$0 to $1K A Day Dropshipping Step by Step Tutorial | Shopify Dropshipping Student Case Study

(Shopify Dropshipping Case Study) In this video I’m gonna show you how my student went from zero to more than a thousand dollars per day With a Shopify dropshipping store and how you can do it yourself with the real Step-by-step strategy that he followed that I teach my students and you can replicate yourself as well. Let’s find out Hey, what is up its Rafael Cintron here and in this video, I’m gonna teach you how to go from zero or wherever you are Right now it’s going 2,000 dollars per day and how my student was able to do it the whole Step by step strategy with obviously proof that it’s possible to get in But before I take you into the 0 to 1 K a day Strategy if you’re interested in learning what this should’ve learned and what my students learn the mentoring program for The econ secrets family is open if you want to go ahead and apply Make sure to schedule a free call in the first link in the description to get mentored Directly by me and start hitting those 1k days If you want an exclusive list of 10 Winning products that I prepare only for my mentoring program and you want to see ok, what are the best products that are selling? Right now that are actually selling not some BS make sure to comment secrets Secrets down below subscribe hit that notification bell and I’ll send you that list. I pick one person from every video Let’s get on to the video right now Alright a thousand per day zero to a thousand per day step by step. You can see the screenshot right here I’ve got it yesterday. It pumped up my entire day my entire week. Let’s go finally hit that 1k day, absolutely insane Look at that 50 plus orders to review one thousand dollars before the end of the day now This is an update on this students progress that was about a month ago that he sent me this screenshot were yet made his first Twenty thousand dollars almost 10k in the past ten days that was in September and August now we are in October So this is an update. He made a thousand dollars a day so you can see it’s not magic. It’s not overnight success it’s slowly going from zero absolute zero to some sales more sales more sales 20,000 and now $1,000 per dick just an update on this It’s progress following everything that I say to the T now humble beginnings as well Just want to say this student didn’t start out with a thousand a day store and then just built another thousand a day store This was his progress $121 a date $119 they slowly climbing up that ladder until we hit that thousand dollar a day so you can do it as well This is just to show you that it’s not luck. It’s not overnight It’s slowly getting to that point with following Exactly what I say and a right strategist and this last screenshot that I want to show here is just to show you the actual Profit that a student makes off of a thousand dollars So of a thousand dollars a day, some people make five dollars some people make $400 It’s more normal for a student to make twenty to twenty-five percent or twenty to thirty percent So around ten thousand dollars in revenue would be around 250 to 300 dollars in pure Bank straight to the bank Profit, so that’s what he says. Thanks, man. Your course and guide has helped a lot. Hopefully let’s get some results He did and that was back in June now. He’s absolutely crushing. 1k days So this strategy from zero to a thousand dollars per day Shopify drop shipping focus on one Product at a time and commit to one traffic source. I always say commit to one product commit to one traffic source it’s really the best way to be better than everybody else is just testing a bunch of BS and Testing like ten different products with like $50 and seeing if something pops or has a little bit of potential and then following up It’s better to actually pick one product not create a one product store I’m not saying don’t go ahead and create a one product landing page one product store and only do that I’m saying if you have a general store in each store whatever type of store you have just focus on one product learn everything about the product and learn everything about the Traffic source my other student that was making 40,000 50,000 a month with us in each brand He did the same thing focus on one two products only that took him to that 50,000 a month mark The second thing would be tests multiple Audiences and ads I see so many people testing two audiences one ad it doesn’t work. Okay, the product sucks I’m gonna move on no one video is really not enough because we’ve tested some products with like four different videos and Three of them are absolute bomb they suck. They don’t get any results And then the fourth one is the one that gets profit that we can scale up to a thousand two thousand dollars a day So one video is really not enough if you can’t afford it Which you can’t buy another video or you just can’t spend the budget for it Don’t beat yourself up if you have one video and it doesn’t perform. It doesn’t do. Well. It’s not your fault It doesn’t mean the product sucks. It doesn’t mean it’s super saturated It just means you don’t have enough room or enough creatives for testing one ad copy again There’s not enough when thumbnails not enough one of my students He was trying a bunch of different ad copies bunch of different videos with the same thumbnail I told him hey, let’s change the thumbnail up to see if we get some results change the thumbnail Instantly had better CTR better CPC and started getting better results Don’t give up on product or test too easily the student had a product It was sort of profitable not really giving too much Kept focusing on it kept learning about it kept improving on it and then took it to our level of a thousand dollars per day So let’s go into mastering the technicalities of your traffic source There’s something that pretty much almost nobody do nobody does unless they have a mentor Let’s have somebody teaching them how to do it. And for example here he says do you still test outlays and cbos? 1% 2% and then he says Miley’s haven’t been providing the results lately I’ve only been doing one to three percent 5 dollars a day So he was really going granular at ok This particular type of audience this particular type of at is not working Why do you think it’s not working? This particular one is giving me this results versus this one So he’s analyzing all the technicalities all the things that have to do with face Scouts. He’s learning them He’s analyzing and he’s improving on them. So I told him yeah, they’re an abyssal Put them in a $25 CBO, which is a campaign budget optimization and