’m going to do in this video for an example is I’m going to setup a brand new
Instagram profile that I’m working on for a client. I’m going to show you guys how to setup
the profile for sales, I’m going to put some posts on there and we’re going to start
promoting it live on the video. I’m just going to open up the screen recording
of my iPhone so you guys can see me do this live. I’m going to unlock my phone right here. And I’ve already done the boring stuff of
setting up the profile, activating it etc. Now, the website we’re working on for this
client is a Matcha tea website. So they sell different types of organic matcha
powers, teas, different things like that. I’m going to show you guys how I would take
this profile and set it up for them to start making sales. So the first thing you’re going to want
to do is click “edit profile” and we’re going to add in their website. So I’m going to go GoodMatchaMorning.com We’re going to add a profile photo. I already have their logo loaded into my phone
so I’m just going to scale that up to size. I’m going to hit done and down here in their
bio there’s a very specific description that I like to use. I actually have it right here in a note so
you guys can go ahead and copy this I use the emoji format separated over here with
a little bit of text. So the first line you want to have an emoji
that’s related to your niche so I picked this little tea emoji. Then we’re going to add a little spacer right
here and you’re going to describe your product so organic matcha powers and teas. Underneath that, I like to add the star emoji
or the 100 eomij and then we’re going to put 100% quality guarantee. So whatever the guarantee is for that website
that’s where you want to put it. So maybe you have a 30-day return guarantee,
that’s where you want to put that in. Underneath that, if your store has free shipping,
great place to advertise that. So you can either put like the package emoji
or sometimes I like to put the globe eomoji to symbolize worldwide shipping. And then under that is another important one. It’s doesn’t sound like it would make that
big of a difference, but it really does. We’ve conversion tested the hell out of this
because we were really curious ourselves. If you put a little lock eomij for security
and then assuming you’re using Shopify or you have an SSL certificate on your WooCommerce
website or what ever other platform you’re using. You want to put SSL encrypted checkout because
one of the big fears that people have when buying things online even in 2018 is that
it’s not secure or you’re going to steal their credit card. People are very paranoid. So this really goes and quenches a lot of
those fears for people. And under that in the last line is going to
be a little call to action. This is the one that I found works the best. For this one, I don’t know if there is some
specific formula for that, but that’s the way I usually write it. So I’m going to go back over to my phone. You guys can go and copy that and it will
also be down in the description below. I’m going to swipe over to my notes. And here’s another tip for this too guys,
you can’t add these spaces typing it right inside the Instagram app. So go into your notes on your phone and type
it out, copy it and then paste it in Instagram. One other little thing I like to do, just
to make your Instagram name stand out. Make your title a little descriptive. So for example I’m going to copy this little
tea icon and I’m going to paste it next to the name. now that’s basically all you need to setup
your profile to convert for sales. That little formula in the bio right there
converts fantastic for all of our stores. So we’ll hit done and there we go. So now let’s load up this profile with a couple
of photos. First thing I usually like to do, it’s a not
profile so let’s just add their logo. Now let’s start adding some product photos. For an example let’s say this can of Matcha
power was $29. So, get our best selling all organic matcha
powder for just $29.99 plus free shipping. And then maybe we’ll add some urgency you
can go, this week only. And then under that I like to go in all caps,
LINK IN OUR BIO. And then you can add an up pointing emoji. We’re basically set, I’m going to go share. And now here’s another quick tip. Don’t place your hashtags in your captions You may have heard this before, but do it
inside of your first comment on the photo. I know some people have made arguments where,
oh it helps them rank better or this that and the other thing, but I don’t know if that’s
true. I just do it because it makes your captions
look cleaner. So we’ll go #matcha, #matchapowder, #matchatea one quick tip, even though Instagram does
allow you to put up to 30 hashtags per post, you want to minimize it. The more hashtags you place on a post, the
less well juice I guess you can say each one has. So for every additional hashtag, you add you’re
taking away some of the strength of the previous ones. I’m just going to post our little comment
right there. And that is the basic post format that we
use. And I’m just going to go ahead and I’m going
