$100 Million Boeing Business Jet – Royal Jet

(upbeat music) – So guys, the board says “introducing the most luxurious Boeing business jet.” This is Boeing 737 BBJ behind belongs to Royal Jets. Momentarily, I’m gonna go on board and discover what sort
of luxury they offer. Follow me. (gentle music) – Good morning, Mr. Sam. Welcome aboard the Royal
Jet Boeing 737 BBJ. Can I show you to our luxury cabin? – [Sam] Sure, I’d love to follow you. – Please follow me. (gentle music) – [Sam] Wow. – So, VIP cabin. Please have a seat. May I introduce the cabin features to you? (gentle music) – Mr. Sam, this is your personal iPad to control the mood lights in the cabin. – [Sam] Let me please. So, I’m gonna choose a
really cool colour, red. Oh, my gosh. Look at my hand, my hand
is just drawing the circle and the mood light is changing. It’s really, really cool. Wow. So, now a window, we can window up. Amazing, now the window down. (funky music) Oh, music, oh. – So, you can see how
easy it is to use it. – I’m gonna put some music on right now. ♪ In the place we’re meant to be ♪ (laughing) – Put some music on. ♪ You dirty girl ♪ ♪ Come on and dance ♪ ♪ Don’t understand your
(drowned out by music) ♪ (singing in foreign language) (both laughing) – Good stuff. Hey guys, Regina was just
showing me the amazing feature. Everything can be in one touch of an iPad that you can control the lighting, the temperature, the shade, the music on board, everything. This is truly fantastic. – Mr. Sam, may I please show you to the rear of our aircraft where you will find eight
business class seats which fully recline and to the cockpit. – [Sam] Excellent, I’ll follow you. – This is an example of
our business class seat fully reclined and there is the bed
for you to have a rest. (gentle music) A private bathroom. – [Sam] A private bathroom? (gentle music) It look super nice, thank you. – And at the very rear of the aircrafts you will find 18 seats
for the entourage, please. (gentle music) Sam, you probably had a very long day. Would you like me to show
you a very private bedroom that we have on board for you? – [Sam] You have a bedroom? Oh, my God.
– Yes, we do. Please follow me.
– [Sam] I didn’t know that. Okay, follow you. (gentle music) – This is the way to your very
private bedroom in the sky. – [Sam] Wow, I didn’t know
there’s a hidden passage here. Oh, my gosh. – Please welcome. – [Sam] Look at this. – It’s a full queen-sized bed and as you can see it features a beautiful bedroom
with personal TV screen. If you would like to watch a movie while you’re in the bed, you’re more than welcome to do that. We can also serve you
beverages and some snacks. (gentle music) You also have your en suite VIP bathroom. (gentle music) – Wow. (gentle music) (upbeat music) So, I just changed into
the Royal Jet pyjama. And now I’m gonna have a good night sleep. I’m so tired. (upbeat music) Oh, thank you Regina. Thank you for turning the blinds down. – [Regina] You welcome. – Beautiful. – [Regina] Have a good night, Mr. Sam. – Gosh, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy. It’s like every wish is granted here. It’s so luxury, everything
is taken care of. (gentle music) So, Captain Ahmad, it’s
my pleasure today with you in the cockpit of this Boeing 737 BBJ. It’s actually, in fact,
very exciting to tell you it’s my first time on board a BBJ, Boeing Business Jet. So, I have a question for
you, if you don’t mind. – Yes, please.
– I want to know that what’s the range of this BBJ? How far it can fly. Let’s say, we’re basically
in Abu Dhabi right now. – This BBJ can fly up to 10 1/2 hours. So, from Abu Dhabi we can go all the way to Iceland in the west, to China and Japan in the east and South Africa in the South. – Wow. – And this aircraft can accommodate up to 34 passengers with their luggage. – Up to 34 passengers,
– 34 passengers – with 10 hours range. – Yes sir. – That’s awesome. Captain, I’m also interested to know what sort of cruising altitude this aeroplane, the
BBJ can fly in the sky. – This BBJ can fly up to a
maximum altitude of 41,000 feet but with the modification
done to this aircraft we brought down the cabin altitude which you can feel in the cabin, down to a maximum of 6,500 cabin altitude which will give you more comfort by the time you arrive as
you’re spending 10 1/2 hours in the aircraft. Right, naturally your
lower attitude in the cabin makes you feel less jet-lagged
and more comfortable. – Exactly, exactly. – And also I’m interested to know what sort of speed this
aeroplane cruise usually. – This BBJ would cruise at an average speed of mach seven, eight. – Mach seven, eight just
like the normal Boeing 737. – Yes, exactly. – Excellent, thank you
very much again, sir. – You’re welcome, sir. – Thank you. – Pleasure having you on. (upbeat music) – So, guys I have Mr. Rob Dicastri. He’s the CEO of Royal Jet. First of all, thank you, Rob. Thank you so much for inviting me on board to check out the luxury. It’s unbelievable. – Very good. – So, Rob, I guess all the
audience will be interested to know how expensive this jet is, how expensive to charter this jet. – That’s often the first question we get because the aircraft is so expensive. It’s about 100 million dollar aircraft, the cost to fly it, you’re looking between 12,000 to 15,000 dollars an hour. And you do it by the hour so regardless of the number of passengers, 12, 15,000 dollars an hour on average. It’s not an inexpensive flight to take. – But you can have one passenger, or you can have up to 34 passengers. – Exactly, exactly. And we actually have, you talk about the number of passengers, we have eight different aircraft. We’re actually the largest operator of Boeing Business Jets in the world, – Oh really!
– different configurations. We have one with 19
seats, one with 52 seats. So, all the different range, depending on what you need. The best thing, though, the bedroom. If you think flying 10
hours in the aircraft and you have a real bed to sleep in? – Amazing, I was actually fell in a coma. I was in this bedroom earlier and I was so comfortable
so I actually fell asleep. And somebody ha to wake me up. – (laughing) And this one
has a very unique internet. It’s called KA-band and it’s the fastest speed internet you can have in the sky. So, you’re gonna be
streaming YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV, whatever you like,
– Wow! – just like you’re sitting at home. – That’s amazing, Apple TV and YouTube. So, guys you can watch my YouTube while flying this private jet.
– There you go. – That’s amazing. Well, thank you very much, Rob. – Alright, Sam, quite welcome. – Such a pleasure. – Hey, great to have you. (upbeat music) – So, guys that was the most
luxurious Boeing Business Jet in the world to offer. Thank you so much, Royal Jet. And thank you so much for viewing. And see you the next

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  4. What is the use of a queen size bed in 737? the 737-100 has a range of 3400 km and cruise speed of  900 kph. You can get 3 or 4 hours of sleep tops.

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