10 Ways Competition Helps You Win in Business

No matter who you are, we all have somebody
in our lives that tells us competing is a terrible thing. It’s not good to compete, honey. It’s too much pressure when you compete, sweetheart. It’s not good to compete because someone’s
got to lose. Anyone who has ever said that, that watches
sports, that watches T.V., that goes to restaurants and posts reviews on Yelp, anybody who says
something like that yet does that, they’re contradicting themselves. Here’s why. Everything great that ever happened stems
from competition. Everything. World peace does not exist. It just does not exist. Competition is one of the best things that
you see in business, sports, anything. And by the way, typically those who make it
to the highest ranks in sports, in business, in life, in entrepreneurship, in anything,
they’re typically the most competitive people you can ever meet in your life. So today I’m going to talk to you about 10
Reasons Why To Compete. Not 10 benefits of competing, 10 reasons why
to compete. I’ll go through them fairly quickly. #1: I think competition brings out the best
in you. When you’re competing, especially if you go
against somebody that is 10 times better than you, you all of a sudden like, “wait a minute,
I’m not as good as I thought I was. I have to learn to fight. I’m going to have to learn to pick my game
up. I cannot believe how much faster he is than
me. I cannot believe how better they are at customer
service than us. I cannot believe how amazing they are with
their systems. How are we going to compete with these guys? We’ve got to figure out a way to get better.” So it brings out the best in you when you
compete. #2: The pain of losing is a great motivator. The pain of losing is one of the greatest
motivators of a competitor. Let me explain something to you. The same people that say competition is not
good for you, I guarantee you if you sit down and have a private conversation with them
and they’re willing to be open, there was a very painful loss at some point of their
lives. What could it be? They lost the girl to another man. They lost the man to another girl. That hurt them. They lost a customer to somebody. They lost a game. Someone beat them in a public event, at a
sporting event, and they didn’t like that. They lost in a debate, publicly. They completely stumbled once and instead
of getting up and wanting to compete again, which we’ve all had our embarrassing moments
in our lives, they chose to let that define them. Those chose to let that define them. Anybody that competes at the highest level,
they had a very painful loss. Very painful loss. I remember, I can tell you, I’ve won in business
for the last 15 years I’ve won many, many times, but I can tell you, the ones I remember
vividly are my losses. And the ones that got me to step up, look
at myself in the mirror and dust myself off and say, “Man, that hurt,” that’s what caused
me to compete and get better, and improve my business to the next level. #3: Competition keeps you young. Believe it or not, those who are engaged in
the game, they’re younger, because they’re not rusting out. Man, what if I burn out? I would definitely rather burn out than rust
out. I’d definitely rather be in the game and like,
man, let’s go let’s go than sit around and just watch everything just rust out and not
be engaged in competing. I would rather see that happen any day of
the week. So competition keeps you young. You’ve got to stay young because in order
to keep up with everybody else, you are kind of going to end up staying young. #4: It distracts you from problems in your
life. If you think about the last time you really
delved into problems so deep that it almost drove you nuts, I can tell you at least for
myself, any time I go so deep into a problem that it makes me think what if. . . it’s when
I have so much time on my hands and I’m not in the hunt for something. Because when you’re in the hunt for something,
when you’re competing for something, when you’re improving to do something, you don’t
have time to think about problems. You actually have a positive distraction. Everyone in life has distractions. Everybody. A kid could be a positive distraction to a
business. A business could be a positive distraction
to a business. A business could be a positive distraction
to an ex-girlfriend. There are a lot of positive distractions. Competition is a positive distraction and
it takes you into the game so much that you don’t have time to be thinking about all the
problems and possibilities of the world coming to an end. You don’t have time for that, because your
engaged, you’re in the arena competing. #5: Believe it or not, when you compete, you
build new relationships. And somebody may say, “Wait a minute. When you compete you build new relationships?” Yes! Let me explain it to you in the simplest way. Let’s just say you’re a kid that plays tennis. Hypothetically. So you start playing tennis with your dad. And you’re pretty good. You play with your dad and you’re actually
pretty good. Then you start playing with your brother and
you’re actually good. You beat your brother. And that’s your older brother by two years. And you beat him in tennis. Okay, cool. So everybody so far you know is who? Family. Then, you’re dad and your mom say, “Why don’t
we put you in a different place where you start competing against some coaches.” And you start getting coached and your backhand
is good, your serve is good, your footwork is getting good, then the coach says, “You
know what, I think we should put her in a league.” And then you go into a league. You’re not in high school. You’re 12 or 13 years old. You go into a league and in the league you
start doing good. And then all of a sudden you beat a couple
