10 Minute DIY Way To Set Up A Small Business Website, Domain, and Matching Email: Part 1 of 3

now in the last video what we discussed was how to establish your business name to vet that idea to do some research and to make sure that that’s name that you were going to use going forward so I’m going to assume for the purposes of this video that you’re gonna get a check in the done mark for homework and hopefully straight A’s it’s video what I’m gonna talk about is setting up your website for near free basically so that you can kind of have a placeholder and a place to start building out your links and your ideas now you can do what I did which was spend obscene amounts of money on a website for 10 years and deal with designers and coders and just open source platforms and all of the drama that comes along with that or you can do what I will be doing going forward which is that you can set up a blog and make it look like a website which means that you will have full control so this is what I recommend not only to you if you have the means to pay for a website but of course if you do not so you know so advantages of having control of your website are price information can be made available to your customers very quickly there’s nothing lost in translation when you’re talking to your designers who then in turn have to take what you’ve told them and and turn it into something and get it onto your website in a timely fashion when you do things the way that I’m gonna discuss you will have the ability to log in write what you need to write upload pictures and move on with your life now that said NVT am calm in its heyday before the you know let’s call it the disappearing act of 2014 at the very end there was a several hundred page website that was operating on a Magento platform and it had so many plugins and apps and fancy bells and whistles and you know here’s the the bottom line the truth when I first started this company way back when you know myself and another person wrote the code for the very simple website that existed it was just HTML code and it was written I don’t know in probably 2002 or 2003 and there was nothing fancy or super fantastic about it but at the end of the day it got the sales done and it was doing the job we didn’t have any problems when we switch to this Magento platform and brought in all these developers we had nothing but a string of headaches and technical issues I’m not slamming Magento so feel free if you work for Magento or you love your Magento website I mean feel free to leave it I’m always open to hearing those kinds of things and hearing other people’s experiences but in my experience it was not a good investment of time or money so that said moving on I will be talking about a way to do something in your own way for basically no money and you don’t need any special skills to do this except you know some fingers to type on a keyboard and I’ll assume if you’re watching me you probably have both of those now you have lots of different vlogging platforms that you can choose from tumblr there are 500 of them probably but the one that I use is WordPress now the reason I use WordPress is because quite frankly it works at the end of the day if someone asks me why do I use one thing over another you can always be sure that it’s because it is the most effective tool for the price that I’m willing to pay what I would recommend doing is now that you have that name you want to go to WordPress and I’ll put a link in the description box below and you want to secure the blog name for your chosen business name now that is not going to cost you anything at all but you are gonna have to use whatever email address currently have so go ahead and do that let’s say that your personal email address is you know whatever I’m looking at my what is that thing over there you know Cuisinart 2015 at yahoo.com just go ahead and use that as your signup email because you can change that as you go forward let’s say that you were going to set up a envy tan blog we’re going to use that in this example so you would go to the wordpress site and you would you know click signup register or whatever it says and then when it says blog name you would put envy tan and then you use your email address and go ahead and sign up once you do that it’s usually going to ask you to confirm it by email do not forget this step so just go ahead and right now and go on over to your email whatever email address that you just entered and you want to go ahead and confirm it because then that way you know you’re gonna have access to your account I would always recommend to anyone and I have of course for any business that I’m working on that notebook that I was talking about yesterday you know in the back in the middle wherever you think you can hide it you want to have a page or two where you keep all of your login information because nothing will stop you from logging into your social media or blog or reseller or whatever account faster than thinking uh I do not know what the password is just write it down on a page that you have access to that you can just kind of flip to you real quick and go okay that’s what it is after you have confirmed your email address then the next thing that you’re gonna want to do is buy a domain name you just you need to take care of that now I have a reseller account that I’ve had for I don’t even know how many years because we had so many spray-tanning artists that wanted us to build websites for them that it just seemed like a good idea so if you want to use my link go crazy it’s small business domains and hosting dot-com not short but keyword effective so that small business domains and hosting com basically it’s just go Daddy but it has my cover page on it so you’ll have all the service customer service and all those wonderful bells and whistles that you get with GoDaddy and I recommend GoDaddy I know there are loads of other places that you can register our name but I probably own a little over a thousand domain names and every single one of them is gone through GoDaddy and there’s a reason for that to be detailed in another video if necessary um you’re gonna have to spend a little bit of money on your idea I mean that’s just a matter this is a fact of doing business you’re gonna go there and you are going to buy the now if you’re me you’re gonna buy the dot-com org and.net why are you gonna do that well this is pretty simple because what happens is if you have a business that down the road becomes successful or popular someone in their infinite wisdom will decide you know it’s easier than building a business of my own riding on the coattails of this other person so let me build a website and trick consumers into believing that they’re on this other company’s website if you’re me you are going to purchase calm org and.net why because if you don’t someone else will somebody else is gonna buy that name and try to direct traffic to their site and not your if you’re on a really tight budget and you just want to buy that one domain name go for it but keep it in the back of your mind that as this business idea picks up speed and momentum you need to go back so set a calendar reminder three months six months you know let me let me go back in and buy org.net info and my advice is if you own a domain and which could be misspelled so let’s use a friendly dog from the other day okay so let’s say that you purchased friendly dog calm org.net info now most people know how to spell the word friendly but a lot of people including myself actually it’s one of the words that really trips me up um not trips me up trips me up does kind of trip me out that it does yeah but fr ie nd ly friendly okay but a lot of people are gonna spell it FR e i ND ly now you may think that is the silliest thing that you’ve ever heard but what you want ask yourself is if someone misspells my domain name do i want them to find me and if the answer that question is yes you better buy that domain name

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6 thoughts on “10 Minute DIY Way To Set Up A Small Business Website, Domain, and Matching Email: Part 1 of 3

  1. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong but WordPress is going to cost me $35 a year because I already have a domain name through Go Daddy

  2. Just seeing these videos and enjoyed learning about the availability of a website alternative. I wish I had someone like you holding my hand as I go through the process of initiating an on-line business:)

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