to fill out our profile with similar posts and I’ll be right back. If you have a store that has a large amount
of products like this one that I’m working on for this client It’s easy to go ahead and post a lot of photos
like this. but if you only have one or a couple of products
in your store or maybe it’s a service or something, or let’s say you’re running a dropshipping
business and you only have one product. Get your hands on one, maybe you already have
one in your office and do a mini-photoshoot right on your phone. I mean, our iPhones today shoot in beautiful
4k video and take stunning photos. Everything you need is right there in your
pocket so take some creative photos with that. Now, how often should you post? Again, if you have a lot of products this
is easier, but you may have to put a little more work if you have one or a couple. For all of our websites and I’ll have this
one scheduled to do it as well, you should be posting no less than two photos a day. Instagram likes and favors active accounts. So that’s how you setup an Instagram business
profile for success. In the next part of the video I’m going to
show you how to actually start growing this profile. Okay, so that’s how we setup our Instagram
profiles to convert for traffic, get people to click through to that link, what to post,
how to post them and when to post. now for the most important part, this is where
it gets fun. How to actually start growing that Instagram
profile and start generating traffic automatically. But, before we get started I want to give
you guys a little disclaimer on the methods I’m about to show you. We do use automation tactics for growing our
accounts so your account is going to grow while you’re sleeping, going to start seeing
followings and sales on your Shopify store just pouring in while you’re sleeping. Well, “pouring in” you know what I mean. But before I show you how to do that, I want
you guys to understand that you should only use these tactics in the beginning to kickstart
your accounts before they start to snowball and grow organically. Using automation tactics is like, well let
me put it like this, Don’t use automation tools to do anything
you couldn’t do manually. Don’t go crazy and get your account banned
by the way and like thousands of photos and follow unfollow like crazy and all this stuff. some people do that. They make a living from it. But, I would urge you guys, please don’t
bullshit people. That’s a tactic, it’s not a business strategy. If you want to run a real business that’s
not how you do it. use that tool in the beginning to get started
then cycle off of it like you were doing a drug or something. Because here’s the other thing too, your engagement
on Instagram is going to go downhill i the beginning using this method as you’re growing
your account to naturally up it again and start doing it the right way. So I just wanted to throw that out there. Please don’t be another bullshit “wantrepreneur”
as they’re called in the community. Just know what you’re doing while you’re using
this tactic I guess is what I’m saying. Without further ado, the first tool that we
use is called FollowLiker. It’s the most popular and most effective in
my opinion Instagram automation tool on the market. You can click the link down below to get a
copy of it. I don’t get a commission or anything. I don’t think they even have an affiliate
program. But now we’re going to jump back onto my computer
and I’m going to show you my exact settings that I use. Okay so let’s start the process of automating
your Instagram account. I’m going to fire up FollowLiker right here. We’re going to click file up top and we’re
going to go new project. I’m going to title it. It’s very important to keep these labeled
especially if you’re going to have a lot of these running. Now you can run as many Instagram accounts
in one FollowLiker project as you want, but I don’t recommend doing more than five, because
then it really starts to clog things up and slow things down. So now that we’ve created our new project,
we’re going to right click here. We’re going to go to new and we’re going to
login to our Instagram account. Click on save. And if you double click on the account right
here you can start editing the settings. And I want to remind you guys to closely copy
the settings that I’m about to show you. These settings are safe, yet they grow your
account quickly at the same time And again please don’t use any set up automation
software to do anything really sketchy like if you couldn’t hire an employee or a virtual
assistant to do it, Don’t let the software do it. You’re basically just using this as a robot
that works for you. That’s just kind of my personal guideline
as far as this stuff goes. And on top of that too, I don’t want to see
you guys get your Instagram accounts banned because for good reasons Instagram is very
strict with this stuff. So anyways let’s move forward. On this page we only want to follow and un
follow people. It’s going to automatically check the scrape
user box, which you’ll see what that means in a moment. We’re going to go shuffle tasks so it’ll go
