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Hello! I’m Rebecca Brocton and this is
the eCommerce Forest book club! Today I’m reviewing Smart Retail by
Richard Hammond No, not that Richard Hammond. This one! Richard Hammond is the CEO of
Uncrowd and has over 30 years of retail experience and you can really
tell how passionate he is about the industry throughout this book. Sometimes books like this can be a little
bit dry and hard to connect with, but his style
of writing is actually really relatable and super engaging and I actually felt
like I was just having a conversation with him. Now this is the fourth edition
of smart retail that he’s authored The first edition came out in 2003. The second in 2007. The third in 2011 and this latest version came out last year
in 2017 Now this is the first edition that I’ve read but honestly I’d
recommend it to anyone in this industry be they merchant, developer, designer,
project manager, solutions specialist, marketer If you have a hand in this
wonderful world of commerce: GET THIS BOOK. It is jam-packed full of
innovations, real world case studies experiences, leadership tips, and a bunch
of tips that you can apply to your everyday thinking. If you love this sector,
Smart Retail is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired. It did that to me
hence why I’m doing this video review and hence why I’m telling you to buy it
and hence why I also added the author on LinkedIn I promise to help you avoid
throwing the baby out with the bathwater and identify the right relationship for
your business between technology and emotion. Now I absolutely love that line
from the introduction and it’s because of that last word emotion. It is so
important to remember that commerce is about more than just buying and selling
it’s about your emotional context How do you make your customers feel? Why do they buy from you? Richard goes into this a lot in chapter 2 which is my
absolute favourite chapter and it opens up with a story
from a DIY retail conference and I’d like to read to you because it’s so good. The room of hardened DIY retail veterans is silent, save for one measured and
clear voice, a voice that barely hides a rising tide of emotion. George Hutchison
one of their own and as battle-scarred as any, is describing how he feels when
he comes home late after a day on the front line and goes into his daughter’s
room where she is cozily tucked up asleep. George has told us of the wave of
emotion he feels just being in that room knowing his little girl is safe, warm and
loved he explains that it is a room he and Daisy worked on together picking out
the colors and the accessories and making it into the space she loves and
George has transported us to. The audience of embattled and practical
retailers is silent, you could hear a pin drop because George has quietly reminded
them of the reality of what it is their industry does. It enables people to
improve their living spaces, to make safe attractive and comfortable places they
can truly call home. These retailers have had a stark and emotional reminder that
they don’t just sell tins of paint they sell the sanctuary a father builds for
his daughter. It is a heart-stopping moment and it is clear that many of the
audience trapped in a conference room as part of their own retail progression are
thinking about the last time they too were back in the homes they have made
watching over their own children If you know what you are as a retail business
and understand the emotional context in which you exist then you can transform
how you relate to customers I mean the first time I read this I kid you
not I had goosebumps! Actual goosebumps. So what else is in this book smart retail
is split into two parts across 16 chapters the first part is about the 7 secrets of
modern retail. Number one: low friction high reward. Customers go to where
it’s easy or brilliant or both and the choice is completely there’s
Number two: what’s the big idea? What are you as a retail business actually
for? Number three: Want? Got need how to understand and meet customer
needs states Number four: I’m just looking. Which is all about
why discovery is actually really important to modern retail. Number five: I choose
stories. How curation and narrative actually make it easier to decide to buy
Number six: The everywhere store What location means now and how online and
offline are irrelevant labels and finally number seven: we love working here. How great employee experiences are vital to great customer ones. Part two is
a bit of doing it it’s the practical side of the book that’s full of ideas
suggestions and tips on doing retail that are based on real world examples
from some of the best retailers on the planet. You’ve got examples in
there from Bose Apple Mac Selfridges Halfords Krispy Kreme KFC Whole Foods
Stew Lenhards IKEA Top Shop I could keep going forever
and ever there are so many case studies in here from real retailers that we all
know and love and that it’s just so valuable
I really really cannot stress to you how amazing the stories in this book
are and how relatable is and then there’s also an appendices where richard
has filled it with stuff that didn’t quite fit anywhere else in the book but
it’s just as valuable. I’m telling you this book is cover to cover gold
Another thing that I do love about this book is at the end of every single chapter
there’s actually two sets of bullet points, as you can see here. One of things
that you can do now so like instant actionable so that you can apply to your
thinking and your business and then another of strategic considerations for
the long-term so these are the things to do next that you can actually add to
your business plans. There really is something in here for everyone and as it
says on the back smart retail is that how to retail Bible and it’s all based
on one question: What makes you so good? well this book will make you better. I paid $16.99 for this book in the WHSmiths at Euston station & I can
tell you it was worth every penny but I know for a fact on Amazon you can get it
delivered tomorrow with prime for something like 13 pounds 88 so even
cheaper if you are interested I’ll put a link in the description. If you do
decide to get it or if you have already read it, let me know what you think in
the comments below or on Twitter @RebeccaBrocton. I’d be really
interested to hear what you have to say whether you liked it, what your favorite
parts were, what your least favorite parts were. I want you to be open with me
and let me know what you think. Other than that if you liked this video give
it a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss anything. I’m a bit of a bookworm so if you have any recommendations of what I should read
next do send them over. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Bloody hell Rebecca, that is so humbling. Amazingly kind review, so chuffed. I owe you at least £16.99. Thank you very much for making that, Richard 🙂

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