#158 [Web TV] Do you totally suck at business?

Hello and welcome Janet Beckers here with
your Wonderful Web TV tip of the week. It’s great to be here with you! Today is inspired by a lovely customer, Cheryl
Hill, who sent me an email saying “Janet I just watched this video that you’ve got on
your website, read the transcript and it just really resonated. And you need to share this
with the world.” So I thought okay, Cheryl, this is for you
baby. I’ll put the link down below for you to the video, the page that she’s talking
about. It’s me telling you who it is that I work with. This is the way that I approach
business. I’m teaching the way where you’re going to be; you can build a business, whether
it’s going to be ebooks, through affiliate marketing, through memberships site, whatever
it is. Where the focus throughout what you’re learning
there is about it doesn’t really matter what you’re building a business on, just follow
the numbers, it could be anybody doing it, it’s totally impersonal, fully automated.
Choose a topic based on what the demand is and it’s irrelevant if you have interest in
it. Now this works, people who were teaching these
systems, very often they get great results. I’ve got a lot of friends who do that, but
I find the people who I really enjoy working with are the people who want to make a difference
in the world. They truly, truly connected with the topic that they are building the
business on. In fact, if you are that type of person, very
often you may have been drawn to these others hot programs because you’re thinking well
that is the logical way to do it because you’ve been sold on that, you’ve seen other people
work it. You start to go down that path and it just doesn’t work. It fails, you can’t
just keep the energy, the momentum, the passion for it and you keep on sabotaging, whatever
it is that you try to work out what the reason is. Anyway you totally suck it up basically and
it doesn’t work. So you can start to think “I’m an idiot, I’m a failure, this is me.”
But I’m telling you that very often it’s because you’ve got a bigger picture, you’ve got a
bigger dream, and I’ve worked with a lot of people that have come to me after having gone
through that and I look at what their aspirations are, they get enjoyment from, what their true
big why is and the model that they’ve chosen was never going to do that for them. In fact it was squashing them down and they’re
frustrated. As soon as we start looking at “okay let’s look at how we’re going to structure
your business.” You still have structures, you still have systems but you’ve got to make
sure that whatever you integrated in to that is going to be feeding in your soul. It might be, sure you’ve got an automated
business but you want to work with some people one on one, that you may want to meet with
people in person. So integrate that into your business. It might mean that you’re working
on something that’s a bigger picture and it’s something that really resonates with you. But looking straight at the numbers it’s not
going to be an obvious thing. That’s the thing that’s going to feed your soul. So how can
you find within that particular passion the focus that’s going to help you to be able
to put the structure in to build your business. If you’re finding that you’re frustrated by
this, that doing the step by step numbers approach taking any passion and interest out
of the picture doesn’t work for you. A lot of people it does, and that’s cool for them.
But if that doesn’t work for you, stop beating yourself about it and embrace that you want
to make a difference. Embrace that you want to do that and make sure you integrate that
into everything you’re doing. Own it baby. And then you will start to see
that you’re going to start to be able to build something that you can be passionate about
and does feed your soul. So that who I intend to work with. People who want to make a difference, doesn’t
have to be on the world’s scale, it could be on the small scale to just a few people
but you’re driven by that mission and by that difference for having a message to share. I’d love to hear from you, have you tried
this totally passionate step by step on any topic? How’s that work for you? For some people
this is perfect. And I’d say that your passion is actually systems and numbers and that’s
cool. Have you found that and it worked? Or have you found that and it just didn’t work
for you and felt disconnected? Have you found something that has worked for you? I really love to hear from you, I know it’s
going to help a lot of people as well. So please keep your comments down below and I
will come and join the conversation and if you have a friend or a colleague that is getting
frustrated going down the more masculine route of building an internet based business and
they’re getting frustrated with it, pass this video on to them. It just might help to get
them to trust their gut and to build their business in a way that’s going to meet their
needs as well as to be profitable. I’ll see your comments down below. Bye.

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