of guys. And then you get beat once by somebody that’s
very good. She is 10 times better than you. And oh my gosh. And the next thing you know, you win one,
where you go to a tournament, and there’s 30 girls that are now competing. You officially build new relationships with
30 new competitors. And you’re one of them. Now you have new relationships. If you’re in the business world, and say you’re
a social media consultant. You have to go to all the social media conventions. You have to go to all the social media events
to find out what all the up and coming things are. If you don’t go to them, you’re being left
behind. You’re not a competitor. What if you don’t do it? If you don’t do it, you know nothing about
Snapchat, you know nothing about all this stuff that’s changed, you don’t know about
it. So you’re not a competitor. You’ve being left behind. No one’s going to hire you because you don’t
know what’s up to date because you’re not a competitor. But if you go to all these functions all of
a sudden people are going to know that you know what you’re talking about, now you’re
part of a committee of 10 other competitors that are fighting to get the same customers
you’re going for, but you’re learning how to get better because you’re among these other
competitors. You build a lot of relationships if you do
compete. #6: I was at a convention this past week in
Palm Springs. Had a great time. There was a lot of energy. This place had 1300 1400 people at this convention
in Palm Springs. And I watch everybody. I watch everybody. And one of the things that I pay very close
attention to, there are those that are established, let’s just say in business. But then there are those that are young and
hungry and coming up in business. There’s not age, they’re young in business. They’re not necessarily young. They could be 42 years old, but they’re young
in business. And you see the look in their eyes, this competitor. And you see someone that’s established, their
eyes are a little droopy. They’ve lost the fire. And this other person’s coming up and they’re
trying to do whatever they can, but they keep losing, keep losing, keep losing, but they’re
not giving up. Let me tell you something. These guys earn a lot of respect. They get respect from everybody. Because it’s kind of like in school when you
fight somebody, and you beat this person up but this person swings back every time you
fight them. Even if you beat them, you don’t want to fight
this person next time because listen, this other person I fight, he never swings. This person I fight he won’t stop swinging
until I kick his butt and he typically gets me a couple of times. I don’t want to fight this guy. Gain respect. Even though this person lost. There’s a lot of respect for a competitor. There’s a lot of respect for somebody that
goes to the last minute and fights to the very last minute – even if they lose. In sports you hear an athlete saying, “You
know, these guys were tough people we faced. This was not an easy one. They fought to the very last minute.” And you’ll see sometimes where there’s oh,
these guys gave up after their first game because they lost by 28 points, that’s no
respect. You don’t gain respect with that. #7: When you’re a competitor, one of the reasons
when you compete, your brain gets wired in improvement mode. Your brain gets wired in improvement mode. Let’s just say you run a real estate business
and you lost one of your clients and they went and put their listing with another guy. Why? And you found out the reason they went with
this other guy is because that guy has five people that are passing out flyers and that
guy has got people that are doing all these other marketing for him and he’s got five
different websites and he’s on Craig’s List and you didn’t do that. Well guess what? If you want to compete with this guy, you
have to not lose future listings, you better improve. Don’t get out of the real estate business
– you’re going to lose to him every single time. If you run a coffee shop, and there’s a coffee
shop across the street, customers used to come to you, now they’re no longer coming
to you. They’re going across the street. That customer kept telling you, hey, with
this coffee, why don’t you have some sweets for us have. And you say, “No, our specialty is mainly
coffee.” Now you lost that business that’s going across
the street. Now you may want to consider having some kind
of sweets. You know, hey, can you put some chairs outside
so we can sit outside? I don’t want to sit inside. The weather’s sometimes good, I just want
to sit outside. “No, we’re only an inside cafe.” You’ve got to figure out a way to go a little
bit outside, because you’ve got to figure out ways to improve otherwise you’re going
to lose customers to the guys across the street. When you are a competitor, you’re constantly
going to be in the mode of improvement, because somebody’s constantly going to be beating
you. And by the way, to those of you that are watching
this that are not choosing to be competitive – guess what? When businesses compete, it serves you and
I. When restaurants compete, it serves you and
I. When movie theaters compete, it serves you
and I. When universities compete, it serves you and
I. Because they’re trying to make it better. I was at a USC meeting with the president
of USC. He invited 13 different people at this table. We were sitting there having lunch together
and he starts talking about how they’re goal is to raise 6 billion dollars. And we asked, “What are you raising 6 billion
dollars for? He said, “We’re building a cafeteria. It’s a 1.5 billion dollar project and we’re
building a cafeteria identical from the Harry Potter movie. No way. Yes. Why? Because they want their kids to want to go
