#133 [Web TV] Business and the bedroom

Well you’re probably wondering why I’m in
bed, so I’ll see you inside and I’ll tell you why. Hi Janet Beckers here with your Wonderful
Web TV tip of the week and I suppose you’re wondering why i’m in my bed, it’s because
this is one of the most important things for the success of your business and no, it’s
not what you think, it’s actually sleep. This sounds crazy, but I used to be one of
those people that would stay up all night working into the wee hours of the morning
to meet a deadline, flat out and the next day, I’ll be absolutely exhausted. And I thought,
that’s ok, I’m a night owl, I got heaps done. But the problem with that is the next day
– you might have got heaps done – but the next day when you got other things to do,
if you’re still on your deadlines, your mind just does not work well. It’s a false productivity. So it sounds crazy but one of the best things
that you can do in order to really build a business and your energy and vitality and
be out of there keep going, and to do the best job that you can do with a fantastically
alert brain and really infusing your energy into everything you do is.. get some sleep. Boring, I know… make sure you get lots of
sleep, go to bed early and just keep your energy going. There you go, so goodbye from
my bedroom, I think I might go get my kindle and read as I always do as I go off to sleep.

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