#11 Laravel Search Functionality | Product Search | E-commerce website in Laravel 5.5

okay friends after the sorting category
we have a error on products delayed let’s see if you click on only products
you have a error about category by user because we have to prepare that agree to
show product but but if you want to show all products for that you have to put
custom parameter go to your routes web dot PHP and here you are passing data
and you need to pass one more parameter which we have in products controller is
kept by user you can keep it empty but I recommend make it fill with any value
like all products the save it for two rounds the alert as you can see all
product and in Brad camp also is all product okay this is nothing we don’t
need this we will fix it later okay now in this video we will done our such
functionality for that open your resources views and master
blade here you will search for such and here you have to put your phone packed
with action your name of route I will use here only search that’s it
okay and close your phone you don’t need to adhere any
metal post it’s optional you can add if you want you can adhere method post but
by default it is get so will such is that’s okay
inside you are route you will create here mule out forget here is such if
someone click on such it will go to your products controller where is new
function is can search yes you need this function inside view controller here is
product controller you will create a new function of link function it is circle
your name of function and inside this you will request cutter and let me try
to okay equal your data and master blade you need to put hairs name anything you
can use for name for your text box and if you want to display it let me show
you reload put here some data and I have an error
here okay it’s a return actually not because he
load you can see is salty data but you don’t want to display this then you need
to pick on the dot and here is your data okay I name it variable such that and
now stuck query such that’s it after that you will put a new variable data we
meet same scenario like this just to complete it table it will name is
products and we’re you need we a condition for your such so for that you
will say we’re products I mean own name okay row name which like
in % and here we’ll your such data variable and close this if you get this
it will show error because we need join us so let me complete that join here is
you are going with category let me show you why I am needed why you punch dot and it’s data variable and second ah you
need get by get by user this time you will fill this with such a doctor okay
save it don’t forget the semicolon reload here
if you click on Carrie you can see Carrie but it is good will
to adhere join same diff scenario yes you can put here is truly optional make
sure you cats no data products get ideas give it and here you need to put you
through that but first me out let me add some any
mistake something like bit scary and you will
got getting this okay let me show some all products and here is Omo low so I
will search only Meadows and you can see this oh my gosh
but I searched only mellow if I put here hey I think we are getting something on
stuff okay here is gulab jamun crepes let me search only German there is blog
yama that’s nice okay next we will do a next video you French techniques any
topic I will cover that thank you

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