#103 [Web TV] The ebook Business Model Review

Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers here with
your Wonderful Web TV tip of the week. Does this sound familiar to you? Look, I know there
are all these different things that I can do to build my business on the internet. It
shouldn’t be that hard. Everybody just says, “write an ebook”. I just want to do an ebook
and that’s where I’ll make my money. So why do I need all these other stuff? I
just want to do an ebook let’s just do that. Does that sound familiar to you? In this episode I’m going to give the harsh
realities about ebooks. But I’m also going to tell you when they’re fantastic to use,
the way that you can use ebooks to make great money in your business, and what you cannot
possibly do with an ebook. So, I’ll see you in the inside where I’m going to be talking
about this particular business model, and our series on the different models on the
internet. I’ll talk about what an ebook is, when you
can use it, the pros and the cons. Hi, you made it! Great to see you. I’ve lost
track of how many times when I’ve been working with people who have put a fantastic structure
together to be able to build a sustainable business on the internet. They’ve got fantastic
intellectual property; they’ve got a great way of helping people; they can create a great
system that’s going to really set them up with a sustainable and profitable business. Halfway through, they’ll go “Oh this is too
hard! I just want to do an ebook! Everybody says do an ebook.” Let’s give you a reality
check. What is an ebook?
An ebook used to be: you write a great content and you’ll save it as PDF and then you can
sell it through your website. You can sell it through clickbank, and in that way that’s
where you sell thousands and thousands and thousands of them, and you’ll make a lot of
money. The average price would be $15 and $25. An ebook now has expanded further because
you can be publishing it on iTunes, you can be making it for your iPad, you can be selling
it through Amazon, you can be selling it for Kindle. It’s a digital book. So, ebooks have
started to get like a new breath of life; our researchers. Because people are now have
an easier way to read them, so they can be fantastic and they’re a great thing to include
in your business. Now this is where I see where a lot of people
go wrong. They think an internet business is an ebook. So let’s do some numbers. Just
say you have a 20 dollar ebook and say you want to make $20,000. You might be saying,
“okay I want to be making $20,000 per month.” You’ve got to sell 1,000 of those ebooks every
month. You might say “Oh that’s okay I’ll just do all my marketing.” I know a lot of
people who are in internet marketing and they all say “to sell a thousand a month of that
particular thing, is not as easy as you think.” So let’s look at other things you can do.
If you had a $500 program that you sold, you’d have to sell 40 of those. If you had a $1000
program, 20 of them. If you have a higher level program that’s $10,000 — 2. So, you can see that it’s not necessarily
easier to sell something that’s cheaper. That’s just a reality check of the numbers. Where
does it work? Why is it that it is still something that people promote? Well, it is because it’s
a fantastic way for you to get an entry point for your business. So you can be selling your
ebook and through your ebook you’re giving people a really good taste of what it is that
you do, what you’re offering them through your higher price programs or through the
other ways; the other streams of revenue that we’ll be talking about in the following episodes
of Wonderful Web TV. So, it’s great if you’re going to have it
as part of a really well thought out structured offering of what you’ve got. Also, a really
fantastic way for you to test the market to actually see if there’s an interest in the
topic that you’ve got. So, it’s great way to test the market, and more more now, an
ebook is a great way for you to be able to get a reach because as I said in the beginning,
people are getting Kindles, people are getting iPads, they’re getting a researcher on your
ebooks. When it comes to a business model, I want
you to think of an ebook as an entry point, as a marketing tool, as a way of doing your
market research and an integral part of your system for your business. But if you want
to make it so your whole business is going to be passive income on the sale of 1 ebook
or a series of ebooks, you can do that but you have to be very, very good at being able
to drive traffic through advertising, and be very, very good at being able to tweak
and convert page to make sure it converts well, because it’s a volume thing. You’ve
got to get a lot more people coming through. So, I hope that gives you some ideas on ebooks. Have you had success? Maybe you’ve been able
to create a really fantastic passive income just selling ebook. I’d love to hear from
you. I’m always looking for people that can manage to do that well. Maybe you’ve started
off that way but didn’t work for you. Maybe you’ve been able to integrate an ebook into
what you’re doing, I love to hear from you. Please leave your comments down below, if
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