#1 Reason Your Website is Getting Traffic but No Sales (And How to Fix It)

hi everyone it’s neil patel here for another Q&A Thursday I’m here with Adam from viewership hey guys and we have another question though a lot of you guys have requested so what’s the question Adam this question is from auntie Kate and basically they created a website around a month ago I’ve done a lot of really good Facebook and Instagram promotions plus some AdWords campaigns but they’re not seeing any traction with sales so you have any tips with them to improve sales if they’re getting traffic traffic if you’re getting traffic you’re not getting sales early on it usually is because you’re not getting the right kind of traffic yes there’s something called conversion optimization with many of you guys already know about but you shouldn’t focus on conversion optimization from day one it’s more so just generating a few sales when you start up a website you probably are at zero sales and you’re like yeah I’m gonna throw in some Facebook traffic I’m gonna throw some Instagram traffic I’m gonna throw in some YouTube traffic and I’m gonna crush it that’s not how it works social media traffic doesn’t convert as well as Google organic paid Facebook or not Facebook paid Google ads paid being at Facebook ads and social media ads can generate traffic as you already know and you’re great at it sure but here’s the thing when you throw traffic from YouTube to a website what happens I mean it does convert no it’s for me but if I bid on Google AdWords yeah and I get a hundred visitors I’m much more likely to convert people than if I got a hundred clicks from YouTube sure why is that why don’t you tell me okay so with YouTube yeah the intent is always there when someone Google’s facing mile a perch okay this is because AdWords is also for YouTube ads yeah yeah that’s AdWords is for YouTube as well that is a good point yeah I’m talking about Admiral specifically for search yeah not their Display Network not YouTube or anything like that yeah but when someone searches fix my iPhone screen or my cracked iPhone screen right they’re much more likely to convert into a customer then when you display ads on anyone he’s just watching YouTube videos so instead of me display versus search basically there’s an intent there correct and the main point that I’m trying to convey is when you’re starting off your brand-new website you need to get in sales it doesn’t even matter if it’s profitable more so you’re just looking for the channels that convert and the ones that don’t so focus on Google Adwords focus on Bing ads and you want to check out SEM rush put in your competitor URLs it’ll show you where they’re getting majority of their traffic from it’ll show you two parts where they get the organic traffic from and where they get their paid traffic from just because someone’s getting a lot of organic traffic from a few keywords it doesn’t mean that’s what’s driving sales but if they’re consistently bidding on specific terms for a Google search Network you typically can assume that hey these keywords drive sales and you can use SEM rush to figure that out and once you’ve figured out what’s causing the sales then from there you can focus on all right these are the keywords that drive sales let’s focus on SEO and get rankings over time you won’t get the results in three months six months it’ll take over a year then you can say hey let’s create content on these topics because if this is what people are looking for before they buy content marketing should also help and it’s not just text-based content it can be video based content like you do on YouTube right and with your video based content you’re driving sales yeah and search sales the search content as well on YouTube as well definitely helps that’s correct and I know you don’t reveal your revenue but would you say you’re making over five figures a year yeah where you’re making over six figures a year yes all right I’ll stop there but I’m like next somebody yeah yeah as you can see Adams main channel is YouTube yeah and you can do well from YouTube it takes time how long did it take you to build up your YouTube channel my first one or my second or my first one took about six months to a year before I really started getting over a million views and how much you know about YouTube marketing when you first started nothing and you’re just consistent it’s just consistent and getting started and you learn as you go how many videos do you need to produce per week my other challenge do one a week okay and what’s the key to creating content that does well that drives revenue from social media like YouTube or Facebook leveraging videos I mean it’s really three things one is emotional haven’t had an emotional exciting videos to optimizing them let’s go back to the first one okay so I remember before we started shooting this video you’re telling me that was my video guy and he has tell me hey you’re not giving enough emotion so what was your tips what do you have when you’re angry I want you to convey anger when you’re I want you to be pissed Neil I like you know he’s looks like a mellow like great guy so I’m like China I care I’m gone like does it make you annoyed when people ask you these types