in between following and unfollowing. And we’re also going to show advanced options
and go to next. And what this page is here is you’re going
to tell FollowLiker what types of users to target and follow. But before we add anything to the list you’re
going to want to go scrape only top result so that means only the most recent things. Ignore users with no profile picture. If they don’t have a profile photo they’re
probably not very active or not serious. Now to begin targeting, I’m going to go into
our browser and you can do this on your phone as well. And I’m logged into Instagram. What you want to do is look up competitor
accounts or other accounts in the same niche. The way we’re going to set it up, FollowLiker
is going to target fans of that company or of that page. So I’m just going to type in Matcha and let’s
see what comes up. So this looks like a pretty big account right
here and it is. All you have to do is copy the username, go
back into FollowLiker, right click and go new and paste it in. Now here’s the trick. You don’t just want to follow that user’s
followers because maybe some of them are inactive. What you want to do is go to users who liked
their photos, we’ll add another and users who commented. So only the active followers on this page
are the ones who are going to be targeted. So All I have to do now is add a couple more
accounts in here and we’ll be good to go. One quick tip to find similar accounts is
once you find a good one, if you click on this little arrow right here it will show
you very similar accounts down here to follow as well. So again, this looks like another good one. It’s an active account as you can see. We’re going to add this one in just like we
did with the first one. So users who liked their photos and uses who
commented. I’m going to go and add one more. It’s big active account and I’ll do the same. I recommend adding anywhere from 3 – 6 profiles
because once it’s all compounded that’s a lot of users that you’re going to have to
target. And after like a couple months or so or maybe
you won’t even be using FollowLiker at that point you can go ahead and refresh these and
add some more users into there. But that’s plenty of stuff to target for now. I’m going to click on next. And this is where we’re going to setup the
follow settings. So I’m going to go through this step by step
and again please follow this very carefully. For the follow limit, I’m going to set this
from 5 to 10. The daily follow limit is going to be 500
to 850 and the delay follow is going to be 35 seconds to 125 seconds. What this breaks down to is, every 35 to 120
seconds FollowLiker is going to follow 5 to 10 accounts until it reaches 500 to 850 for
that day. You’re going to want to check follow users
who posted 0 to 30 days ago So if they haven’t posted anything to their
profile in over a month, they’re obviously not very active and again, one last thing
we want to do here is ignore private users. Let’s go next. And this is going to be the unfollow settings. We’re going to want to copy the settings we
did on the last page. And the difference here is we’re going to
set the unfollow after days to 3. So it’ll follow a user, it’ll wait 3 days
and give them enough time to follow you back and check out your product then after 3 days
it’s going to unfollow them. So you’re constantly churning through new
leads for your company. Everything else on this page is fine except
you want to uncheck don’t unfollow followers. That kind of defeats the whole purpose. I usually check blacklist unfollowed users. What that means is once it follows and unfollows
a user, it won’t do it to that person again. If they didn’t buy the first time they’re
probably not going to buy the second time. And that’s all we have to do here. I’ll click on next. Now this is where you setup the time that
you want the bot to run. For me I actually let this run 24 hours a
day. I’m going to click on finish and that’s it. You’ve successfully setup Instagram automation
software. All you have to do now is click on start and
let the software run in the background of your computer and you’re good to go. Now the next thing I want to show you guys
is more of an advanced trick and that’s engagement groups. Now to start using engagement groups you want
to download a free app called Telegram. It’s available for Mac, PC, so whether you’re
on an Apple computer or a Windows machine you can go ahead and use this. Now what are engagement groups essentially? They’re basically the little DM groups that
some people will do with their friends on Instagram where they’ll go in their DMs, they’ll
make a group of friends and every time they post a photo everyone likes each other’s photos
and comments and stuff like that. engagement groups on Telegram are essentially
that on steroids. It’s just like the big boy version of that. So the way it works is they all have their
own rules which normally you can see as the pinned message at the top of the group here
and you want to follow this very carefully because even though a lot of these are free
to join it’s ver easy to get banned and they are very strict rules. So go ahead and read this every time you join
