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Point Of Sale. The Multiflex Retail Management System – RMS – for Fashion Retailers is a scalable solution designed to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and optimize customer service. Multiflex Fashion is an innovative solution designed specifically for the unique operating character of Fashion Retailers. A reliable and scalable software system that helps you to maintain and grow your business by investing your energy where it counts most, inventory management and customer service. These short videos are designed to guide you through the system and may be used to train your staff efficiently. In this module we will demonstrate the features and how easy it is to use Multiflex Fashion. To log into the system you simply click on the POS icon and enter your unique User ID and Password to securely log into your account. Each user will have access to various modules in Multiflex Fashion based on the privileges assigned to them by the system administrator. Sales. To make a sale, simply scan or enter the barcode for each product. Press Enter. And select a hot-key for a tender, For example M for Mastercard and so forth. Type in the amount and press Enter. This will complete the transaction and automatically update inventory and sales numbers.Taxes are charged accordingly and commissions and loyalty points are calculated as configured by the store manager in the back office module. To make a sale with a discount on an individual item, first scan the barcode. Select the item that is to be discounted and press F-11 for Item Discount. A window will pop up that will require you to type in the reason for that individual discount. The discount amount is then applied to the selected item. You may now continue like a normal sale by entering the tenders and corresponding amounts. For example press V for Visa and so on. You may use multiple tenders to complete the balance for the transaction. Click on Finish or press enter to complete the transaction. Now let’s look review an example in which the discount limit is exceeded. Scan the barcode for all items to initiate a sale. Press F12 to discount all of the items in this transaction. You may discount by percentage or amount. In this example, a salesperson may only discount sales up to twenty percent. An authorized user however, may exceed that and apply a thirty-percent discount. In this case a thirty percent discount is applied. Press enter to pay. Choose a tender, for example A for Amex. Press enter to complete the transaction and print the corresponding receipt. To creat a Kit on-the-fly, scan the barcodes of the items. Press escape to see summary figures on the right side of the screen. Click on Total (or Sub-total) to change it to the desired amount. Now enter the new “Total” (or Sub-total) based on your authorization level. You can see that the items are discounted evenly according to the new “Total” or sub-total value. Press enter and type in the tenders and amounts to complete the transaction. Multiflex RMS systems also support the highly popular “Gift Card” Feature. To sell a gift card, simply enter the part number for the gift card. Then scan (or type in) the serial number. Press OK and enter the amount for this gift card. Press enter and type in the tender and amount to complete the transaction. Finally press enter to finish the transaction. You have now sold a gift card. When a customer later uses the gift card for a purchase, first scan the bar codes for the items. Press enter. And click F for gift card and scan the serial number on the gift card. If the balance exceeds the amount of the gift card, simply use other tenders to complete the transaction. If the gift card is used only for part of the available credit, the remaining amount may be used at a later date or if your company has multiple stores, at any of those locations. Returns. When a customer returns an items you may process the return based on the store policy either for refund, store credit or exchange. Press F10 to return an item. Enter or scan the PLU number. The system will warn you if you have not entered the receipt number. Click on Yes then press enter to pay the refund or to issue a store credit. The Multiflex RMS system may be configured to suit your store policy by automatically issuing a store credit or to ask for other options. Multiflex RMS allows tracking of returns based on the original invoice on which the item was sold. To return a discounted item for exchange, press F10 to return the item. Enter the PLU number and receipt number to return the item. The return screen will show if any items on that particular receipt were discounted. If the customer wishes to purchase a new item against that return, simply scan the new item to be purchased or exchanged. Press enter to charge the difference or issue a store credit. Finally press N to issue a store credit corresponding to the return transaction. Press enter to print the receipt and complete the transaction. For more information, please e-mail us at [email protected] or contact (905) 470 1008.

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