? How Social Media Is Destroying Your Business

In this video I’m going to explain why you’re
sick, broke miserable, can’t make any money online no matter what “method” you try
and how to take yourself from that state and how to transform yourself into an entirely
new breed of entrepreneur in my mind. The first thing I want you guys to understand
is that every method to make money online, whether that’s eCommerce, affiliate marketing,
selling info products, coaching, whatever it is, wherever you learned it or whomever
you learned it from, every single one of those methods, works. They are all ways to make money online and
there are people every single day making millions either every year, month or in some cases,
every single day. The method that you’re using is not the
fault of your failure. It’s not the reason you haven’t been able to make it work and
make money online. If this sounds familiar to you, you know you’e tried something for
a couple of weeks and got all excited. You didn’t become rich overnight and you kind
of shifted over to another thing. Oh maybe eCommerce didn’t work for me, but affiliate
marketing is going to work and you’ve done this over and over and over again. That right there unfortunately is what 95%
of these so called “entrepreneurs” on the internet seem to do and even some of the
success they do have is kind of short lived. The reason is, the world as we know it has
turned your mind into a neurotic mess. Guys, I’m going to put this very bluntly, it is
extremely simple to make a five to ten thousand dollar a month income from your own home or
wherever you are in the world with only a couple hours a day of work. And listen, it’s
also very easy to make a three to five million dollar a year income only working five to
six hours a day. Now you may not become a billionaire through that but that’s up to
you. That’s your choice. You decide what your purpose on this planet is. And the first thing that’s really keeping
you form activating this different state is your focus and what we call deep work. Deep
work is the scientific term for being in “the zone” like you may have heard people refer
to it as that before or being in a “flow state” The same state of mind that the military will
train special forces to go into to make sure they don’t have distractions. It’s the
same mindset that billionaires like a Jeff Bezos or an Elon Musk or anyone that we kind
of look up to as these titans of different industries. This is what they use day in and
day out to get else insane amounts of work done. You can have a laser-targeted sense
of focus and be a dangerously productive person. If you understand these principals that we’re
about to go over it will transform you into a different breed of entrepreneur and it’s
what makes my students at my company which I’ve actually called DeepWork a walking
f*cking nightmare to people that you see on Instagram every single day. So let’s start with that. Number one: Your
phone is destroying your business. Flat out. Very simple. Between social media, your toxic
social life and all the little bells and whistles an apps that come with your phone are destroying
your sense of focus. The first thing you guys need to understand
is that to activate a deep work state, you need to focus on one specific task for a minimum
of about two and a half hours. Now, the science on that is still a little bit loose, but if
you’re able to do that. If you’re able to zone in on one single thing and focus and
remove all distractions, you are essentially able to access your entire intelligence and
your full practical IQ. You know that saying you hear all the time,
humans only use 10% of their brain? Well physically that’s not true, it’s actually a bit absurd,
but we actually do only use only about 40% of our active IQ every single day because
our brains are fried from your terrible health. Listen, if you wake up every day and your
face is all puffy or your brain is all cloudy and you can’t really figure things out,
you have brain fog and you’re tired all day you need to do something about that. That’s
essentially a check engine light from your body that you need to figure something out
and a lot of your mental capacity comes fro your physical health. So just basic things. You guys need to make
sure you’re getting in the gym, you need to make sure you have a relatively low level
of body fat and I can go on for hours about this… Obviously I’m pretty big into fitness
you guys see me post about it all the time but the main point is, you need to be concerned
about your health. But speaking of what we were just going over
before, your phone. The first piece of advice that I want to give you guys is aurally the
one that if I was to be removed from this planet tomorrow and leave one piece of advice
for my fellow entrepreneurs or operators in any industry, it’s this. Stop making or
accepting phone calls of any type. I personally have not made or accepted a phone call I the
past four years and you need to liberate yourself from this archaic, inefficient and unproductive
form of communication too. Once you do this you are instantly going to
see yourself become more productive. And listen, the one or two that I may have made here and
there or it was a FaceTime call I at least didn’t try and fool myself into thinking
I was productive and busy making business calls and meetings and all this crap. Now the way you can do this is actually fairly
simple I’m going to give you guys a practical tip right here. Now I have an iPhone. Maybe
you have an Android phone or what have you, but they all essentially do the same thing.
