Hey guys Ryan here at Signature Edits
and today we are going to look at 10 photography websites that you should
copy. Are you ready? Let’s do it. All right so perhaps you are just
starting your photography business and you’re trying to figure out what I
should put on my website or maybe you have already had a photography business
for a while and you’re looking to do a website redesign. Well today’s video is
exactly right for you because we’re gonna look at some great examples of
what to do and also what not to do. I’m gonna go through each website here and
we’re gonna talk about the things that I love, the things that are great, and that
you should apply to your website both for SEO and for user experience – and then
we’re gonna go through and talk about the things that are not so great, the
things that I would tweak. Whether that’s to show up better on Google search or
whether I think that would just create a better end experience for your clients.
So the two essential main factors to a great website design are SEO and user
experience SEO is search engine optimization that’s everything you do on
your website that helps Google find you and helps Google know what your website
is about. What kind of services you offer and whether or not they should show you
in these search results, and showing up in Google search is something we
probably all want to do, so it’s very important. The second piece of website
design is user experience and it’s essentially what it sounds like. When a
visitor actually finds your site and goes onto your site can they find
everything they want to? Do they enjoy the process of looking through your
photos or is it a nightmare trying to find your information trying to navigate,
trying to contact you etc. So we want to balance both of these as well as we can
across our site and sometimes doing things for SEO makes it a little bit
worse for user experience and vice-versa. Sometimes making something very
beautiful and minimal in our website design winds up kind of hurting us in
the SEO department so we’re gonna look at some examples and show you how we can
do this well and this one so let’s hop over into website number one which is
Silas Chow calm now there’s a few things I love about Silas’s site and a few
things that I probably would do differently so what would I absolutely
copy if I were you I would copy what he has right here at
the top which is his location you can find it easily he’s a wedding
photographer based in Melbourne Australia and why does this matter it’s
not so much for user experience it’s for Google so Google looks at this and says
Oh Silas his site is all about wedding photography and he’s based in Melbourne
Australia therefore when someone searches
melbourne wedding photographer google knows okay he is one of the people we
can search including our search results what I don’t love about Silas’s site is
it’s pretty darn busy when you open it up it’s not exactly user focused what
what are these are these images are they blog posts I don’t really know we’ve got
so many options to choose from ideally in user experience you want the
path for your visitor to be pretty clear go here go here go here go here not
15,000 different options to choose from another thing that I do love however is
he has testimonials right up here and the ability to check availability right
on his site as we scroll down it’s a pretty simple page we’ve got all of his
different posts and then we have a contact info bar right here personally
I’m like why would you choose this particular image I would have gone with
you know something a little bit more impressive for his contact image or just
gotten rid of the image altogether and then we see again that we have his
contact information right at the very bottom as well as his Australian
business number I’m not sure why this is there maybe that’s necessary in
Australia but definitely not doing anything for his SEO I would however if
I were him add my business address down here at the bottom of my website that’s
very important if you want to rank for a location it helps you a lot the other
feature that I really like about Silas’s site that I think you should consider
including is his let’s chat bar so this is really really cool if I’m a bride and
I don’t feel like going through and contacting a million different
photographers it is definitely an advantage to be able to just type in and
say hey can you send me rates or ask a question this is definitely a great
feature the one thing that I would change is I would have the actual
branding and color line up with the colors of his site because it’s kind of
conflicting okay so that is Silas Chows website let’s move on to our next
example jcore photography right at the very top this is my favorite part about
this site accepting seven more couples and two more students so right away
we’ve created something called urgency when a bride is actually on this website
the first thing they see is oh my gosh I have to act fast or I might not be able
to book Jake or photography it shows he’s in demand and therefore a bride is
much more likely to contact him sooner essentially so it’s a very simple site
on the home page we just have scrolling images here and then up here we have
weddings reviews destinations about and a right
me section so let’s take a quick look at a few things that I love bride reviews
if you don’t have reviews on your website you are missing out in a huge
way having this is just a form of social proof it basically allows brides to see
that other people have been happy with your services and creates trust another
thing that I really love is with we go to about Jake or photography let’s look
at his about page and what is so cool about this is it’s not really about him
when you read it what if you had wedding photos you regret that is his main call
to action what if you actually booked the wrong wedding photographer and then
he shares about how when he got married they got their photos and they were
disappointed and wow what a disappointment that was what if you made
the same mistake is the essential message that Jake or photography is
