11 Things I Stopped Doing in my Business

Hey everyone! Happy new year! Its Dino Watt here! And I thought I would just do quick little video. I say quick, I don’t know how long it’s gonna be. To start off a new year and I know a lot of people set new resolutions and new goals things like that. I was having a conversation with Shannon about how I’ve recognized that the hobbies that I had been involved in over the last couple of years have really I believe added to the success of my business which made me think even more about my business and what I’ve done with it and why has it been that over the last three years I have consistently every year doubled our revenue in business and when I started noticing was that a lot of the things that I’m doing in my business are completely opposite of what a lot of the experts out there will tell you to do in your business. And so I thought you know I might as well talk about this. I don’t do a lot of Facebook videos. This isn’t to gather more business this is actually just knowledge that might be good for some people but no matter what your business is I think some of the stuff can help if you look at it from the right way. I will give you a warning though that I know some of this stuff is going to be contrarian and I know that some people are going to be like no there is doubt on it. Research to show this and that the other or my mentor says this and all that’s fine and good and I’m not here to tell you how to run your business anyway. I’m just kind of look at it that these are some ideas that might be able to help some people on their business or maybe rethink some of the things that they are working on our business. Hopefully, these will serve you know I just notice I’ve got my google home playing over here. Awesome! You know Google home should check it out, it’s totally fine. Probably play it right now but I won’t. I’m gonna put the entire write up below this video. So, you can read really into that but I just give you a quick synopsis of it. First thing that I have stopped doing in my business that is transfer my businesses. I quit going to networking meetings, associations, worthless seminars and meetups. And the majority of the meetups and the networking groups that I went to were just full of people who were looking to sell me on their thing or get me involved in their thing. And I just realized that it was really a matter of more people chasing than being learning new and great things about business and hiring a business. Then when it came to associations, really found that the majority of people in associations are not actually making a living. It in the topic of the association I’m not going to name names. I’m not going to point anybody out those people are not making money and yet they’ll go to the meetings over and over again you know for maybe the hero worship of the one percent that are actually making money because there’s always a few. For me what I found was it became an exercise in commiseration with other people of what’s not happening or what they’re doing or they’ll be able to talk about that the one thing they did but they didn’t get paid on it. But they did it anyway and definitely seminars. OK let me say this, I just have a belief that if you have gone to the same seminar more than twice and the same seminar more than twice and your thing whether be it was a business seminar, or relationship seminar, or a health seminar. If that needle hasn’t moved since the last time you went to the thing, another seminar because all you’re doing go to another seminar because all you’re doing is you’re trying to dig into a well that’s empty OR you’re only going for that for the idea of going to the seminar. I see this a lot in this area. I live there, there a couple of people I know who who wear like badges of honor for how many times they’ve been to a certain seminar if you’ve gone that many times you should probably be running the seminar as opposed to just being a member of the seminar or the audience there. So I stop doing that. I only go to seminars typically once. Unless when Unless when I got from that seminar really didn’t move the needle. Then I probably wanted to go back that seminar again that similar again what I’ll do is I’ll what I’ll do is I’ll go to the next level seminar and I’ll invest more money into the bigger things or those masterminds and that’s really where I put most of my time and effort isn’t to mastermind. Well let me say I will test out the news that they’re not trying to I did I went to out the the mastermind to idea i went to mastermind this last year I joined the group and it was a pretty happy and that’s met and I got to the event and the information that they were presenting was no joke at least ten years old. Yeah I’m out of this one. Number two is I stopped grinding in my business. I love Gary Vaynerchuk and those guys they’re all about the hustle and it crushing it but I truly feel like if you’re not like a twenty something that has no responsibilities and can live on a couch and you can you know just change your life through eBay. Then you, then it’s not for you like you cannot work that way you have to be more strategic about your business. I don’t grind in my business anymore or for those we don’t know I want your long road trip with my family across the country 2013 and you can’t grind as much as much as you want when you are travelling with your whole family and going and seeing sights and doing things. And you can’t do that. So I miss I’m like a surgeon with the scalpel to my business and I’m very focused is I think words are very powerful and when you grind or you go all out you know in your business then you just spend your energy. But I also know what my bio work day is and that’s not her real name me. Couldn’t hey, google it. Sorry. Resume. You can’t ask that service a what bio work days because I made it up and what it is I just found out