Go into your notifications, you’re going to scroll down to the phone app and it’s
as simple I don’t know if you guys can see that, as turning off notifications. Then,
you want to go back into your settings, go back to the regular phone settings and then
you can turn on call forwarding. Then just enter some random number that doesn’t
exist. Boom. You’ve removed that form your life. Step number two: open your phone up
right now and delete every single app that’s on your phone that did not come with it. I’m serious. Either turn off all the notifications,
delete all the apps your don’t absolutely need to survive and then keep your phone on
do not disturb almost twenty four hours a day. For me, while I’m working this is what
my phone looks like. I have zero apps installed. Just what came with the phone. It’s on do
not disturb and this is in a drawer at least twelve hours of the day especially while I’m
working and I never look at it and I never touch it. This is the biggest step you can possibly
take in activating deep work and getting more focused. Guys, I promise you, I have seen
complete idiots run circles around people whether that’s people who come through our
programs, people I know, people online run circles around people with near 4-digit IQs
just because they understand this principal of focus. You only need a couple hours a day to again,
build a business that’s five to ten thousand dollars a month. We’re living in the greatest
time in human history, but the fact is your own mental state is preventing you from reaching
that through things like your phone. Here’s another thing too. Unless for some reason
your social media directly impacts your business and your brand is surrounded around yourself,
delete your Instagram profile, delete your Facebook profile and anything else that is
complexity unnecessary. Guys, social media for all the great things
it’s done, it’s connected the world, it’s created great moments and it’s liberated
entire countries in some cases it’s one of the most toxic things that cripples and
destroys entrepreneurs every single day and I can’t stand to look at it. There’s multiple
reasons for this. Number one: when those notifications pop up on your phone, your brain is being
slowly rewired to think oh, that’s pleasure. I need to give attention to that. Dopamine
hit again and again and again and every single time you look down at your phone, your focus
has been broken and you’re not in a deep work state anymore. So get it out of the room, delete all the
apps and delete your toxic social media. I think social media is toxic for a lot of different
reasons other than the obvious reasons that people always talk about. People always go
on about, oh well I know people only putting this best foot forward and I’m only seeing
the highlights of their life and this and that. But I think it goes a lot deeper than
that… Your brain originally is wired to only maintain
fifty high quality connections with other human beings and today we live in an age where
again, for some of the benefits of it you know what any given person is doing at any
given time because they basically live stream their entire lives on social media. That little
damage every single day and every time your brain needs to comprehend something like that
you are one: taking some of your focus, your inelegance and IQ away from your business
and it’s slowly doing long term damage because your brain is simply not wired to understand
that many social connections and take in all this information. So delete the social media,
delete all the unnecessary sh*t from your phone and then we’re going to move on to
number two. This is admittedly a little bit extreme and
listen, I understand maybe some of you still have full time jobs and you can’t essentially
do this entirely yet, but you need to understand that 90% of your social life is toxic for
you and people are stealing your time. Now as for myself, beside from maybe 3 people
there is absolutely no way on any platform, not Instagram, not Facebook, not text messages,
not anything or even email to reach me one on one. This is kind of a tactic that I kind
of took out of the book of Jeff Bezos who won’t even allow one on one meetings or
phone calls at Amazon because he understands these same principals. While you’re working on your purpose or
your business or the thing that’s going to liberate yourself, your family and your
team to really live the life that you deserve and change the world not to be dramatic. You
can not have other individuals stealing your time away from you. There is no way to contact
me during the day while I’m at work. And, another thing too, for the social media
profiles I do have, the only reason I have them is because my personal social media makes
my business and extra thirty five to forty thousand dollars a month and I’m not going
to complain about that. But the way that you need to look at it is this. If you need social
media for your business, if it’s absolutely necessary, go ahead and unfollow everybody.
