10 Best Business Website Hacks for 2019

– What’s up, everyone? This is Josh with Priceless Consulting and today we’re here to talk about the 10 best website
hacks for your business. (upbeat music) So starting at number 10 and probably one of the
most important aspects of any business website, we’ve got mobile friendly. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re losing out on up
to 70% of the traffic that could be going to your
site and becoming customers. Number nine is easy checkout. The checkout process on any website has to be quick, easy and concise. Don’t ask for the same
information more than once within your checkout process. And if you can, break it up
across multiple different steps so that everything’s not
bundled up onto the same page. Number eight is promotions. Promotions are extremely
important for a website in order to drive traffic
and to make sales. One of the easy ways of doing this is by marking your items down 10, 20% in order to drive that additional sale and that additional revenue. You can incorporate these
into emails, as well, which brings us to number
seven, a mailing list. Having a mailing list
on your website is one of the best ways to get
a potential customer to convert into a customer. By joining your mailing list, this customer can then
receive email newsletters and promotions tailored to things that they might be interested
in, thus turning them into a customer in the future. Make sure that you’re
capturing your customer emails on all of your forms that you
may have across your website and make sure that you’re
storing those emails on some sort of a CRM tool,
which we’ll get into later. Number six is notifications. Notifications can be sent to your site visitors
via different browsers, as well as push notifications
to a mobile device by use of a number of
different programs out there that can incorporate into your website. When someone visits your website, a pop-up will come up at the
top and ask if they’re okay with you sending them
notifications once in a while. Number five is a blog. So a blog is an extremely
important tool when it comes to managing a website and to
growing your business online. Every word that goes onto your website, in one way or another,
adds keywords and topics to your website that can be searched for by Google, Bing and other search
engine platforms out there. Number four, the infamous video. So video’s an important factor to have on a website, as well. If you’re a service company, for example, you want to be able to provide videos of yourself doing the service that you’re trying to sell a customer on. It’s important to keep in mind that, just because you have
information written out, people learn in different ways and this goes the same for selling. Some people are sold by reading paragraphs upon paragraphs of information, while others are more likely
to make a purchase from you if they can just see what
it’s gonna do in a video. Number three, a call to action. A call to action’s an
extremely important tool for the website because of the fact that it gets your visitors to engage and take an action that
you want them to take. A call to action is something that stands out to your customers and asks them to engage
in one way or another. One of the best examples of this is by offering someone a free eBook in exchange for their email address. Number two is a chat function. Hubspot actually offers a platform that allows you to incorporate
chat in your website so that, as a customer
is viewing your site, you can engage directly with them by chat before they ever left your website. I’ll put a link to that down
in the description below. The last but certainly not least important is a custom contact form. A contact form should be
collecting information that is actually relevant to what it is that you need to do. For example, if you’re a service provider and someone’s filling out
a contact form to come out, for you to provide their service, why not incorporate a date in that so you can see if that
date even works for you? It’s important that you can get
as much valuable information that you can during the lead
process, or the contact form, so that when you contact them,
you actually know what it is that you’re talking about. Thank you so much for watching,
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like this in the future. Catch you on the next one. (upbeat music)

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