sending and so brides are much more likely to say oh okay maybe it’s worth
investing in my photographer and being a little more careful in my approach to
who I choose rather than just going by budget another thing that’s great is
he’s included his publications right here at the very bottom and again he has
his location information at the bottom here and I believe it’s on his home page
as well if you can put your location address in the bottom of every single
page of your site so that’s really great and there’s one more thing that I wanted
to show you that I thought was really cool he’s got an estimated wedding
budget in his contact form which kind of helps him engaging his pricing as well
as who was financing the wedding I’m assuming that he probably can then cater
his exact messages to Brides depending on who’s paying for it if he knows that
mom and dad are paying for it well then he might need to think about his
messaging and what he says to cater to mom and dad a little bit more and this
is a really great question to ask your couples how important is photography to
you in your wedding day okay so that’s really really great now there are a
couple of things that I personally would change about Jordan’s website here’s
here’s what I would change the first is on this particular right new page I
don’t think this image lends a lot to his page the second is overall the
website design I think is a little bit I’m not wowed by it it’s a little bit
too basic I don’t really like his fonts that said he’s booking himself out solid
if it were me and I were trying to rank this website there’s a couple big
changes I would the first is if you look up here in
Google Chrome you can see this little info not secure that’s because he hasn’t
registered his website with HTTPS it doesn’t have a security certificate so
it shows up as not secure that can make a big difference in your ranking so
that’s a quick thing to change the second is I would add some more
information to his homepage he has this growing bar however I personally don’t
like scrolling bars they’re a little bit hard to figure out they get buggy
sometimes they don’t work so I would have his images and a little bit of
information about him and where his business is located other than just
saying in Chattanooga Tennessee on his homepage because if you want your
homepage to show up in Google search having some information there can really
help having some keywords throughout his website can also really help and I’m not
seeing a lot of that going on so from an SEO perspective this is not a super
great site from a user experience perspective there are some really really
great things ok let’s hop into website number three
which is summer rain photography first we’re gonna go through the things I love
about summer site and then we’ll talk about a few things I would tweak so
let’s scroll down here and as you can see we’ve got a big image and this is
what I absolutely love right at the top of her website on the home page we have
a write-up on who summer is what she’s all about what her story is
and she really starts to build connection with you if you are
considering her for your photography so this is what differentiates her from
every other photographer out there in her area it’s her it’s her personality
it’s what she loves it’s what she does it’s her passions it’s her a unique
personality so if you are not highlighting this in your website you
are missing out on a huge opportunity to build connections so this is a huge UX
component of a great website she’s building connection you want to have
connection you want to have trust you want to have rapport so brides are going
through and they say either um summer sounds like a weird person or wow this
is my girl I love this girl I want to be friends with her and ideally your ideal
client wants to be friends with you they’re the kind of person who is like
you because those people will be most drawn to your personality and so that’s
a great thing and right here at the top underneath we have her publications
being listed so if you’ve been published make sure you put those bad boys right
front and center on your website I personally would even include them on
every page of your website because the thing is not everybody lands on your
homepage they might land on a blog they might land on an about page so you want
to make sure that they see this because that says oh wow her work is
good it’s being featured on blogs and magazines okay alright so we scroll down
here and I’ve actually need to refresh this because what you normally see when
you load her homepage is we’ve got a boudoir wedding or engagement so
depending on poor portrait so depending on what I actually select it will bring
me to a gallery for that particular thing we’ll talk about this in a second
I don’t think that’s really a good move for SEO but what I love after that is
she has her testimonials right here on the home page with some great images
okay I did not want to see that image so that is something that I would possibly
change if I were hurt but that’s her personality so maybe that’s part of her
whole thing so then we scroll down we’ve got investment right on the home page
and a beautiful contact form which is really unique I like this it’s different
it’s not the same as every other contact form okay alright so a couple of things
that I would change about summers website the first is you look up here
and it says not secure I would change that because that will help your
rankings a lot by just getting an HTTPS certificate the second thing is I would
probably go to a plain text logo here that would also speed up the page load
time a tiny little bit and it would match better with whatever photo is
currently showing up in her gallery so depending on what photo is showing up
these colors don’t match so I’d probably stick with just plain text next I would
look at this gallery and I would say okay what are my best two or three
images max that would minimize my page load time because page reload time makes
a big difference in SEO so you want to keep your site beautiful but you also
