10 Famous Websites that Died

– Man, I am so glad
YouTube is still around, because where would a baldo like me find work with a mug like this, huh? There’s a lot of popular
websites that we use everyday, things like Instagram and Facebook, and because we use them all the time, we don’t ever really think
of the world without them, or for that matter, what
life was like before them. But things can change at any time, and just like the websites
that we use everyday, the websites on this list
were once super popular, and one day just completely died. (upbeat instrumental music) (evil laughter) Here are 10 famous websites that died. (upbeat instrumental music) Number 10 is Altavista. (upbeat instrumental music) Before Google became
everyone’s go to search engine, Altavista was extremely popular. Launched in 1995,
Altavista allowed web users to find content quickly and reliably. It had a whole index of websites and, you know, what a search engine is. But what put Altavista ahead
of other search engines was that it had an advanced web crawler, not like Spider-Man, it’s a techy term. Stay with me, people. A web crawler is bod
which trawls the internet looking for websites so
that when users Google, I mean Altavista a search term, the information about those
websites is ready at hand. In 2003, however,
Altavista started to wane and Google’s domination was assured, which is really good because
no one would ever say, oh I just Altavista’d that. Yahoo purchased Altavista, but threw out the old web search engine and just used their
own, keeping the brand. And as you can imagine,
since it’s on this list, that wasn’t exactly successful, and in 2013, Altavista
was shut down for good. Number nine is Friends Reunited. Back in 1999, the idea of
an online social network was revolutionary, but long before titans like Twitter and Facebook came along, a little UK based website
tried out that concept. It was called Friends Reunited, and it allowed users to join networks based on what school they attended. This scratched the little nostalgic itch for those wanting to see what
their old buddies were up to. While a previous US website
called classmate.com had ran a similar service,
Friends Reunited took it to a whole nother level. Within just a couple years, they had nearly three million users. In 2005, the company was
bought for 208 million dollars. Who spent that money
on this piece of crap? But between 2007 and 2008,
it lost 47% of its user base. Coincidentally, that was
the same time that Facebook had grown its UK based
traffic by almost 2400%. To be honest, I don’t really blame them for not seeing Facebook as a threat because it’s called Facebook. That’s like being afraid
of a company called Leg At. Number eight is Yahoo Auctions. (upbeat instrumental music) Yahoo Auctions was set up three
years after eBay, in 1998, to challenge the king of auction sites. And just like eBay, Yahoo
Auctions allowed users to list items that they wanted to sell. At that time, Yahoo was
a company in ascendency, and one of the biggest names online, but eBay already had a head start, and it also provided a more reliable and safe way to buy items
due to its rating system. But Yahoo shut down most
of the service in America and other countries by 2007. But believe it or not, users were actually really disappointed because the website had
offered no fee listings, very much unlike eBay at the time. But it gets even weirder
because in a bizarre move, when Yahoo Auctions shut down
its UK and Ireland service, it actually endorsed its main rival. Yahoo stated that eBay
was its preferred service and that users looking
for something similar to Yahoo Auctions should actually use it. Sounds like a pay off, oh, but
that’s none of my business. Number seven is Nupedia. (upbeat instrumental music) Nupedia was an online encyclopedia, which allowed users to
search a variety of topics. How to restore hair. Lasting just four short
years between 1999 and 2003, Nupedia had a strict peer review
process, unlike Wikipedia. Volunteer contributors
would write articles on the chosen topics, but they
wouldn’t go live immediately. They would have to be reviewed
by a panel of experts first. The idea was that this would
ensure a level of quality similar to published journals. Unfortunately only 21 articles ever passed the peer review process in the first year. Now let’s compare that to Wikipedia, who published 10 times that
number in its first month alone. So yeah, you can see why it became popular and Nupedia didn’t. Still, it did pave the way for Wikipedia, so let’s all raise a glass
to the memory of Nupedia. Unless you have an alcohol problem, in which case that wold be a bad idea. Number six is Vid Me. (upbeat instrumental music) YouTube popularized video sharing, and though several websites have tried to emulate its success, most have failed. Well Vid Me was one of
those most recent attempts to do this. As YouTube reduced creator’s ability to make money from ads due
to the unbelievable number of controversies on the site, Vid Me, founded in 2014,
stepped in and offered creators another avenue to make
money from their videos. This crated an influx of content, but unfortunately the
website was shut down on December first, 2017. This was because the