a group. To get you guys started I’m also going to
link to a couple of these groups down below, but once you start interacting with these
you’re going to meet other people in the groups, you can do your own research and try and find
others, but to get started I’m going to link to a couple of these down below. Now one thing that makes these groups kind
of exclusive is a lot of them have standards on how many followers your account needs to
join the group. So one of the great things about this is Instagram
algorithm values a photo more if it sees bigger developed accounts are liking and engaging
with it. Let’s say you only have 3 or 4 big influencers
liking your photo on Instagram. That tells Instagram that photo is just as
important as if 2, 3, 4, 500 really small accounts liked it. So Instagram actually values likes and comments
very differently. So that’s one big advantage of using engagement
groups. A lot of them have standards to them. If you’re just starting out with a new account
don’t be afraid. As long as you have an account to like and
comment with give that engagement, you can receive engagement on your new account. I’m going to show you guys how to do that
in a minute with my personal account. So how do we get started? This group right here for example is a Dx10
group. That means you’re going to be dropping engagement
10 times at a time and as you can see here the L+C means that this group is a like plus
comment group. Now let’s go ahead and see how this works. You’re going to want to go down to the end
of the group and you’ll start to see a pattern here. When you post in the group you’re going to
format it like this. Now this is the same for most engagement groups
on Instagram. You’re going to write Dx10. Now what does that stand for? That means you’ve done 10 engagements. Next to that you’re going to tag the Instagram
account that you’ve given the engagement with and then the URL to the Instagram photo that
you want to give the engagement to. So let’s say you want to grow a small account. You can use one big established account that
you have to give the engagement and receive it on your brand new account. 90% of these groups have bots that automatically
monitor them so you don’t want to be what’s called, a leacher. A leacher is somebody who comes in here, they
post their photo just to get engagement, but they didn’t give any out. You do that a couple of times and you’re going
to get banned permanently. Luckily though, some of the admins on here
if it’s an honest mistake and you guys just missed a photo go ahead shoot them a message
I’m sure you can get it cleaned up. So let’s go ahead and get started and let’s
blow up one of the photos on that new Matcha account and I’ll show you how it works. So I’m going to open up Instagram right here. Let’s say we want to blow up this photo right
here. As you can see this is the one we just posted
4 minutes ago and I’m just going to copy the URL to this photo and we’re going to start
engaging in the group. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to minimize
this for right now and I’m going to open a new window. Here’s how I typically like to set this up. I’m going to have one window on the side here
and Telegram open in the other. And this is a Dx10 group again so we’re going
to open 10 of these at a time. So I’m going to go in here and open up 10
of these photos so, we’ll count them out carefully we’ll go 1… I’ll open this up here and I need to like
and comment on 10 of these photos now like I mentioned before guys, this is just another
tactic. There are some people who are saying Instagram
does know when you do this and they start to recognize the patterns… It’s just another tactic to begin growing
your account before it snowballs organically, but here’s the good thing. I can say for a fact that I have met and began
to network with people in these groups who have become genuine followers of mine and
vice versa. So be genuine about this guys, even though
you’re using this as a tactic when I go in these even if it’s not like a comment group
I always go ahead and follow the people, I leave genuine comments. Engage with people, go back and forth and
just make the best of it. So just 10x this as much as you can. So for this one here this is a really good
fitness photo this girl has. I’m going to like it and comment down below. We can go great shot! Where did you guys shoot this? So once you’ve done that you can close that
tab. Go over to the next one and you’re just going
to want to do that 10 times. So I’m just going to fast forward. I’m going to do the rest of these photos and
I’ll be right back. Okay so I’ve gone ahead and I’ve liked and
commented on 10 of those photos and now we’re ready to post our photo into the group. So again we’ll go down to the bottom. I’m going to our photo. We’re going to copy the URL and here’s what
we’re going to do. Here’s how we’re going to format this. You’re going to go Dx10, we’ve done 10 photos. I used my account because mine is the only
one big enough to actually engage in the group, but we want to get that engagement on this