want to keep it as fast to load as possible both from a user experience you
don’t want to wait on a website to load and from an SEO perspective because
Google definitely effects rankings that way I also think it’s very hard to
navigate around the slideshow so that would be one other thing either having
arrows or maybe just one static image would be great and one last thing I
would make sure to change to our site is adding her address and location
information where she’s servicing which cities are nearby in the very bottom of
her website that would definitely help with Google rankings alright let’s check
out website number four which is Caitlin Blake photography so you’re going to see
a trend here this one is also not secure so if you want to be a photographer who
stands out and gets extra points from Google add security to your website and
you will instantly be ahead of many other photographers and as we scroll
down here this website definitely has a more light and airy vibe but Caitlin is
doing the exact same thing as summer rain
we have an about section right here at the very top with a beautiful picture of
her as a smiling happy nice to be with the kind of person and that’s great
because if I’m considering Caitlyn for my big day or for my family session I
want to know that she’s going to be fun and nice to work with so definitely have
a photo that is not businessí or cheesy you want to have something that’s more
kin and more lifestyle that definitely helps you now as we scroll down hey I’m
Kaitlin lover of all things food lovely couples and thrifting and we’ve got a
more section and perfect up pop some other texts now it looks like she’s
still in the process of designing her website so eventually this will have
more info on her which is pretty cool so scroll down here and how would I
describe my style she’s got info on her and again we’re doing the same thing as
summer rain which is really really awesome we’re building that connection
with our audience whoever’s visiting this page knows who Caitlin is what
she’s about and starts to feel whether or not it’s a great fit and that’s
really what you want before people contact you what you want them to be
able to determine for themselves whether or not they’re going to be a good fit
for you okay so then we scroll down here we have
our different investment levels where we’re starting you don’t have to every
price is on your website but I don’t think it’s a bad thing either because
again your clients will pre select themselves and say okay that’s
reasonable that’s in my budget or they’ll say oh that’s out of my budget
so whatever works for you so what would I change about Caitlin’s
website well the first thing is I would change the security certificate the
second is I would add specific locations that she’s serving in North Carolina she
has the rough location at the bottom of her banner however adding specific
cities such as Charlotte or Raleigh or different places that she services would
definitely help her in ranking on Google it’s a brand new site so she doesn’t
have everything figured out at this point but I think it’s a beautiful
beautiful site and a great start let’s hop over here to our next which is Henry
to or cheer I’m not really sure how you say it but he has beautiful beautiful
work I love his logo it’s minimal it’s just
one color which is great because it matches any photos that pop up and as we
scroll down here this one is a great website it’s a very beautifully laid out
and you will see at the bottom here what I love the most is he has all of his
publications shown at the very bottom here he also has some different
information about what he does wedding photography in Seattle Washington
available for travel and his contact information at the bottom here too for a
lot of people they don’t actually like filling out the contact form or they
just want to ask you a different question rather than
a wedding booking and you have a wedding booking form it’s just easier to have
your email if possible and even your phone number listed at the bottom of
your website on every page and then that way you have that information for them
you make it easy it’s a user experience win so we can scroll down here we can
look at his about me page I’m like a sushi chef I like things raw but hella
flavorful Wow so what’s really really great about Henry’s website is obviously
he is just not afraid to show who he is and showcase his personality a lot of
websites when you go to them it’s you know Britney Blake is a wedding
photographer based in Seattle and she loves to be with her pet bunny and take
photos and she’s so passionate about photography and she hopes you will trust
her with her day now that’s great but it doesn’t really create a connection you
want to put yourself out there have a unique personality so that people say
wow I love this guy’s work or wow I love this girl’s work or maybe they say wow
this person is not for me either way it’s a win for you you don’t want to
work with people who don’t fit you right so that’s really great henry does a
great job with that he’s also got all of his featured posts
down here which is really really fantastic building social proof and a
beautiful Instagram feed and it doesn’t hurt that his photography is absolutely
gorgeous of course so we can scroll down here see his approach and you can check
out more of his website later on but you can see he’s also got HTTP up here which
is really going to help him with ranking compared to those who don’t have it and
a lot of text so text is good a it builds relationship because people can
read more about your unique voice and what you’re about but second text is
good because Google sees it so from an SEO perspective Google can’t look at a
image like this and say ok this is taken on a log at this Park in Seattle no
Google is going to look at the text underneath that says ok this image was
taken at this wedding venue in this city at this time by Henry to the wedding
photographer based in Seattle does that make sense
ok so let’s hop over to our next website now that we’ve taken a look at what I
