12 Things Every Small Business Website Needs To Include In Its Design

Herman Drost DrostDesigns.com. In this video
I’d like to talk about the 12 Things Every Small Business Website Needs To Include In
Its Design. Recently I spoke with a friend of mine who
runs a retail gift shop inside a mall. He told me his sales were down because many people
search for the same gifts online. He often spends time answering questions from new customers
only to have them leave and purchase the item elsewhere. He’s wondering if he’ll be
able to keep his store over the next few years. I suggested he put his store online by designing
a small business website. This way he can sell the same products online that he currently
sells in his retail store. Here are 12 things every small business website
needs to include in its design: 1. Simple, memorable web address Register a domain name that is short and easy
to remember. Avoid registering a long domain address or one that includes dashes or numbers
because it will only cause confusion. 2. Beautiful design There are probably tons of websites that are
similar to yours and sell similar products so you need to make yours stand out from your
competitors. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to get a custom design that uniquely
reflects your business. This helps build your brand so when a person thinks about one of
your products they’ll automatically go to your site. 3. Easy to navigate Make it easy to find the information on your
website by placing the navigation bar either at the top or side of each web page. Avoid
using images or javascript for the navigation links because search engines don’t index
images and some people have the javascript turned off in their browsers. This means they
won’t see the beautiful navigation bar that you created. Create a site map listing all your web pages
so visitors can easily find the information they’re seeking. Another helpful feature to consider is a search
box at the top of each page. When a person enters a keyword in the search box it will
take them directly to that specific page instead of having them wandering aimlessly throughout
your website. In order to keep this video short you can
read the remaining 9 things every small business website needs by visiting DrostDesigns.com
or clicking on the link below this video. Thanks for watching.

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