One thing you’ll notice about all my social media profiles is I follow absolutely zero
people. There is nobody that important to me that
I need to know what they ate for lunch today or where they’re going on vacation and the
few people who are that important? They’re either down the street and I already see them
regularly or if it’s my significant other, I don’t know why I would need to follow
her on Instagram to know what’s going on in her life. You know… The way that I like to look at
this is a great quote from Grant Cardone. Spectators pay and players get paid. You need
to start transforming your social media into a players game. You should be the one who
proceeds content. You should not be a consumer of this toxic content. The other reason you need to develop this
laser-targeted sense of focus is this. The example I always like to give to my students
in our training programs is Elon Musk. During a crucial time during both his companies Tesla
Motors and Space X Elon admitted in an interview that he almost bankrupted both companies because
he was splitting his time between two things. Now you need to remember that Elon Musk is
a multi-billionaire with near unlimited resources, great rapport with the public and a near genius
IQ I promise you that. Now if Elon Musk, genius billionaire Elon
Musk couldn’t focus on two companies and make them succesful what in God’s name makes
you think you can do thirty seven? You know exactly whom I’m talking about and this
is maybe one of the most brutal parts of this entire video… If your Instagram profile
looks anything like this I’m going to out something up on the screen when I edit this. I want to introduce you to the modern day
entrepreneur. Let’s call him, Chad Broski. I get followed by this person almost every
singe our of every day. You’ve recognized him before too and if your profile looks like
this, you really need to focus on this video and do something about this. You know exactly
whom I’m talking about. They post motivational quotes, clips from Gary Vee’s show and photos
in front of cars they’ve rented to look fancy in videos. And they’re bio says they’re
into eCommerce, they’re a public speaker, they do affiliate marketing, they’re an
investor, they’re an author, they are a podcast host, they do YouTube videos, they
are a consultant and of course they are a self-identified “influencer” Every time I see this I’m going to be very
blunt with you, I say wow. That person is a f*cking loser. And listen, I know some of
his teachings may be a little bit the antithesis of what I’m teaching here, but one of my
favorite quotes from Gary Vee is “you’re not fooling winners, dick.” Every time I see that I know this person is
broke and he’s only doing this because entrepreneurship has become cool so some extent. He’s looking
for attention and he’s thinking because of some of the other influencers maybe he
follows that’s the way you run a business and that is complete and utter bullsh*t and
you guys need to really turn away from doing that yourself. My Instagram bio says I am the CEO of DeepWork.
That’s what I do. Look at it this way, let’s say you are the quarterback for the Miami
Dolphins. I don’t know I’m not really into sports. If somebody came up to you would
you tell them hey, I’m a sports player? No, they’d look at you funny and ask okay
what sport and what do you do? You would say I’m the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins
Football team. But when it comes to business we can tell
people, I’m on entrepreneur and for some reason that’s acceptable. If someone comes
up to you and you see their profile or maybe they’re on YouTube teaching you how to get
rich online and they can’t tell you what their damn business is, there is a 90% chance
that they’re fake, that that person is a loser, they’re broke and they’re just
doing all this for attention. Now I keep going back to the point that you
can build a $10,000 per month business online only working a couple hours a day and that’s
100% true if you’re doing it with this laser-targeted sense of focus, you don’t have Shiny Object
Syndrome and switching to the latest method when they one doesn’t work out for you and
you can actually focus and make that one business model work. The simple fact is the richest and poorest
person on planet Earth and rich can mean a lot of things. You know prosperity can reach
into you have the family life that you want, the relationships, you’re helping other
people this isn’t just related to business, but I’m kind of focusing on that because
that’s the majority of my following. The richest and poorest person on Earth has
one thing in common: twenty four hours in a day. And a great quote form Steve Jobs,
you really aren’t that much more intelligent than anyone you see around you. The world
that has been created before you that you look up to whether you’re looking up to
Amazon or a Steve Jobs or an Elon Musk or a Mark Zuckerberg or any of these people,
they built those empires because they were both passionate and were able to activate
this deep work state and focus. There is a famous story about Bill Gates using
deep work when he first created the first Microsoft operating system. He locked himself
in a hotel room which I’m in right now. Maybe it was similar. And he sat with a bunch
of legal pads for two straight days I believe it was and got it done. There was no distractions. He didn’t have
a phone in there with him. And he didn’t have other people contacting him doing phone
calls and meetings and pretending to be busy. And that brings me to another point… Another
sign that someone is a complete loser and they’re broke and they’re unhealthy and
all these other things and you guys know these people too, is they’re always busy. Have
you ever noticed that? Always bust running around doing something, running errands, making
phone calls, answering emails, talking to this person and doing that and it’s something
I see even my business partners really fall prey to unfortunately. If you are the CEO of a company and you are
a business owner you are supposed to be playing Chess, not Football. It’s the same reason
that in our business just at DeepWork alone I generated my first 1.2 Million in online
sales by the age of twenty four working a couple hours a day and that was really the
most influential work on that. Now today, I work on average around 12 hours a day but
that’s because it’s a choice. I know my purpose on this planet. That’s what I”m
supposed to do and I’ve never been more fulfilled at any point in my life. But the fact is after around eight to twelve
