#185 [Web TV] Trustworthiness in an Online Business

Hello and welcome, Janet Beckers here with
your Wonderful Web TV tip of the week. Today’s episode is all about trust and specifically
how do you demonstrate trustworthiness when your business is entirely online? Now I’m
going to share the first of a series of tips for you because it’s actually quite a few
things that you can be doing. The reason I’m passionate about this is I’m very honored
to be a finalist in the Australian Business Trust Awards, in three different categories;
and thank you to three beautiful customers who nominated me.
I’ll share links to that down below and I’d love it if you feel that you could come and
vote and help me get right through to the grand final. Now, how do you develop trust?
I’ll tell you what; the core of it is you’ve actually got to deliver on what you say you’re
going to do. You’ve got to deliver on your promises. It sounds pretty straightforward,
but let me give you two examples here on how you could actually be ruining trust.
Number one, if you looked at those sales letter, where you’re looking and it’s promising this
and this and you start to get excited, thinking fantastic, this is the program, the product
I’ve been looking. This is going to solve everything. It’s just too good to be true.
Then you start reading more and you think, you know what, this does sound a little bit
too good to be true, but they’re promising it and they’ve got a refund, so I’ll go for
that. Then you buy it and then you think, you know what, they have not delivered on
what they promised, because it was impossible. They over promised so therefore they had to
under deliver. That’s why so many businesses, especially in the online marketing area, have
huge refund rates and they actually expect to have them. The other way to do this is
to be actually quite up front in your sales letters, to say this is what you can do; these
are the outcomes that you can get. You shouldn’t be selling something unless you’re going to
be getting outcomes, so you’re delivering something that is great, but do not over promise.
Do not set yourself up to let people down. In fact, hold a little bit back, so that when
they do signup, you actually get to over deliver, deliver more than you promised. That’s when
you don’t get these huge refund rates. I’ve been in business for years now online and
I can count the number of refunds I’ve had to give on my hands. Very, very few. It just
doesn’t happen. That’s one, is hold a little bit back, be honest, and it allows you to
over deliver. Now what about something that is not for people
who’ve actually purchased from you, but people who are getting to know you? Are you actually
fulfilling your promises? An example here is you’re looking at one now, I’ve promised
that I’m going to send you, every Monday morning, a short video tip on something that’s going
to help you with motivation, marketing, or mindset. I have not let you down once in three
years. Now, what if you don’t think you can do that? I’ll tell you what, it actually doesn’t
take that much work, you just have to be organized. That’s what I share with people in my Me TV
program, how to do this really, really easily. The important part here is by never letting
you down; you know, okay, here’s somebody that’s reliable. Now if you can’t do something
on week … It may not be video, it might be a newsletter, whatever it is that you are
promising people that you’re going to be doing, work out what it is that you can deliver on.
It might be once every two weeks. It might be once a month. Not really quite enough,
but whatever it is that you know you can deliver it … It could a podcast, whatever, work
out what you know you can deliver and consistently do and then you can actually over deliver.
Very important. The core to this is do not over promise, that
forces you to under deliver. Hold a little bit back, that allows you to over deliver.
To set promises that you know you can fulfill and consistently fulfill those and that will
develop trust. I would love to hear from you any comments on this and stories that you
may have got where you’ve lost trust and how that made you feel and why did you lose the
trust; and things that made you gain trust. I’d love to hear those stories and I know
people watching this would love to learn from you as well, from your ideas.
You can see links down there below to the Trust Awards, I’d be very honored if you would
go over there and cast a vote for me. We’re in the most trustworthy online business category,
for Wonderful Web Women and then I’m also there, at the very top, as a trusted business
leader. Whatever feels right for you. I’d also be very grateful if you’d share that
on, so we can the message out to more people. I’d love to hear from you down below and I
will come and join the conversation. Bye.

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