10 Must Know JAPAN Travel Tips No One Talks about …like POLICE

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100 thoughts on “10 Must Know JAPAN Travel Tips No One Talks about …like POLICE

  1. Here in Chicago, if you don't cooperate with the police, you can end up dead. It seems that the people would be more annoyed with you walking around recording everything. maybe not.

  2. I don't understand America's tipping culture at all… you don't want to pay your wait staff a proper wage, so you make the customers do it for you? Yeah nah, get f*cked.
    It's so stupid how I'd be seen as rude if I don't tip in America when I shouldn't HAVE to tip at all… it's almost as if tipping is so stupid that the rest of the world doesn't do it- oh wait.

    America is so desperate to be unique from the rest of the world that they use their shitty imperial system and have dumb shit like tipping. Get over yourselves and get with the program.

  3. Lol one time when I was in Tokyo me and my friends were shit faced and climbed on top of a cop car screaming watashi wa gomi Des and the cop was in it and just laughed and smiled and told us to calm down, also you can completely drink alcohol in public in Japan and the police don't care or really anyone lol people look at u but they'll look at you just for being gaijin, I love Japan lmao

  4. As a tourist, you would love the country. If you live and work there just a little bit longer, you will find how dark this society or country is and pepole are.
    Why were you stopped by the JAP police often? Maybe it was because how you look. To me, you look like Philipino or southeastern Asian. They might think you are the illegal forign labor. Have you thought about that?

  5. Hewwo. 😊 Just posted my first vlog ever to share my experience living in Japan as a foreigner as I am originally from Hawaii. Let me know what you think? Have you ever been to Japan before?! ♥️

    Keep up the amazing videos!!! Much love

  6. japan!! free honey the dolphin and penguins and other animal you abandon on inubosaki marine park last year until now!!!


  8. This guy reminds me of ricky bobby when he first started getting in the spotlight. He didn't know what to do with his hands 😂 nice tips tho.

  9. Quick tip: Suica and PASMO cards for trains n stuff could be acquired in two different ways; anonymous or with your name on it. By having your name on it, you can make another one with the same amount of deposit in case u lose it or get it stolen. Also, you can have your 500yen+deposit returned to you when u return it when u don’t need it anymore. Besides, a lot of the places that don’t take credit cards i.e. cafés and fast food stores DO take IC cards for payment. But remember, ramen shops often take only hard cash. Use my comment as a question thread if you want, I’ll answer it(Canadian living in Japan for over half of my life)

  10. Why don’t I see many people talk about visiting Japan with children / babies? I’ve looked at places to stay and rarely do I see baby beds provided. Smoking is also a non-starter at restaurants. Do restaurants have high chairs? Thoughts?

  11. I'm coming to Japan this week and wanted to say thank you for all the videos! they have been helping me prepare for my trip.

  12. Nothing strange in cooperation with the police… At the end of the day, they are there to protect you..
    Same about per person charge. Why should I pay same fare for only one person in a room, as I would for a couple??

  13. Well done, we live on Okinawa, my wife is Japanese and we enjoy travel on the mainland. Tokyo is awesome, shinkanzen and everything. I have never been stopped but when I have stopped a policeman for information, I always tell them I am a retired policeman from Los Angeles and show my badge LOL, I also belong to International Police Association and even without saying anything the police are always polite. Unless you just are one of those people who cannot resist complaining and Japan is not the place to complain loudly in front of the police.

  14. I learned so much before visiting Japan myself, thank you! Please check out part one of our trip. https://youtu.be/cCrY_F9OAmk

  15. Hm, In Europe isnt it like 18yrs to be able to buy and drink alcohol? In East Europe the trinking age is like 4ys so yeah

  16. I agree. Japan is still a cash based country. I remember tryjng to dine at a rustic resto to experience ramen when I was in Shibuya and lil did I know I had to take out cash because they preferred "okane" instead. Hahaha

  17. Here in Brazil we also have this modern system of trains. But we call Bus and are also have this first world "pack people like cigarrets" inside, very modern and advanced. Oh! We also don't tip because workers here already gain too little to be astonish with so much money at once, you know, we like think in other first <3

  18. Hey guys, I'm a German Videocreator and I made Videos from Asia, if you need some inspiration you can check out my channel.

  19. Got in trouble with the police for drinking in our car in the parking lot of a grocery store. Made me take a breath test and drove me home. Hassled me for like two hours. It was in a small town. I was drinking a beer and smoking and someone called the police on me. Be careful, in the states as long as you are not caught driving generally no one cares.

  20. Which capsule hotel is that? I’ve never seen one like that. I’ve stayed in 9h hotels but the one you showed looks great.

  21. ICカードは作るのにちょっとお金かかるけど帰る時にカード返せば返金してもらえるカードもあるし、お土産として持って帰っても良いと思う!誰か英語に訳せない?

  22. I see lots of people on youtube saying that tipping in japan is rude, but its not rude its just not part o their culture

  23. I feel as though you make the trains out to be far more unpleasant than they actually are… when I stayed for two weeks none of them smelt like alcohol.

  24. Well, in Jakarta, Indonesia, we ban alcohol drinks altogether (except for a few places like bars, clubs, etc)

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  26. I just don’t like smoking because it also kills the people around you so if someone is trying to make a good choice by not smoking it’ll be really hard to avoid inhaling all that smoke and it’s a huge turn off smelling like cigarettes.

  27. Save so much time to calculate the tip godamn niga how long does it take you to calculate 15% out of $10? Anywho tipping sucks but its cultural and in most bars no tipping (usa) will get you a fuck off instead of here is your second drink

  28. Here in germany the legal drinking age for low alcohol drinks like beer and wine is 16 while for all the other stronger stuff you need to be 18 (18 means you're an adult in general here)
    Cashiers are required to check your ID if you look too young and will get fired if they get caught selling alcoholic drinks aswell as candies to minors

  29. About the drinking age: I think its not very strict in japan tbh. In germany (where the drinking age for beer is 16 and for harder alcohol 18) you usually get asked by the store clerk to show your ID so they can confirm your age. In many cases you dont get the alcohol when you're too young and you get asked alot for your ID even if you're looking like an 20 y/o.

  30. Visitors will notice that Japanese SHOULD NOT be grouped into "generalizations", which means, not all things mentioned in this video will be correct. EXAMPLES: Japanese people do eat and drink & walk, do so next to you in a train (which can be rude); many have tattoos so the stigma is no longer valid. YES, traveling in the country-side will remain more "traditional" but in most major cities things have change dramatically; smoking outside is NOT PROHIBITED, it is prohibited in some neighborhoods only, not in Japan as a whole; 1st and last cars in trains for women… not true, some lines have the "women only" car in the center. So a more appropriate explanation is look for the marked car that says "women only". But, understand that the car is only meant for women during rush hours. Not weekends, etc.; AirBnb is strictly regulated in Japan, so do not expect private dwellings, mostly licensed places like hotels, lodges, etc will be listed; in Japan (non-citizens) are expected to always travel with identification, so this is very important… never leave hotel or walk the streets without identification (you will probably be held and questioned) if you have no proof of legal travel documents.

  31. I’ve never had an issue walking and eating in Japan. Like, never. I do it all the time. Never even had someone take a second glance at me. No idea why people are so worried about this 🤣

  32. I wish America would stop tipping also. I think both customers would be happy and employees getting paid more would be happier.

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