love about Henry’s website honestly what would I change probably not much he has
a beautiful beautiful site design and I think it is fantastic it loads really
quickly which is great for rankings it’s got HTTP he’s got his location
information down here if you wanted to he can maybe say
also servicing and have a few different suburbs with the in Seattle I don’t know
if he’s ranking for Seattle but this is definitely a very competitive keyword so
if he is not ranking he could look at different nearby cities such as
Bellingham or something like that smaller subsets of Seattle will help him
rank for those areas as well okay let’s hop over to website number
what are we on one two three four five six which is Nichkhun guy photo comm so
this is Nicholas and he has a beautiful website we’ll just scroll down let you
have your own first impression okay so what do I love about Nick’s website
first it’s a beautiful design and it is HTTP which definitely wins he’s got a
great full page photo on the front I don’t think that’s necessary to a great
design but it definitely is a nice first impression the thing that I don’t really
like about it is I can tell you just by looking at it that it is a wordpress
template it doesn’t really have a unique feel however many brides might not know
that I might only know that because I have looked at a lot of these templates
in the past and using this plug-in here I can tell you it is the Osaka theme
great theme works really well however it does look like a theme if you have seen
other websites like this so that may or may not happen I don’t know he’s got his
testimonials right here on the front which is very beautiful and then he has
all of his keywords targeted right here in his frequent question so he’s awesome
Austin Austin Texas Austin Texas photographers that travel photographers
in Austin Texas so he’s definitely keyword stuffing a little bit here that
may or may not work and back in the day the reason he’s doing this is back in
the day Google would look and say okay how many times does the word Austin
Texas appear on this website and if it appeared a hundred times they would say
okay this one appears a hundred times on this side but only twice on this side
this site must definitely be 50 times better that was back in the day when
Google was really not as refine it as is today so now they look at a lot of
different factors and it doesn’t necessarily work in your favor sometimes
Google will say this looks suspicious he’s mentioning Austin in ways that it
just doesn’t work and so they might actually penalize him or they might not
so that may or may not work for him but definitely having your keywords
somewhere on your website make a big difference he’s going to do better
than if he never mentioned Austin Texas one area he could add is Austin Texas is
not even located in his footer and neither is his location his email or his
phone number so I would definitely consider adding that if I were Nick
scrolling over to his different pages we’ve got a blog for different left
stories and this is a really really cool feature he’s got a tips for your day
okay a website load time is not so good here
there we go nope perfect and then let’s look at tips for your day so this is one
really great thing you can add to your site is giving Brides something other
than just photos so for instance he has this article here on should you elope
with a list of different things for Lomond so he might actually wind up
ranking for this term elopement in Austin Texas
whereas if he didn’t have any information on this then he probably
wouldn’t so he might get brides just from that it also helps build his
rapport and authority with brides because they say okay he’s an expert on
this topic he’s helping me I feel grateful for that Thank You Nick so you
are definitely in a better place by giving your clients extra service rather
than none okay so that’s a nice feature on there that I really like he’s got a
client area say hello let’s take a look at his contact page now one other thing
that isn’t so great his sites not seem to be loading very well across his other
pages so I would take a look at how large his images are or maybe his code
can be compressed a little bit so he’s got his information here if you’re
looking to hire someone were probably not the best fit so he’s doing the same
thing he’s got his personality and he’s really playing on it which is great view
is pricing let’s get started enter your information great one other thing that I
would note about all of these websites that I haven’t talked about yet you see
how these tabs have labels at the top some say the person’s name some say just
home some say the website domain well that’s actually an opportunity this is
your site title and in Google Chrome it shows up in the top of the tab Google
SEO actually looks at that and so when I hover you see it’s Henry to photography
Seattle wedding and adventurer elopement photographer
whereas here with Caitlin’s website it just says home and when I hover over
there it just says home so when Google looks at that there
unable to determine what that website is actually about in the same way as if you
had your information listed there so make sure that your website title is
listing your areas and the keywords that you want to rank for so you can see some
of these website do it some some of them really haven’t all right let’s keep
moving so we had this guy and you’ll also notice there’s this little it’s
called a favicon and that’s the icon that pops up on your website this is
just the stock favicon it’s not Nicks so I would consider putting up a in here or
something like that so you add your own logo but that’s really a small detail
that not too many people look for and really is that going to make a
difference for bookings I don’t think so all right our next wedding photography
website is lapel of photography comm is HTTPS which is great we’ve got some
beautiful images right here and a nice logo in the center it’s all one color
that’s great everything looks great as we go down here we’ve got wedding life
style stories which I guess are different blog posts which is great it’s
