#107 [Web TV] The VIP Business Model Review

Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers here with
your Wonderful Web tip of the week. Well, looking at the business models that you can
use on the internet, today I’m going to share a model with you that when you implement it
within a week, you can be bringing thousands of dollars; in fact even tens of thousands
of dollars. So, to find out what this business model is, you’ll have to join me on the other
side. Hi, so what is this fantastic business model
that can bring you in thousands of dollars within a few weeks? Sounds like the spammy
things, isn’t it? You know “Make thousands of dollars overnight.” Well this is not that.
This is a system that is only applicable for people who are already helping other people
create success–if you’ve already got some kind of expertise. Now that expertise can be as varied as…
you might be a naturopath and working with just people one-on-one, helping them with
their health. Or, you might be a business coach, in which you help people master a particular
thing, and you’ll help them increase their money. So, it doesn’t have to be, “you help
people make money”; it can be “you help people solve a problem”, but you need to be able
to help people. So what is this model? It’s the VIP days.
This is something that I haven’t really used in my business, but you’ll probably see me
starting to experiment a little bit with this. Because I’ve been learning from a friend of
mine, Kendall Summerhawk. She has this great program on VIP days, and she’s the person
who does them really well, and has helped her clients. I’ll put her link down below,
so that you can check out Kendall’s course. I’ve been looking and starting at it myself,
as well. Now, a VIP day means that you actually spend
a whole day with somebody. You’re not just getting there, talking about it, anything
that you want to do, you want to lead them to a process that’s going to take them from
point A to point B. You get to work really, really closely. For example, for me, I would work closely
with you to really work who is your most profitable avatar, and then, how we’re going to use that
to find your venture partners and how we’re going to do that to structure your free offerings
and your paid products, so that we can get there and work at exactly what it is that
you’re going to be offering so you can hit the ground running. Do the kind of things that you can do closely
with somebody for a whole day. Depending on what your expertise is, you will be able to
help people. Now, of course there are lots of things I can help people with, but that’s
something I know that I could guide people go through process for a day. So, could you
do that as well? The nice part about this is you can do it
in person, but you can also do them as virtual — VIP days, and Kendall shares in her program
a really great way to structure that so people get really, really good value if I can actually
get to you in person. The nice part about this is that the price will range from just
under a thousand dollars (if you’re just starting out and just building your reputation) to
$25,000 (for people that would pay a fortune to actually spend time because they’re going
to get their return on that investment), and ranging all the way in between. So, you can see that you don’t even have to
have your own website up. You can actually be contacting people who you’re already working
with, saying “well I’ve got this opportunity to work with me one on one for holidays.”
This is a great thing you can use even if you’re doing your whole business offline.
If you’re doing it online then it allows you to be able to do your marketing and draw people
in to be able to do that with you. Now, the disadvantage is you’re still exchanging
time for money but you’re exchanging it for this amount of money, so don’t do this cheaply
because your time is valuable; very, very important. That’s probably the big downside
to that. The thing that really limits this is your mindset. Do you think that you are valuable enough
to be able to bring great value in that day (and I bet you can), and what price are you
going to set on it? Because that’s the reflection of how much a day with you’re worth. That’s
the only thing really that’s going to limit in this, is your mindset around how much you
can charge. So, if this sounds like something that works
well for you, it could be your whole business model, it could be something you’d fit in
to others that you’re doing in your business. I’d love to hear from you. Just share down
below if you’ve done Kendall’s course or if you’re doing it or you’d like to know more
about it just as the link’s down below. I’ve been reading it, I think she’s clever. No,
she’s gorgeous, one of our members, and she’s very, very clever. I’d like to know if you’ve implemented it
as well and how did it work for you. And of course leave your comments down below, and
as always, if you’re new to me, if you’ve just come across me I would love to keep in
contact. Every Monday morning I send out one of these videos that’s business marketing,
mindset and some motivation to help you build your business, always short and sweet. So somewhere on this page or just down below
there will be a link so you can join my mailing list and you’ll never miss out an episode.
And there’s lots of goodies out there also to really help you build a business around
on what you want to do. See you down below. Bye.

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