to USC, because these kids are accustomed to watching Harry Potter, they want to be
able to say, “our cafeteria’s cool” — because they’re listening, because the one school
he mentioned the entire time we were sitting there was who? Harvard. USC wants to compete with Harvard. Think about that. That’s impressive. If I got kids that want to go to a school
and I know a guy like that is competing against Harvard, I’m interested in that. Because they want to make the school better
for our kids. Competition. #8: Fulfillment. There’s a lot of excitement and fulfillment
when you compete. There’s a certain excitement you get when
you compete. I can’t describe it to you. When people are in the arena competing, there’s
a certain sense of fulfillment. There’s a lot of people right now saying,
“Did you see that picture with Michael Phelps, he’s swimming and the other guy’s looking
at him? Man, that guy’s a loser. That’s why you focus on winners.” I’m sorry, he’s in the Olympics. He made it to the Olympics. That’s pretty epic. I shared the picture myself. But that guy’s in the Olympics. He’s fulfilled, he’s going to say, “I was
an Olympian.” Now obviously there’s a very small community
of great ones, but at least he went and he made it to compete with the great one. Even though the world is going to say he lost. To his family, he’s an Olympian. For his kids, their always going to say, “Daddy
was an Olympian.” The girl, the gymnast that lost to the other
girl that was an absolute beat by two points, which was just incredible – she’s going to
be an Olympian for the rest – her kids are going to be very proud to have mommy be the
girl that she is. Fulfillment. There’s a lot of fulfillment when you compete. #9, when you compete, you attract a lot of
other opportunities. I was having a meeting with our staff and
I said, Listen. If you work at our home office and you work
with me, and you’re competitive and you’re all about improving and pushing a little more
than the rest, you’re guaranteed to move up if you work with me. Because to me, competitive people are very
valuable. Because they always want to move up. They always want to make things better. They always want to figure out how to do it
faster or better. I LOVE having people on the team that are
like that. I LOVE having people that are. . . if they’re not, I simply say, we’re not
the company for you. But if you, we are the company for you. So other opportunities come from people like
this. Other opportunities come out of nowhere for
people like this. I was talking to one of our guys. We were driving today, me and Tigran, and
he started asking me questions about himself and all this other stuff. I said, listen, let’s face it. When you first got started with me, I was
about to fire you. He said, I remember that. I said, but there’s one thing that you got,
you respond. I said, you respond. I gave you one challenge and it was your last
challenge. In my mind, I had already given up on you. But I said, I was so impressed with the way
you came back. And you proved me wrong. And you came in, BOOM, you responded. it showed me you’re a competitor. You want to be one of the best. His department in the company, is probably
doing better than any other department in the company. Because he’s competitive. Because he’s competitive. So he got other opportunities. He went from just having a regular position
to having a bigger position with the company that’s involved in a leadership type of meetings
we have. So he’s going and visiting all these other
offices across the country. And last but not least, if you choose to compete,
one of the reasons to compete, you eventually — now competitors are workers, just keep
that in mind. I’m not saying that you want to compete but
you don’t want to work. If you choose to compete, one of the reasons
to compete, you eventually end up beating 95% of your competitors. 95% of your competitors, you end up beating. 95% of your competitors you end up beating,
if you keep consistently wanting to compete. Anybody that at one point was your competitor,
if you constantly keep competing, eventually you’ll find yourself only competing with the
5%. And the 5%, to be the best of the 5% is a
dog fight, it’s hours, it’s even improving faster, it’s being able to recruit the right
talent, being part of the right team and having a vision on where you’re going and being clear,
then it’s a real dog fight. So, those are the 10 reasons to compete. If you’ve got any questions or comments or
thoughts, post your comments on the bottom. By the way, we are trying to get to 100,000
subs. We have a goal of getting to 100,000 subs
here by the end of the month, so please, if you haven’t subscribed to the channel, please
do so, and if you already have subscribe to the channel, share this content with other
people. We believe this is the #1 channel on YouTube
for entrepreneurship. You ask the questions, you request the videos,
we’ll put it on our calendar and if it’s something that’s suitable to us, we’ll post a video
to answer your questions for you but with that being said, if you watch this video – these
videos typically get stolen and put on other channels and websites, you can always come
back to PatrickBetDavid.com and you’ll find a ton of other content there. Thanks for watching everybody. Take care. Bye bye.

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    3.Keeps you young
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    5.You build new relationships
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  36. This sounds very complimentary to some of the views in John Mackey's (Whole Foods CEO) Conscious Capitalism. He and Peter Thiel had a great debate on the value of competition in business – watch the video on here on YouTube.

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