photo here. I’m going to hit enter and that’s all there
is to it. So there you go! I’m going to cut the video right here, I’m
going to do a couple more rounds of these for my client and then I’m going to come back
and show you the results before we wrap up. Alright guys here we go. It’s been about 40 minutes since our automation
software has been running, I’ve been active in those engagement groups, I’ve been doing
some manual work on my phone for the client here. I’m going to refresh this photo and let’s
see our results. And wow there we go! So this stuff really works. As you can see this photo already has 141
likes. It’s only been up for about 48 minutes. This is a brand new account. You can see we have a ton of real comments
over here. Again just for more proof I’m going to open
up some of these profiles and show you guys. You guys can look up this photo on your own. You can see we still have engagement pouring
in over here. So these are all real great active influencers. Some of them may even become fans or customers
of your product and this is how you’re going to really take an Instagram profile whether
it’s your own or it’s for a client or you want to start generating sales for your Shopify
store and just generate traffic on demand for free. I’m going to go over to our profile here again. I’m going to go back to that photo right here. As you guys can see since we’ve refreshed
the page we already have another new comment I think. We have another new like on the photo. I’ll click on it. So there you go guys as you can see if you
want to put in the work, that’s how you can take a brand new Instagram account and within
a couple of minutes you can get hundreds of likes, hundreds of comments a bunch of engagement,
grow that account up, And most importantly, drive a ton of totally
free traffic and sales all on autopilot while you sleep. And there we go. That’s basically it. That’s how you guys can go out there right
now and start growing your Instagram profiles and generating sales and traffic automatically
while you sleep. Now before I close out the video though there’s
one extra thing that I wanted to show you guys. It’s something that I do personally. It’s another manual tactic kind of like the
engagement groups, but you can do this on your phone in the actual Instagram app whenever
you want. Like whenever you’re in the bathroom or waiting
in line or you’re on your lunch break or hell personally I’d recommend that if you’re serious
about growing your business, spend like a block of 6 to 8 hours on a day during the
week just using this method I’m about to show you. What I like to do is I’m going to fire up
Instagram right here. Bare with me, this is actually my girlfriend’s
phone. I’m filming on mine so I need hers for this
example. I’m going to fire up the actual Instagram
app. I hope you guys can see this, maybe it’s blown
out. I hope it’s not. Go to your recent posts and just click on
one of the hashtags. We’ll go to hashtag success right here. It could be hashtag ugh, whatever is related
to your business. And if you scroll down from the top you’ll
see the most recent posts on Instagram using that hashtag. Now, if somebody just posted a photo with
that hashtag it means they’re on Instagram, they’re active. And if you like they’re photo or video, they’re
inside the app most likely and they’re going to get a notification from your account hopefully,
maybe you have a customer. If you’re using the right hashtags, your hashtag
is related to your business and you’re good to go. So you can just keep scrolling down and if
you’re serious, comment on the photo, follow the person, maybe hell, send them a direct
message if you’re really hungry you can do as much or as little as you want. There’s no excuse anymore guys. So I’ll just go ahead and do that for a couple
of hashtags. Do it as soon as you post. Do it when you have free time. It’s basically like on-demand manual traffic
for your Instagram profiles. So go out there and do that. Dm 10, 20, 30 people a day with custom messages. Do 30-day stuff. Don’t copy and paste. Again, don’t be a bullshit artist. If you really want to grow a business, do
it the write way. And that’s pretty much it. So I really hope you guys got some value out
of this. Again, my name is Matthew Sabia. If you guys liked this video, hell, maybe
I’ll do a couple more and show you guys some other stuff. If you liked it, you can follow me on Instagram,
@MatthewSabia. I’ll put the tag right down here somewhere. Click the subscribe button down below and
of course if you liked the video, click the like button. Also, I want to answer some questions down
in the comments below, so comment down there and if I get around to it I’m going to reply
to you guys and help you guys out. And yeah, that’s pretty much it. So I really hope you guys got something out
of this. My name is Matthew Sabia and I’ll see you

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    Why is that? I thought the UPDATED Settings should be safe… Please tell me what should I do.

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