10 Minute DIY Way To Set Up A Small Business Website, Domain, and Matching Email: Part 2 of 3

now generally speaking I don’t buy the variations of other extensions so let’s say dot-org net so for in that example I would buy friendly dog calm org net an info spelled properly and then I would buy the dot-com version of the misspelled one for a friendly dog because people aren’t really going to try to build on a misspelled website but you do want to capture that traffic if someone spells it incorrectly that would be a total of let’s say so ten dollars for the one domain name and thirty dollars for the three if you think you can set up a website for cheaper than that go for it and let me know how you’re gonna do it effectively but you need to own the domain names for a couple of reasons not the least of which is credibility and secondarily it’s how you’re gonna have a custom email address associated with your domain flash-forward let’s assume that you’ve gone and you’ve purchased that domain name okay let’s let’s say that that domain name is the friendly dog calm okay you’ve purchased that now what you need to do is go in to your account and again I would keep in that folder that we were talking about you want to keep what’s your login information your username your password to get into your domain account um keep that stuff written down because as you go forward in business stuff just move so quickly that if you don’t have access to it quick access you’re just not gonna do it you’re gonna move on and do something else so save yourself that trouble right now and write all that stuff down in one place you’re logged in and what you need to do is go to if you’re on any of these platforms doesn’t matter you’re gonna see a link that’s gonna say email account from left to right it’ll say like domains hosting email accounts and then you know right on across what you’re looking for is one that says email accounts go in there and you’re gonna set up once you purchase the domain name if you do it on my reseller the small business domains and hosting com it’s gonna come with a free email account do not buy another you know email package and you do not need any of that do not buy hosting you do not need any of that just purchase the domain that’s it again go to email accounts and once you’re there you’re gonna have to set up your free account click the emails and then the setup button what you’re gonna do there is it’s gonna say you have a free credit click that here to click setup ok and then it’s gonna ask you which domain you want to associate to I’ll assume for the purposes of this video that you only have the one gonna click the domain friendly dog calm then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go in after it’s set up which is probably gonna take about 60 seconds for it to populate through the system then you’re gonna go back into email accounts and click the launch button and once you’re in there you’re gonna click edit a little line and then you’ll see like a little pencil mark looks like a little pencil over here and you want to click that because that’s the edit button once you are in there these are the things that you want to do you want to open that screen up and by the way when you are setting up your email address use info at whatever your domain name is calm in let’s use friendly dog info at friendly dog calm now some people will tell you to do it differently I’m gonna tell you to do it that way and here’s why number one a bit of business either for myself or as an executive for over 20 years and I have seen this situation go wrong so many times I actually have another YouTube video which I’ll put the link right there and it talks about you know why you should have a custom email address to your domain name but what you really want to do here is let’s ask ourselves this question why are you bothering with this at all right the reason that you’re doing the custom email to associate it to your domain name is ability right you want to look credible and you want to be able to be found and reached easily actually someone just asked me this too the other day and I’ll keep their name anonymous but let’s say that you know it is sali act friendly dog calm well that’s great we met at a networking event or whatever and she’s a dog sitter and I remember it’s friendly dog I think her name’s Sally okay Sally yeah all right I sit down and I go to compose an email Sally at friendly dog calm okay let’s assume that Sally’s name is spelled s al ly at friendly dog calm but I think because I have a friend named Sally who spells it s al li e that that’s how it should be spelled so what do I do I sent an email to s a ll i e at friendly dog calm now what happens well I the sender I’m gonna get back a note that says sorry unavailable kicked back and I’m gonna be thinking to myself whoa wait a minute I know that’s what she said her name was I don’t know maybe they’re out of business and I’m never gonna bother with it again okay so that’s scenario one scenario two the preferred scenario is that well you could do a couple things here if you want to use your own personal name if you know that you’re gonna be a one-person operation forever then then you can use your name you can say Sally at friendly dog calm that’s fine but what you absolutely must do is click the little button when you’re setting up