a little bit much I would consider from a user experience I don’t know where to
click so I might make these bigger that might help with your design layout
scrolling down here we have some more information on who are we it looks like
they offer services in two different languages so they’ve just got that
doubled up here you’ve got two wedding photographers and this is cool
one thing that I would consider though is maybe capitalizing on some fun facts
a little bit more personality because there’s a lot of text here and it’s a
little bit less relational it’s more informational and so we want to really
create relationship with our customers that will help them decide if we’re the
right fit for them so I would consider updating that a little bit contact
information we have a nice map here through Google which is going to help
them a little bit with their location ranking and as we scroll down we’ve got
Instagram and at the bottom we’ve got featured on looks like film so they’ve
got featured on it’ll be nice if they had a few more features but maybe
they’re just getting started so that’s great adding their location information
would really help down here and as we scroll down we’ve got a one-page website
so everything is on the front here looks like the one thing that I’m not a huge
fan of scrolling down is all of these banners they take up a lot of room in
your actual page load time they’re going to be large images that they’re loading
and so it would actually be better just to have wedding portfolio with a
small image if you could or maybe even divide this in half so I have weddings
on the side lifestyle on that side that way you have half of the image space
being taken up so your load time is a little bit faster and again from user
experience maybe make that a little bit smaller let’s go to our contact page
that’s all there and blog perfect so it looks like things aren’t quite optimized
to load right here and I can’t select post it looks like everything is in one
it just long continuous feed which may or may not work for them but I do know
that as I scroll up I wish that I had access to the menu it looks like I have
to scroll to the very top to have access to the menu so if I wanted to contact
them or switch pages I’d have to scroll a long way especially if I was way down
here all right let’s move on we’ve got the light and love so this is a great
great image that we’ve got in the front here however it’s very hard to see this
little inter-site button as well as this logo the logo doesn’t do anything and
the inter-site is sometimes hidden depending on what image is showing up
once we actually open it up this is a really simple website design and I like
that um right at the very top here about Britt
well hello babe she’s got a beautiful write-up of who she is what she’s about
and then we scroll over here to our portfolio and we’ve just got a simple
image slider I think if we click here and this is why I don’t like sliders
sometimes they just don’t work okay so I have to click on the far right and I’m
assuming if I on mobile I would just touch it so if you don’t have a ton of
weddings you can just put together a portfolio slider like this um this is an
website that I actually selected because I like how simple it is and if you’re
just getting started this could be an easy one to create she’s also got her
publications wow that is that is something else I didn’t not want to see
you had so one thing that I would personally change is if I were a
photographer on this particular website I would keep it to weddings or maternity
or boudoir or whatever so that I don’t actually have to see that if I’m not
looking for it that might throw me off however that’s her personality so maybe
that’s exactly what she wants only the people who like that kind of stuff are
going to contact Brett I think it’s Britt is that her name maybe ok wedding
inquiry is we’ve got this beautiful contact form pretty simple basic contact
me interesting so she has a separate one for wedding inquiries in
contact I don’t really think that that’s super necessary but I guess it’s because
she’s asking extra questions that she doesn’t want to ask otherwise so that’s
one way to do it and investment we’ve got some information here on where she
starts and I would personally add a button down here to contacts so I don’t
have to scroll up that’s just a user experience kind of thing and reviews
that’s one thing that is missing on Britt’s website is she doesn’t have
client reviews being featured prominently so I would add that to the
menu bar I would probably also have those on the home page you could have
them on top of her beautiful images so you can see again we can’t find this
enter site button on a dark image so that’s great that’s her website and not
secure I would change that for sure as well as add her location information so
she does say here born in Las Vegas however it’s not really featured
prominently on the bottom of her pages so it’s not going to help her for SEO as
much great we’ve got just two more websites to look at this second last one
is the Wayfarers code I think this is a beautifully designed website it’s a
really great nice branding here I’ll scroll down let you have a look so we’ve
got some beautiful posts laid out so they’ve got lots of posts but because of
the way they’re laid out they’re definitely more appealing than if we
have a ton just in a grid format and again as should we elope section so if
they’re targeting elopements having a should we elope definitely shows that
they are exports experts and provides people with some information and they
can show off some of their little mints that they’ve actually captured so let’s
go take a look at some other things we’ve got Journal that’s their blog
about page meet your new adventure buddy so right front and center they’re
showing off exactly what they’re about what they’re passionate about who they
are so that’s really really great and we’ve got a nice say hey contact link
right here some fun facts that’s a great thing that you can always add to your
website and at the bottom here just links to more work which is great and