cost of hosting millions of user generated videos
could not be paid for through their advertising
or a subscription model. But despite closing down,
Vid Me was widely praised for at least trying to provide another video hosting platform, and video creators continued to look for other ways to expand their revenue. Unlike me, everything’s just fine. Ad revenue’s fine, I’m not,
I’m not worried at all. Number five is Bebo. (upbeat instrumental music) Bebo was launched in 2005 and
was a tremendously successful social media platform
for a number of years. The website was popular in several regions and registered over 10
million users in the UK alone. As its popularity soared, Bebo
attracted big name companies and was bought for 850
million dollars in 2008. What separated Bebo from its competition was that its social media
profiles were completely modular and customizable. Unlike pretty much every
social media site today, Bebo profiles could
look completely unique. Unfortunately, the
juggernaut that is Facebook, which killed off a number
of websites on this list, took Bebo to the ground
for the three count, but the brand has actually continued, and its founders have tried to relaunch the brand multiple times. Ah, don’t worry, little Bebo. You’ll get there one day, little buddy. Number four is Delicious. (upbeat instrumental music) Like many of the websites on this list, Delicious was innovative
and forward thinking, but just couldn’t stay
ahead of the pack forever. Much like StumbleUpon and Pinboard, which came along after it, Delicious popularized the
idea of social bookmarking. This allowed users to tag
and organize online content in a fun and accessible way. When it was released in
2007, Delicious took off in a big way, but with the
advent of cloud storage and people being able
to save their bookmarks across devices and their browsers, Delicious became kind of pointless. It ended up being acquired in 2017 by the competitor Pinboard,
which discontinued the service once and for all so that it
could promote its own website to the Delicious user base. Uh, Delicious user base. That should have been our tagline. Our users are delicious. Number three is Geocities. (upbeat instrumental music) Launched in 1994 and originally called Beverly Hills Internet, Geocities became the third most popular
website in the world in 99. It allowed users to
create their own website, which Geocities would host
and place in a browsable directory of a relevant topic. Bigbootygoats.com, oh yeah, let’s do it. For example, if you made a website about the entertainment industry, it would be placed in the Hollywood city, allowing people interested
in your chosen topic to find your content. Well times change and a
number of competing websites devised more accessible
and professional ways to build a website. Geocities finally shut down
the United States server in October of 2009, and with that, believe it or not, 38 million user built
websites disappeared. Rest in peace, Big Booty Goats. Number two is Gawker. (upbeat instrumental music) Founded by Nick Denton
and Elizabeth Spires, Gawker was a blog which reported
on lives of celebrities. Initially it covered news
in the Manhattan area of New York, but soon expanded its reach, and eventually had over 23
million visitors every month, and that was as recent as 2015. So you might be saying
but man, what happened? Well a series of problems soon sank this once popular website. There was a number of
allegations of copyright abuse and quoting sources
that were supposed to be off the record, but that
wasn’t even the worst part. The killer blow was actually
landed by Hulk Hogan, and no, this is not a joke. He sued Gawker for
publishing video footage of the Hulkster having sex. Oh yeah, but to give you
the pile driver, brother. What you gonna do? He was awarded 140 million
dollars in damages, and on June 10th of 2016,
as a result of this, Gawker had to announce bankruptcy. And number one is Myspace. (upbeat instrumental music) Who remembers Myspace? This is good memories. Perhaps not quite dead, as of 2018, but Myspace has been on life
support for a long time. We really should just pull the plug and put it out of its misery. Well even if the website isn’t dead, the original intention of it
is now lying six feet unda. Myspace was a social networking site, which was a precursor to Facebook. You could post your profile
and Myspace even provided your first friend request, Tom. Tom was the co founder of the site and obviously very lonely. Between 2004 and 2010, it was easily the largest social
networking site in the world, but by the time 2008 came along, Myspace’s sun was beginning to set. Yeah, as you would imagine,
that pesky Facebook came along and revolutionized social media forever. Myspace seemed really
outdated by comparison. Since then, Myspace has moved
towards being a platform for artists and musicians
to build a following and still amasses 50
million visits a month. But let’s be honest, it’s on its way out. Plus you can’t friend Tom anymore. I miss Tom. And that’s it. If you enjoyed this video
and you’d like to see more like it in the future,
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see you in the next video. Goodbye now.

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