#109 [Web TV] The Advertiser Publisher Business Model Review

Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers here with
your Wonderful Web TV tip of the week. We’re looking at different business models. This
week we’re going to be looking at the advertiser / publisher model. So to find out what that
is, you just have to join me on the inside. Hello, great to see you here. We’re doing
a whole series on different business models on how that can help you to work out what’s
right for you, for your business, for building them on the internet. One that is a unique
model is the publisher model, it’s the advertiser model. To give you an idea of what that is; if you
can imagine a website when you go there and it’s always got lots and lots of great new
content, they would maybe putting out new articles a couple of times a week, great way
to think about this is social media and examples are huffington post are some great ones, mamamia
— these are really good ones that are publisher model. They rely totally on really good content.
Content that is really, really focused at attracting a particular target market, particular
interest group and the whole idea here is to get lots of great content coming through
and lots and lots of traffic, lot of people visiting that site. So how do they make their
money? Primarily they will make their money through advertising. This can be done by actual
advertisers coming to them and they will pay to maybe put ads on the side of the website,
within the articles themselves. They may pay extra to have actual articles
that are tailored and written specifically to focus on what it is that that particular
advertiser does so they can actually almost be like cash for comment type stuff. There’s
different levels on advertising and quite often these advertisers will pay for a certain
amount of exposure and a certain amount of months or years that they may advertise all
day or however it is that works out for them. That’s one of the ways that has actually paid
advertising so your customer in this situation is the advertiser. Other ways that they may
do it is you may do it through an affiliate model which means you’re actually choosing
who it is that you’re going to be recommending and you’re going to be recommending that people
click through and purchase. And when people purchase something then you’ll
get a percentage so you’re not getting paid from the advertiser because somebody has clicked
on that link on that advertising; you’re getting paid when people click then purchase, and
then you get a percentage of that sale. So there’s two ways you can do this. So how do
you be successful with this? As you can imagine, advertisers want to know
if I spent money with you. How many people actually come to your site? Who are they?
Can you really, really good description of who they are and their interest? And so how
many people could I make sure to click through? The more traffic, the more people you get,
the more attractive you’re going to be to an advertiser. You have to have very good
statistics and a way of proving them. So it’s all about traffic and what draws them
to that site is this going to be a great integrated campaign? You really need to know about your
marketing; getting it out to social networks, getting it out to other venues, through advertising
and also having something that is going to draw people there; so great content. This is perfect for you if either you love
creating content, a lot of times people who’d go into this have actually been journalist
and worked in mainstream media. But you don’t have to draw all the content yourself, you
can also be a person who can get other people to create the content for you and there will
be a lot of people who would want to create contact because it’s a way of promoting themselves
as well. So you don’t have to do it all yourself, you can be leveraging other people. So is this a model that is attractive for
you? Do you have some great examples that you can share with me of people who are using
this model and doing it really well? Is it something that you’ve tried and worked or
it didn’t work? Was it harder than you thought it was going to be? Did you find that you
had to reach a pivot point before it really snowballed and then it became successful? I’d love to hear from you so please leave
your comments down below and I will come and join the conversation as always. If you’re
just new to me and you’re not on my mailing list I would love you to join us every Monday
morning I send out one of these tips to help you to build your business with marketing
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a way that suits you, your personality. Okay, I’ll see you down below. Bye.

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