10 Key Components for Your Business Success ? | Start an Online Business, Part 5

– Imagine that you’re
researching and installing an alternative energy source
to power your business. Obviously you’d make sure
that you use components that didn’t break down
or overload your system, affecting your business in a negative way. Separately, they may
not have done too much, but together they created a power of one, creating something far greater than they could ever be by themselves. It’s amazing to consider,
though, that businesses that are relying on websites
will often opt for a free or a cheap service that really
they know very little about. They often employe people
that know very little about it too, except perhaps
building a nice website that looks pretty good. Seduced by words like
simple, cheap and easy, they’ll miss critical steps and
certainly the critical tools that are required to build a successful, financially stable online business. Hello, I’m Paul Buckingham,
roving ambassador for Solo Build It!. In this episode of our
series, we’re going to look at what some of the tools
are that you do need and what the risk is of
missing out on using them. That’s coming up right after this. Solo Build It! business
owners consistently report that combined with their
passion, ideas and motivation, these 10 key components
make their online business stronger than their competition. The Solo Build It! Action Guide. The 10-day guide that
critically maps how all the online business-building
components go together and in which order. The brainstorming tools
that help them confirm that indeed their good idea
does actually have a big enough audience for free traffic
and where to find them. The modern responsive designs
that are the foundation of how their online
business will look and feel. Each can be used as
provided or fully customized for mobile and desktop. The complete lack of external
plugins that slow down their competitor’s sites,
often conflict with each other and fall prey to hackers
with little support from developers. Solo Build It! is an all-in-one package. All the elements are designed and built to work in harmony so they never conflict or break down. They are always up to
date and there’s nothing for you to install. The one low fee that remains fixed no matter how much traffic you get. If you enjoy a surprise
surge in popularity, your SBI! traffic continues
to flow at no extra cost and with no online business down time. Carl Trent has been with
Solo Build It! since 2008 and has seen the benefit
of the Solo Build It! support first hand. His online business, dadsguidetowdw.com, consistently ranks on page
one of the search results. – With SBI!, if I get
a million hits a day, it doesn’t matter, it’s gonna work. It’s gonna be there. I’m not gonna get dinged, or
like I did with my former host, get my whole account shut down
because I had a traffic rush and no notification. Somebody just sent me a note
said your account’s down. I go and they, oh, are you the owner? We’ve shut your account down. What? We think you’re getting spammed. No! I just wrote a post that
everybody in the world wants to read and the last thing I want is my site being down right now. – [Paul] We’re now halfway
through our countdown of the top 10 components
that keep Solo Build It! online businesses ahead
of their competition. Number seven are the
social media action guides that are consistently updated
to reflect the changes in social platforms. Having trouble keeping
up with what goes on? We do it for you. The 24 hour support that is available from like-minded business owners and Solo Build It! staff. You ask, they answer. They never miss a beat. And the best part, there
are no plug-ins or templates to buy, no other levels
of service to pay for. There is a complete money-back guarantee and everything is included in your single Solo Build It! subscription. No tricks, no hidden fees, and not a single price
increase since 2000. So, do you have any doubts
that this could be the right online business-building platform for you? Ashley Cotter-Cairns has developed
his own online businesses with Solo Build It! since 2005 and began SellMyComicBooks.com in 2012. Now, with consistent
year-on-year increases in free traffic from the search engines, Sell My Comic Books is the leading website for free appraisals of
comics in the world, with over 100,000 visitors a month. Throughout his growth and development, the Solo Build It! system has
been a consistently reliable rock solid support. What’s the situation as your traffic has increased with SBI!? – Honestly, I haven’t given
it a thought because SBI! bills me once a year and
I’ve never had any request for any additional fees for anything. In my time, it’s been I
think 13 years with SBI!, they’ve upgraded their tools
and it’s unrecognizable from the system it was
when I was starting out and not only have they
not charged me extra for my success, if you wanna call it that, like taxing me because I have high traffic or anything like that, but the tool set is still the same price
it was when I started. I mean, how many products
can you think of you’re still using from 13 years ago
that are the same price today. I can’t even think, like go to McDonald’s, the price of a burger
has gone up eight times in that period or something. There’s no fees for extra traffic, there’s no fees for
having a big email list, there are no fees for
anything as far as I know. I’m struggling to think of anything. – [Paul] So there you have it. The 10 most valuable components
that Solo Build It! clients consistently praise as
the critical elements that combine to create a power of one. They have an advantage
over their competition. Now, does that seem like the
right kind of power generator for your online business idea? In this series, we’ve gone
through some of the pitfalls of building a business
online and talked about how to do it right. We’ve also met some
Solo-preneurs who shared how they found success with
their online businesses. Now it’s your turn. Which topics would you like us to cover in Season Two of The Whole Story? Let us know in the comment section below. Thank you for watching.

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2 thoughts on “10 Key Components for Your Business Success ? | Start an Online Business, Part 5

  1. These tools do not IMHO put me the owner, ahead of the competition but branding, differentiation etc do. You're selling these tool to put YOU, the owner/marketer of sitesell ahead of the competition, to which is subjective opinion as to whether you are or not.

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