when my biological-working life is. Meaning that I know it’s cliche but for me, mondays are not good days to have very eep meaningful meetings or to try to really pump something out what I do instead is I schedule my Mondays: I go to piano lessons, I go and I work out, I go to my dance class. I go run some errands with Shannon and I do very simple scheduling meetings for the rest of the week. that’s what specifically do my block timing for the rest of the week to know what’s going on. Instead of getting at the end of the day which I used to do and look back in my day be like, man! You know my day kind of stunk. I’m like, Hey man! I did what I supposed to do in that day. And the days where I am focused ready to go the Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and Thursdays, the Thursday evenings. I am at least ten times more per productive on the days that I have scheduled out and I’m not trying to grind it on my other days. On number three is I quit trying to help everyone. It should be more obvious but it’s not. But I talk people on time. So who is you message for? Oh, everyone needs this. No they don’t. People can actually live without your service. I promise you! Who is your business for? When I was focusing my business primarily on marriage. I would be like everybody. I can help every marriage. I want to help every marriage. When I started being specific about finding only the people who have had my aspirations or the aspirations I wanted to put out in the world then it made on so much easier. And I really kind of have focus that especially when it comes to coaching and mentoring on more of the aspirational side. All right! What aspirations are you trying in the world that are gonna make people want to come to the thing that you have? I quit trying to help everybody. Number four is I stopped reading books. I know that’s a big shocker to everybody but I actually started because I have a little form smile from a dyslexia and so it’s really hard for me that actually read a lot and be interested in stuff. It culminated with an interview that I listened to with Seth Godin. He was being interviewed by Gary Vaynerchuk and I probably sing his name wrong, but Gary V. And Seth Godin you know has read like really eighteen books. He’s an amazing author, he’s had a blog since like one 1998 I think it was. Before blogs work and he said I read a lot of books and he goes but I don’t read a lot of books. I think I actually have the quote somewhere in here. “I read the book until I get the joke and then I stop. It the author did a good job in five pages you get the point and you trust that the rest is proven and you go on to the next thing.” So amazing for me and then I was actually an event with Arianna Huffington where she talked about you know sometimes you just in order to stop a project or to complete a project you seem to stop it. I think that there is this problem if you will. Going on in and the world of authors, number one: everybody can be an author and I think that’s awesome. Great. Look I have a book that they’re an implant that hangs there. What I think is there I think a lot of people are writing books. And they put their point out there in the first maybe fifty pages and they spend their next one hundred fifty pages, just rehashing the same point over and over again. Look I get the joke. I got it cool. Let’s move on. Basically what I do know is I do audio books for sure because I’m more auditory than I am visual. I typically will use things like I have a little app on my phone to do. It’s called blinklist, blinklist.com. It basically is a synopsis of books and I’ll listen to that and if it intrigues me then I’ll buy the book and I’ll you know skim through that but I typically won’t always read the entire book then too. And I go through chapters and I’ll say “OK I’ll remain in the first two chapter” or “two paragraphs of that chapter, flip on the middle of it”. I’ll see kind of maybe two more chapters and then I will read the end synopsis of the wrap-up of it. I’ve even gone so far as to have had books I’m interested in and I’ll find certain chapters that I like and so I’ll give it to or topics of chapters I like I’ll give it my assistants and i’ll have her read it and give me a synopsis of the book and bullet point stuff so I know what’s going on and it’s just been such a huge time saver. Number 5! This is where this whole conversation started and whether you’re doing this or not that’s OK I’m putting out Right? Is that I took up hobbies that have nothing to do with my business. Well if I pick up golf then it’s a hobby, exactly a hobby. But I can also go into business on the golf course or I can use it as a write off or I can learn Chinese and that way I can go speak in China because I did that too. I’m not putting me down for that but that’s that was the mindset that I was taught. Hey! If you’re going to pick up a hobby at least do something that you can use in your business as a write up for, it can for your business. What I did is I got back to the roots of what I wanted that field that you know the human bucket of Dino. Two years ago I picked up the piano, something I’d always wanted to do and I started dancing again, something I used to do back when I was younger and I know, I’m forty four. I don’t have dancer’s body. Some of you have seen the Facebook video or media thing recently. I’ll post more if you want because I just you know narcissistic that way when I totally totally believe that through picking up or or waking up I should say, those dorm it kind of connections in my brain from dance and creating new neural pathways in my brain has been so challenging but I know it’s created a new neural pathways in my brain and I have just noticed that I have been more creative, more energetic, more aware, more on point and on task with my business, I’m open to new ideas, and I can see things more and more clearly. I truly