again I love that they are featuring where they have been featured right here
front and center on most of their pages you can find it okay what would I change
about the Wayfarers website honestly I think this is an incredible website and
I probably wouldn’t change much I think it was really it fits their style fits
their approach and has personality as well as from an SEO perspective Oh
here we go we’re not secure so I would change that and I would add some
location information we’ve got beautiful Asheville North Carolina I would
probably add maybe a few subsets of that so different areas around Asheville and
then add but available for destinations around the world so that’s what I would
do and last but not least we have Erica Brooke comm and Erica’s website is
actually probably my favorite out of all of these I’m not sure why it might just
be my personal taste but when you first load it up you have this beautiful image
and again we don’t have a scrolling slideshow so it is a big image it’s
taking up a lot of file size when you’re loading your website but because it’s
just one image it’s going to be faster and as we scroll down here the first
thing you see my priority is a photographer first and foremost is to
capture moments that truly matter so you’re starting to win me over from the
very GetGo at the very top here because you’re telling me what you’re about so
that’s great and we’ve got just a showcase of some beautiful images here
the best of her best and I kind of like that I don’t have to scroll to find big
nice images but it’s also not so many that I’m overwhelmed
so some websites when you open them up they’ve got 15,000 pages of images and I
don’t really have any other information her she keeps it simple she has probably
ten here and then at the bottom we’ve got some separate posts that she’s
promoting her Instagram what would I change well she’s secure which is great
but she doesn’t have location information on here as we scroll up and
we go to meet Erica I think this is a really fantastic page yo it’s me Erica
just a nerdy girl with a camera so this is really fantastic again she’s playing
on her personality she’s not afraid of being who she is and at the bottom here
it says let’s be friends and that links to her contact page so that’s great
people don’t necessarily want to book you for photos services that there’s no
relationship there they want to work with somebody who is essentially a
friend who makes them feel comfortable who they want to be around so that’s
really important so she plays on that again she’s some more information on my
approach I’m sold let’s hang so think of ways to actually not just contact me but
I’m sold let’s hang how much better is that and how much more personality does
that have okay moving on we have her blog which she’s got some catered post
she doesn’t have 1500 different posts these are probably just her very best
the ones that she really wants people to see so I would encourage you definitely
quality over quantity if you have a ton of
okay images and a handful of really amazing images show off the amazing
images you’ll do better every time so she has just a few great posts and then
we have book let’s get the star to make sure you meet the meet Erica page to
make sure that it fits and again what I love is she’s winning me over here if
you’re considering me to capture your story I don’t take it lightly if you
haven’t read the meet Erica page where I talk about myself so she’s winning my
trust by saying you know what I want to work with you if we’re a good fit so
make sure that you actually read about me Anna I’m just more likely to trust
her simply by the fact that she’s looking out for me she’s not just trying
to get my business and that’s it and we have here we’ve got what you’re looking
for different types of photography where is it happening when budget and I like
that she has a suggested number here so this is probably where she starts
normally which is a great way of saying okay this is where I normally start
without necessarily having to list all her prices and scare people away so they
can still enter in twelve hundred bucks if they want to that’s just a suggestion
I think that’s really great where do you meet I want the details so
that helps develop relationship and we’ve got Instagram how do you hear
about me and tell me a fun fact so that’s just one thing that makes it nice
and quirky and her Instagram is on point so that’s Erica’s website what would I
do differently well if she’s trying to rank which I don’t really think she is
because for Instagram has you know 14 thousand followers I’m pretty sure she’s
booked pretty solid however if she was trying to rank for a specific location I
would say she needs to add some information in the bottom of her pages I
also think she doesn’t really capitalize on showing where she’s been featured so
I don’t have any publication’s listed here no testimonials so if I were a
bride just trying to check out this work and see what other Brides experience
have been there isn’t a lot of information there so adding those things
in would probably do a big help to Erica even though her websites already amazing
just having a few testimonials scattered would really help making sure you had
some location information and some publications would be great so there you
have it ten awesome photography websites that you can borrow from in your next
website design whether it’s the first website that you are working on or it is
a redesign hopefully this gives you some great ideas of what to do what not to do
and how you can work on your website to rank in Google and also for better user
experience so I
hope this video was helpful for you and you learned something if you did please
hit that like button don’t forget to subscribe and leave me a comment below I
want to hear about it and listen if you are looking for more in-depth coverage
of photography SEO what’s involved in how to rank your website make sure to
check out our full-length SEO workshop alright I will catch you in the next one
peace you

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