of questions or does it make you happy does it make you excited doesn’t make you sad like that’s the type of stuff that gets this thing shared and that’s what’s gonna make you share this video right okay so what’s the second tip optimized so like just optimizing thumbnails headlines keywords you’ll see you’re going too fast I’m sorry let’s go back with thumbnails every time you give a tip it has to be action based so yeah thumbnails what do you what do they need to put into the thumbnails so make sure the thumbnail has a picture that just really stands out as much as possible and have text in the thumbnail and the thumbnail just basically elicits some type of curiosity so you know you’re competing against every other thumbnail on YouTube and the key is just to what makes yours more clickable than others let’s go next one within optimizing or yes we didn’t optimize with an optimizing is headline you know if you spend two hours making your video I want you spending six hours on creating your headline it’s that important I mean headlines are everything when it comes to marketing right yes it’s the same with content marketing if your headlines suck I don’t care how great your content is no one reads it the stat is 8 out of 10 people read your headline 2 out of 10 will click through and watch or read the rest of your content yeah exactly so I mean that’s a lot of the work we’re doing inspiring your competitors you know look on YouTube and see if you’re creating a piece of content like this video this video is about you know I don’t know where we’ve gone with this video but we’re just video is about you have a website you just started it you’re not getting sales what should you do exactly went into video marketing and how you can generate sales from now so what’s the next step and then the next step would be adding tags and descriptions and stuffing it with keywords and what’s a tool that you can use to find all the tags and descriptions vid IQ is an amazing tool that we use and the third tip third tip is if you’re a business boost it use Google AdWords to boost your videos use paid campaigns to get your channel going at least in the first place yeah and we’ll insert it this in this video we didn’t do paid YouTube ads before and we took our channel what was the stats from it was like less than a hundred thousand views or somewhere around there too now we can do about four hundred thousand views a month organically organically but the trick was we use ads to push up the number and get that tension and then even after you stop the advertising you can still get the traffic so don’t think about advertising and YouTube’s cases you have to keep spending money or I’ll see you lose the views you’re doing it to build a community yeah and then you can keep getting traffic over and over again exactly and you’re basically signalling to YouTube like hey this channel is legit people are watching your videos if people are watching your videos and you’re putting all this money into it if people are only watching it for 30 seconds clicking away the ad spend is not worth it but for Neil’s videos like they’re good content right so people are watching them the great audience retention so the more money we put into it people find out about them and then they want to watch more right it really is just producing a show – producing a TV show alright so let’s do a quick recap you launching your website you’re not getting any sales don’t focus on conversion optimization instead go to SEM rush type in your competitors URLs find out all the keywords that they continually spend money on paid advertising for month over a month those are the ones that you should test pet ads out on see if that drives conversions once you have sales you can then figure out how to make it more profitable by adjusting your bids or fine-tuning your ad campaigns then you can start creating content text-based content video based content could be audio content around all those keywords that way you get the organic SEO juice or the YouTube organic reach or traffic and in the long run that’ll start driving you sales once you get to over a few hundred sales a month or at least a few hundred leads because you could be in b2b or lead collection even b2c some of its lead gen then you could start getting into conversion optimization but if you’re brand new don’t start off with Facebook Ads don’t start off with the YouTube ads just start off with paid Google AdWords yes it’s more expensive but the conversion rates are going to be higher and it’s much easier to consistently get more Google traffic in the long run than it is to get social media traffic because Facebook continually changes our algorithm and it just takes your traffic every time that happens yeah for sure maybe we’ll make a video for next week on the new Facebook algorithm try no a lot of people have questions about that that’s right so thank you guys for watching if you like this video like it share it comment tell the people about it if you have another question that you want answered on our weekly Q&A Thursday videos just leave a comment with that question we’re reading all of them and we may pick it we’ll see you next week see ya

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