100 Faces of Small Business – Bubnest

My name is Astrid Schwartz, I’m the founder
of Bubnest and I live in Brisbane. We enable new parents to have a rest, get
things done and explore more by providing a soft, portable baby bed out of organic cotton
so that the baby can nap anywhere at any time. I studied theoretical physics of all things
and I’ve been working in finance since my studies. Just recently I decided to quit my nine to
five job and focus fully on Bubnest. We were also fortunate enough to get the small
business entrepreneur grant which helped us to make a marketing strategy for us which
was really, really good. To learn about my line of work I think you
just need to be a mum because then you realise there are so many new challenges and issues
that pop up that you’ve never had before and that’s where I found a problem that
I had, which I solved myself, and then I wanted to provide that solution to the rest of the

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