#119 [Web TV]3 Things Nelson Mandela taught me about business

Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers here with
your Wonderful Web TV tip of the week. To commemorate the passing of one of the amazing
man Nelson Mandela. I’m going to share with you today 3 lessons that Nelson Mandela taught
me about business. See you inside. Nelson Mandela, what an amazing man. I think
of all the well-known people throughout time, Nelson Mandela would be the one person who
I can say without doubt has been the most influence on how I live my life, how I approach
my business, I think, what would Nelson Mandela do? Let me share with you 3 things that I think
he has embodied that I’ve always kept in mind with my business and that may also work with
you. I’d love to hear from you if you can relate to these 3 things or there’s maybe
other lessons that he’s taught you. So, let me tell you… 3 Things that Nelson Mandela taught me about
business: 1. Integrity is absolutely essential. If you
believe in something, just stick with it. If there is something that you believe, don’t
compromise on it. He’s a man who didn’t necessarily set out to “I’m going to influence the world;
change the world”, he just saw what he thought was right. And he always makes his decisions
backing up with his beliefs. When it comes to business, you take a particular
stand on why things should be done in a particular industry. If that’s truly what you believe
embody that in your business, stick with that. Don’t waiver and change your standing and
take the easier path. If that’s what you believe, stick with that. Integrity is absolutely essential
in everything that you do in your business. 2. RESPECT. This is a really high-value of
mine and I know was a core value of Nelson Mandela. And that is not just respect for
the people who agree with you and the people who you’re thinking you’re meant to have respect
with, like elders. But even respect for the people you totally disagree with, that people
who could be seen as your enemy. I think this is something that he made so
much influence because he had respect enough for the people who have oppressed him and
these people that he could forgive and he could treat them well, he could treat them
with trust. Personally, I don’t think you could forgive without having respect for that
other person and their point of view. 3. LOVE. This is a really core value of mine,
I believe this is something that made him resonate throughout the world. And I think
that’s where the respect comes first before love is just to share love with people. Before I go on a teleseminar, or a webinar
or before I get on stage; any of those things, I think about love. And the love to people
who I’m going to be communicating with. And just a way of sharing that as many people
as possible. I see that love as a very core business value. So, for me that’s the 3 big lessons that Nelson
Mandela has taught me about business. I would love to hear from you. What are the things
that you learned from him? I’m sure different people take away different lessons from such
an amazing person. Please share them down below. How lucky are we to have such an amazing
person influencing our lives in such an amazing length of time. Okay, bye!

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