hours there’s another thing you guys need to understand. Rest is very important. Sleep
is very important. If you guys aren’t getting a minimum of eight to even ten hours of sleep
some nights you are only operating at your tank being half full. You are only using 50%
of your active IQ. I promise you that. Sleep, rest and recovery is very important. The same
way that you need to rest after you get back from the gym the same thing needs to happen
with your mind. So if you’re not getting enough sleep every night and if you are again
like Chad Broski you’re just searching for attention and you think oh I grinned today
and I hustled for sixteen hours for three weeks straight and look how great I am, you’re
an idiot. Okay? If you’re the CEO of a company Mr Chad Broski,
the entrepreneur and influencer you’re playing Chess and not Football. So that’s another
thing you guys really need to understand. Here’s a practical way you can start removing
toxic things from your life including if not limited to, people. What I want you guys to do for the next two
days or maybe three days if you have a crazy schedule coming up. Make a spreadsheet ether
that’s in Microsoft Excel, Sheets, Google Docs, whatever it is and I want you to document
every single thing that you do from the moment you wake up form the moment you go to bed
in that spreadsheet for every thirty minutes. Once those two to three days is up look at
the spreadsheet and color code everything that helps you move closer toward your goals,
your financial goals, your business, your charity goals, whatever it is and mark in
red the ones that are sinking your time. Ones that are just robbing and stealing this time
form you whether that’s someone who is always bugging you and always wants to communicate
with you, someone who likes to make phone calls. Whatever that is and then start to
slowly eliminate one of those things from your life everyday until you only have the
green marked things left on that spreadsheet. So if you actually want to get serious about
building an income online and you can start doing that right now, you need to lock yourself
in a room for at least three to four hours a day even if you’re working a full time
job. Close the windows, lock everything down, put your phone in the other room disable social
media or maybe, preferably delete your social media profiles and get shit done. Listen, if you need some help with this if
you’re just getting started you can download an app called SelfControl. It will actually
block certain websites you tend to get distracted by and your brain will start to get rewired
to not get distracted as easily. Once you’re able to do this and lock yourself in and focus
on something and make it work, then you’re finally going to be succesful. I know because
I did this too. Listen I started with fifty thousand dollars in credit card debt and a
big ass house in Fairfield county Connecticut to pay for. I know these principals work and
you can ask anybody else who has been succesful. Look at it this way, have you ever heard of
or played a video game called The Sims? I remember I got addicted to it a little bit
when I was younger. Now think about it this way. How come when you’re playing that game
it’s so easy to get everything you want in that person’s life? Why is it so easy
to become fabulously wealthy or get upgrades in their house and their cars and careers
and really build this dream life that for some reason you can’t achieve in the real
world? Now yes, the time in the game is obvious accelerated,
but that’s not the only problem here. The reason is you are able to Transcend that person’s
life. You are not in that sim’s, that video game character’s body feeling all the pain,
feeling distressed, feeling the temptations to eat terrible food or get distracted by
social media and all this negative stuff and even if you are it’s a simple click to go
ahead and ignore those things in the game. Now listen if you guys have played that game
you know how it works. You buy a bookshelf in your home, you make your sim sit on the
couch and read for twelve hours a day and a couple weeks later, boom. Your sim is widely
rich and famous and has everything in their wildest dreams. You need to start treating
your life more like a game of playing The Sims or any video game in general. You need
to optimize the living hell out of every portion of your life. And I promise you, if you do
this, you will receive an amount of fulfillment that you’ve never eve inexperienced before. We see self-discipline as like this painful
or like negative thing where it’s like, ah I need to force myself to do this and oh
no, but it’s really not true. Self-discipline is the key to success, to happiness and fulfillment.
And most of all, to freedom. I’ve learned this form experience. If you can dedicate
yourself to one business model and I’m actually going to link to some stuff below if you guys
want more information or even if you want to take a look at our training programs go
ahead and check that out but you need to focus and make one thing work. Guys, you can’t cheat the universe. There
is a certain way things work. A good friend and business partner of mine, Adam Young says
that all the time. I don’t know if he came up with it himself or he got it some somebody
else but I live that. It’s so simplistic, but it’s so true. There’s a certain way
things work. You can’t cheat the universe. And guys if you see other people out there
getting success with selling a certain product whether that’s in eCommerce, affiliate marketing
whatever it is. There is absolutely no reason you can’t replicate that and do it too,
but you need to focus and have this laser-targeted focus on what you’re doing and unlock our
full IQ essentially and be a dangerously productive entrepreneur. Again, it’s why myself and my students are
a walking nightmare to these wantrepreneurs like we just took a look at on Instagram earlier.
So listen, my name has been Matthew Sabia. I really hope you guys appreciate this. If
you want to go ahead and click subscribe down below I want to try and help you guys out
with some more practical videos like this. I also share different business advice, we’re
going to be doing some travel stuff and just click subscribe down below if you want to
see more of that and let me know what you think down in the comments down below. And if you want, while you’re down there
let me know what you’re going to start doing tonight to improve your life and start activating
this deep work state. So guys thank you so much and I’ll talk to you soon.

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