believe its because I’m feeding the me part of it that has nothing to do with the business because there’s no obligation to it. There’s no requirement for it to be a part of my business. This would be over talks about in fact that she was a writer and she promised universe she would be a writer. But nowhere in that promise was there a contract that she had to be a paid writer. Why I feel that same way about my hobbies is that I will never be a concert pianist. I will never be a professional dancer. That’s totally OK but the point is, is that if you’re going to have a hobby. Try to go about it has nothing to do with your business not secretly, not strategically, but nothing whatsoever, and see how that helps in your business. Alright, number 6! I spoke less. There’s this whole thing about speakers, hey you know get your name and get up and speak as much as you can, as often you can, anywhere you can, at any time for anybody. You know what I was doing that for years. I would speak at that little tiny you know meeting with five people, I’d speak to the Association for you know single business women. But they were my audience who could potentially be my clients or at least can be open to my message in a way that it can move the needle forward in their own business. And number two I’m getting paid in true transparency I didn’t. I’ve done one event this year where I didn’t get paid cash but they paid me in other ways they gave me their booth rental and they allowed me to pitch my product and so for me I just decided I’m not going to speak. Now, I know that a lot of people say well yeah sure because your status you’ve been doing this for over a decade now. You know. But for the newbies used to speak anywhere anytime anyplace. I don’t agree with that either because it created for me I have it of number one and I customized my message to the audience because I just wanted to speak. Well that customization of the message to the audience it didn’t help me hone my genius message of what I’m all about. And if I went there and spoke I just might use message once again I was speaking to and an audience that really didn’t help me. I know some of you going to like no but it’s the experience and I get to a point I just think it has done more damage than good in creating bad habits and people of you i’m just going to speak because it makes me feel good and I was that guy I was a guy like I want to speak because I want to be up on stage and I love that. But it was about my ego and not about being strategic about what I wanted in my business. And number seven, I stop chasing clients and I’m going to give a big shout out to my mentor Kevin Nations. If you don’t know Kevin Nations is? Go look him up on Facebook because he’s he’s the man I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about Kevin nations and what he did. OK I don’t care who your sales coach is right now, I have done so much sales seminars and trainings and coaching and staff through the last twenty five years of my days at Circuit City. There is nothing that will move your business forward and help you understand who you are and how to sell better than Kevin Nation’s training. I don’t chase my clients anymore. Now I don’t mean like I don’t chase them after they told me no three times once I resolved all their concerns and laid out my entire year plan for them and proven to them how amazing I haven’t gotten fifty testimonials to beat them down its mission. I mean I don’t chase them. I put it out there. Here’s what I do. Here’s what I can do for you. If you like to have a conversation cool lets have a conversation. When we had that conversation. I don’t go through certain sales techniques and I don’t know how I don’t say a certain thing or have a certain buzz word that’s gonna make them think this thing, no. I’m not gonna give you a special early bird discount. I’m not going to give you a thirty pay option for a six week course. Like this is what I do, this is the price it is, if you want it, cool! If not that’s totally OK too. I mean I spent so many times trying to figure out what what is your concern or what is the thing I have to overcome. People only say no to you when it comes to sales for three reasons ever. Number 1. they don’t trust you. Number two they don’t trust themselves and Number three they don’t want to make a decision either way. I say that I literally say that’s my client’s they say no it’s OK Yes understand there’s only three reasons why. It makes principle. And because of that now it just puts me in totally in here position so I don’t chase anyone. Alright! Number eight! I started to say no to people who actually want to give me money. They can also be said as you know I choose my clients. Not the other way around. I am completely selfish on this, hey if somebody offers you money, take it. I had said that to clients before but honestly I’ve got is based on you know what I want successful clients. I want the success stories. I want the testimonials. So if you can be already there. Close enough to it or at least on the path and all you need to do is get you there faster or smoother? Great. You’re my client! But man, If I had to be dragging you onto the path first just to get you on the path and then I got to drag you up the hill. And then I got that you know perform for you every single. Man, forget it! Iit’s just that’s a waste of everyone’s time and it’s never going to stick my job is not to be a workhorse. I become very clear and very aware that I am not the fit for many people. Man I used to head just just beat myself up over that about people saying no to me and what does it mean about me and you know what could I have said differently and no honor. Like I know who I am and who I am the fit for and I’m not going to try to fit myself into that anymore. Honestly I have actually gone to clients who have said YES!

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