100 Faces of Small Business – Ohana Winery

My name is Zoe and I’m the owner of Ohana
Winery in Childers, Queensland. Ohana Winery is an award-winning winery and
cider house where we specialise in tropical fruit wines and apple ciders. We are primarily a tourist-based organisation
up here in Childers so we have a lot of travellers who are exploring the Bundaberg region and
coming to check out some activities to do while they are in the region and aside from
that we have a wholesale market with our apple cider so that’s available pretty much anywhere
between the Gold Coast and Baffle Creek at the moment. We are hoping to get a little bigger there
and we are actually starting to export a little bit of stuff overseas as well. Its really cool to see exactly what you put
into it is what you get out of it, that’s really rewarding and then also when the customers
come in and they are just really appreciative of what you do, and they get excited about
tasting something new and something different. Some days we are making wines, you’re covered
head to toe in fruit slops. The other days you’re getting dressed up
and you go into the markets and meeting people there. Then we’ll have a big bus group coming through
and doing wine tours and tastings and yeah, every day is really different.

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