also increase cold traffic volume Which I’m going to talk about in a little bit and then he’s asking me more questions about Look-alikes how look-alikes work and all of these were talking for a few hours here now Facebook Ads step by step Which is what this student did to get to that $1,000 a date point one product four to five audiences and two at Specifically to videos if you can’t afford two videos or you don’t want to go ahead and edit two videos you can do two Thumbnails so I still recommend going one product at a time So don’t test like five six different products that might work but it usually doesn’t work in the real world I would say one product for two five audiences at least don’t test one audience and think oh this doesn’t work For two five at least and then two ads if you can two videos if you can’t two thumbnails get your videos done Professionally, you can either hire somebody off a fiber or upwork or hire somebody like a company for example bands of ads.com I’ve used them my students I’ve used them They’re a pretty cool software and you get a pretty cool company You can go ahead and order a video for like 50 $60. It is a little bit expensive So that’s why I say if you can afford it get another video and do not cut corners anywhere Don’t create a bad hat line just to get it over with don’t create bad a copy just to get it over with Don’t copy your competitors It’s very very important know that it takes money to buy data If you’re doing facial caps Make sure you have some money to spend if you don’t don’t do Facebook ads do organic traffic do Instagram influencers Don’t do Facebook because if you don’t have money It means you can’t buy the data and it’s necessary for it touch with cold audience and a CBO campaign Fifteen to twenty five dollars a day. If you have more budget go higher budget Facebook Likes higher budget They like $60 CBO $100 to $200 CBO if you can but takes money to buy data So if you have a little money that start out with 15 $25 day 45 audiences in a CBO campaign budget Optimization and after getting some sales then start Testing with look-alikes 100% improve your current ads as well. So you start out with look-alikes look I like Lawrence’s which if you don’t know what what they are click the I button right there I teach you how to do look-alikes and also Improving your ads always you want to beat yourself a better video a better ad a better ad creative a better copy Everything you always want to beat yourself beat your results cuz things ultimately die and your souls start falling down scaling to $1,000 per day which isn’t the easiest thing in the world Before move on with this video if you want to learn exactly what all my students learn how to get those Thousand dollar days how to get $10,000 days make sure to schedule a call with that first link in the description Complete for free you’ll learn what it takes to work with me get your business and next level You’ll talk to me or somebody in my team for free You’ll also get a free gift with that call a special module only for our mentoring program If you schedule a call you get that module complete for free. Click that button. What are you waiting for it? Look, I like testing and retargeting mastery. Usually in order to scale to that point of a thousand dollars a day With cold traffic with interest targeting. It’s pretty hard so you want to go into the look alikes creating look-alike audiences 1% 2% and so on and also Retargeting you want to be everywhere customers are in that on the facebook audience network? Is that on some apps on google retargeting you want to be literally everywhere? So people know about your brand they buy from your brand from that retargeting ad and you just scale your retargeting as well always Be testing new creatives videos and new cold audiences. This is crucial I see people scaling up. They don’t change up their ass they don’t you love their videos They don’t change up their audiences and then it all dies down. Then you start losing money because you got cocky You’ve got you thought oh, this all works. I don’t need to change anything you have to always try to beat yourself with new creative videos and you called audiences as well as optimizing your back end your upsells you’re Abandoned cart be targeting and your referrals, which I’m going to show you some apps to do that right now We’re gonna go here and I’m going to show you so apps Simplify is the one that I use for upsells and the one that I teach my students It’s an amazing app for episodes. It is 47 a month So if you can afford it again, go ahead and do it it can raise your sales by a lot I have one student that was doing around 2000 per month then scaled up to like 3500 just by adding upsells now She’s doing about 9,000 a month, which is pretty insane. You can also use SMS bump for abandoned cart retargeting so if somebody abandons our Court You can send them an SMS Text message for them to then buy if you want to use email you can use a bagman cart recovery It’s the one that I use and I highly recommend you use it as well. And if you want to scale up even further Organically with referrals you can use referral candy but essentially what it does is It essentially helps your customers right now refer their friends To buy from you so they can get a cut of that. It’s kind of affiliate marketing referral marketing I think it’s an amazing strategy for any type of business doing referrals is huge I don’t make you money without you having to spend no effort and no work and no money on it because it’s people that are already your customers that are satisfied customers bringing in more customers for you So that’s for scaling to one thousand dollars per day If you want to learn all of this to another level and learn exactly what this student Learns on a daily basis make sure to schedule a call with my team completely for free completely free call too Cause no cost. Let’s start making $1,000 a day. The link is in the first in the description You will see schedule a call with Me or my team go ahead and schedule a free call apply for the call and work with me Directly to take your results to the next Level if you want to learn how this store is doing more than six hundred Thousand dollars per month six hundred thousand dollars a month. Check out the video right there There’s a video right there six hundred thousand a month with a new strategy schedule call with the first link in the description I can’t emphasize that enough go schedule subscribe hit that notification melt and comments secrets or that exclusive list I will see you in the next one

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