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Hey there, I’m Trent. And I’m Preston, here with TRUiC. We’re here to brainstorm all the ways you could become a
successful entrepreneur. Everyone has that potential in them, but hearing the details about
different business ideas can get you inspired to actually start. We’ve talked about some
broader business ideas before, but today, we’re gonna
dive into some of the most unique businesses we’ve ever come across. These businesses show that
if you jump into your niche head-first, you can make a
surprising amount of money. I like money. Yeah. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t. I like diving head-first. Me too. Anyway, these are by no means the only super-specific ideas out
there, not by a long shot, but their formats and
success can serve as a guide toward finding the idea
that’s right for you. People are starting some of the most out-there businesses these days. Being so specialized
means you’re accessing an underserved, unsaturated market, which is awesome if
you’re the kind of person who likes making money
and making people’s day. You make my day, Trent. Oh, I try, Preston. Feel free to follow along with us using the guides in the description below. You can also use the free
idea tool we’ve linked to find a business that fits
perfectly into your interests. I think we should probably just go ahead and get started, right? Yeah.
Jump right into it. Why don’t we jump right into it? Dive head-first. Dive on in. Our first idea is a pet bakery. If you’re passionate about
pets and their nutrition and spending time in the
kitchen working out healthy, tasty recipes, then you’d do
well starting a pet bakery. Nowadays, pet owners are concerned about what’s in the food they feed their pets. Providing pet parents with
healthy, local, honest, and fun alternatives
will benefit everyone. You can invest in a
storefront where you bake and sell these goods,
operate out of your home and sell the products online, or find a balance between the two. Second on our list is a sea salt business. The ocean is vast and very full of salt. Reminds me of someone I know. If you’re self-motivated,
have knowledge of and love for the ocean,
and access to seawater, you should consider making your own brand of specialty sea salt. You can package different flavors, source from unique areas of the ocean, and make wholesale connections
at specialty retailers. Don’t be afraid to work hard
with your own two hands. With nice packaging and marketing, you can make great money just with salt. (chuckles) Number three
on our list, a cat cafe. Cat Cafes offer people a place
to relax with a fun drink, some snacks, and your friends, while cats entertain
themselves all around you. This is a fairly new concept
and is made even more popular by the rise of people
wanting to adopt cats. Do I have to have friends
to enter the cafe or? I don’t think so. Anyway, oftentimes, a
cat cafe will partner with an animal shelter to offer the cats in their shop up for adoption. This increases the popularity
of both the shelter and the cafe, and it also
makes customers feel like they’re donating their
money to a good cause. Having a fun, clean atmosphere and a good location will be very important for your business. I agree. Next up at number four,
a bonsai tree business. Those with a green thumb,
but very little space, should definitely consider
these small, specialty plants. This is an old practice of raising and trimming plant species,
so that they stay miniature and sculpting them into pleasing shapes. It’s an old practice for sure, but people have recently
caught on to the importance of greenery in their living spaces, but not everyone can fit a full-on tropical tree in their living room. Most people can’t. Yeah, was about to say I can’t. Not in my apartment. The startup and maintenance costs are low, but the love you give each
tree makes them very valuable. If you’ve got patience and a
desire to work with plants, this could be a unique fit for you. Our fifth business idea
for you is a pet hotel. A pet hotel is essentially
a luxury kennel where pets can be boarded with high-end care while their owners are away. You’ll want fancy food,
plenty of toys and activities, soft sleeping areas, pet
healthcare professionals on standby, and lots of love for pets. The pet grooming and boarding industry generates over eight billion
in revenue each year. Taking a luxury slice of that pie will prove to be a lucrative venture. You’ll want a good physical location, customer loyalty, and a
stream of new clients. Next up at number six, chicken diapers. Urban chicken-raising has
given enthusiastic rise to a very new, very specific
business, chicken diapers. I’m gonna let Preston take it from here, since he’s suspiciously
passionate about this one. Oh, you know. You might raise your eyebrows at this, but diapers for chickens serve
a very important purpose. For those raising chickens
partially indoors, it keeps everyone clean and healthy, while still encouraging urban farming. More and more large cities are
encouraging their residents to explore self-sufficiency and chickens are a big
step in that direction. As the owner of a chicken diaper business, you’d make and sew
reusable, stylish diapers for those hip enough to pave the way by raising their own chickens. Why won’t anyone take
chicken diapers seriously? I mean, come on. It get views on our website, I mean. Number seven on our list is a rage room. This is a relatively new idea, but one that has taken the world by storm. Rage rooms let customers blow off steam by smashing breakable items to bits. You’ll need a physical
space for the rage room, storage for a large inventory
of random items to break, and very good liability insurance. Your growth will depend on
a sustainable pricing models and on a satisfied customer. This is an interesting way to
provide relief to the public. I am constantly haunted by
feelings of rage and anxiety, and these really help me
get out those thoughts. I think maybe we might
need to go a rage room. Oh, I think so, too, definitely. Next on our list is aromatherapy, which I completely missed. Yes, we did. Number eight, aromatherapy. Those who are interested
in essential oils, the effects of different scents, and helping people feel better should definitely look into aromatherapy. Sharing your passion and
educating your customers will be very important, too. Bottling your own essential oils and creating your own scents
is a huge portion of income for many aromatherapists, and can be your primary method of business if you seek to operate
online or as a side business. I really like citrus scents. I’ve always been partial
to vanilla myself. Nice. Our next idea at number
nine, dried flower business. As a dried flower specialist, you might dry a variety of
flowers to sell to hobbyists or you might preserve people’s flowers by request from life events. Think weddings,
anniversaries, graduations, ceremonies, and more. You’ll want familiarity
with types of flowers and the ways plants can react to different techniques and circumstances. You may even grow flowers
yourself just to dry. This business can be started on the side, but can grow to a full-time
undertaking if scaled correctly. Last but not least,
number 10, a game truck. Let me introduce you to
the ice cream truck’s fun, energy drink-slamming older
sibling, the game truck. Outfitting a large, mobile
vehicle with speakers, consoles, lights, fun games, and lots of screens will make your business-on-wheels
a hotspot for fun. By booking parties and events and providing games that clients request, you’ll quickly build a reputable brand. Nailing down your marketing
will help your business become an even bigger authority. We should go to one of those. Ah man.
I bet there’s some around here. Yeah, if I could play just
the original MK trilogy, I’d be so happy.
Oh, yeah. Ah, and on arcade machine? Nice. These are just some of the ideas that we’ve brainstormed for you. We have hundreds more
on howtostartanllc.com And we’re coming up with
new ones constantly. We’re not just providing the ideas either. Follow the links below for
full-blown how-to guides on starting each of these businesses. We also have instructions,
legal documents, discounts, basically
everything you’ll need to form an LLC in your state. It’s true. We’re dedicated to
providing quality content and educational materials to
make starting your own business easy and approachable. Give us a like and
subscribe for more videos. Leave us a comment if
you’ve got a business idea you need help getting off the ground. We’d be more than happy to point
you in the right direction. That’s all for now. From all of us at TRUiC, we wish you the best of
luck with your new business. Good luck. (upbeat music) (sharp slap) (Trent laughs) No, no, it needs to be. (Trent grunts) Louder! (sharp slap)
There we go. They say there’s only a
certain type of person who re-does the high five. (laughs) (Trent panting) (Trent laughs) Oh, this guy. No, this guy. (Trent laughs) I’d rather jump out the window.

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