your email account that says make this a catch-all what does that do here’s what it does this is simple and it’s magic and I would have missed I don’t even know how many contacts without this what it does is you could send an email to you know pizza stone at friendly dog calm or no Kitchen Aid at friendly dog calm and there you go you’re still going to receive that email why because you made it a catch-all which means it’s gonna catch all of the names forward of the at sign it’s gonna send all of it to get so that is super important if you are going to use your name make it a catch off I don’t personally like the concept of using an individual name when I’m starting a business the reason for that is I don’t want to have to redo all of my marketing materials you know if I’m setting up emails for certain people that may or may not work for the company many video contractors or something I just like info because everybody can remember that it just seems it gives a more polished presence now when you’re down the road you know you’re the president of the company you have ten employees you want to hand your card out with your own personal email address go for it because then that makes it seem like hey you know everybody else has to use info app but for you you can use my personal email address day that you decide you know no I don’t I don’t want to use my own name I want to go the info route then you can do the exact same thing okay you’re gonna log in you’re gonna click the setup you’re gonna go in you’re gonna click you know make this a catch-all okay that’s the first thing that you’re gonna do are you gonna forward it the second question is are you gonna check it on the server which means where you are currently logged in basically or are you gonna forward it to your phone or to your entourage all the rest of that now again I have some opinions here and this is just years and years and years of experience I use Entourage for ever and I was a big fan of Entourage for a really long time but then let me tell you what happened when we had two locations okay so I have one in one city and one in another and I was going back and forth between the two here’s what happened someone would send me an email three o’clock in the afternoon which I would check and be able to pull in on my phone but I couldn’t respond to them because I didn’t have a signature set up or it was going to one and then I couldn’t see it from the other where I had saved it in a file on this one and not let me just help you go around that right now use the server that is available to you through wherever you purchased your domain name I’m doing that now and it has made my life exponentially more simple so now it forwards direct to my iPhone or my iPad and if I delete from any of those locations I’m gone in and set up the settings so that it deletes it from the server talk about that in another video okay so going back if you’re gonna forward it a lot of people in the beginning will do that because you know they don’t want to have to check to email locations and that’s fine if you want to do that um as long as that other one is something that is also internet-based that’s just my only you know take that for whatever it’s worth if it’s another one which is you know so and so at so let’s say you know Sally at friendly dog calm wants to forward it to you know Sally Sunday at yahoo.com because that’s her full name that’s fine go for it do that so just click the forward and then enter that email address okay the only problem with that is when you check from Sally Sunday at yahoo.com and you reply back it’s not coming back to your customer from Sally at friendly dog Calm it’s coming back from Sally Sunday at yahoo.com now if you are like me and I received these emails all the time and I honestly I find them laughable when people send and it happens all the time when you have a website you know this SEO expert or this marketing person you know they’ve done an analysis of my website and they want to tell us why you know this could be improved bah blah blah blah blah and then their name is you know Frank Rogers at gmail.com okay well let me stop you right there I’m never gonna respond to you because if you have a gmail account I you don’t take yourself seriously in my opinion and certainly not seriously enough to be evaluating my brand now it’s not a vendor I would ever do business with now is that to say that you’ll never be taken seriously if you use a you know basically a common email server no but it is to say that people will take you more seriously if you use your domain name email that’s just a fact if if we were out and I kind of touch on this on my other video we’re out of the park okay and I’m walking my dog and you’re walking your dog and I’m going out of town next week and friendly dog calm is a Pet Sitting service if you and I are chatting it up and you know I love you and think I want to use this lady next week when I go out of town and then you tell me that your email address is Sally Sunday at Yahoo all of a sudden I’m thinking I don’t know whereas if you told me that your email address is info at friendly dog calm I’m not gonna give it a second thought I’m gonna think this is someone who is in business and established to shoot an email to you and I’m gonna use you next week

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