19.02.15 – Question 8: Brett Hudson to the Minister for Small Business

Mr SPEAKER: Question
No 8, Brett Hudson. BRETT HUDSON (National) to the
Minister for Small Business: How will the NZ Business
Number system make it easier for small business to
interact with the Government? Hon CRAIG FOSS (Minister for
Small Business): The NZ Business Number aims to make it easier,
quicker, and less complicated for small businesses to
interact with the Government. We have already allocated
1.1 million NZ Business Numbers to registered companies. Small businesses will have
to provide the Government with information only once.
The number will automatically be shared across Government agencies.
The NZ Business Number is a core initiative of the Government’s
Better Public Services for business (Result 9) programme, which
works in collaboration across a number of agencies, making sure
that joined-up Government services are not a one-off event but an
ongoing commitment from agencies to improve interaction with the
Government. A business reference group of 1,200 small and medium sized
enterprises has been tracking progress in this area. A survey over
the last 6 months reports a net 7% reduction in
reported effort since 2012 and a substantial improvement in
reported performance by Government agencies. Brett Hudson: What other initiatives
are there to make it easier for small business to interact
with the Government and access the information that they need? Hon CRAIG FOSS: Business.govt.nz,
the Government’s website for small businesses, brings together
information from across government and explains it in a way that
makes sense to small businesses. Business.govt.nz has recently
released a new tool called Compliance Matters, bringing
together compliance requirements from across government into
one easy-to-use tool. A business simply enters its
industry, stage, and type, and the tool will list all the
requirements that are relevant for across government, linking off to the
relevant agencies for more information. This allows small businesses
to access information quicker and enables them to spend more
time on what they do best: business. Brett Hudson: Has he seen reports
outlining initiatives that would lead to businesses having to spend more
time interfacing with the Government? Mr SPEAKER: Provided the answer is within
the ministerial responsibility, Hon Craig Foss. Hon CRAIG FOSS: I have seen
reports on proposals to add new and complex requirements,
and taxes even, on to small businesses. This would mean small businesses
spend more time on administration and dealing with Government obligations,
and less time on growing their businesses and hiring Kiwis. If we want businesses
to grow and employ more people, the last thing they need is new,
complex, complicated capital gains taxes and water taxes, as proposed
by the Opposition. Jacinda Ardern: Can he confirm that
according to his own Cabinet paper “Larger businesses and industry
representative organisations “strongly support extending the NZ
Business Number, but smaller businesses “were less enthusiastic.”? Hon CRAIG FOSS: The member
should get up with the times and perhaps get out a bit more. The reference group and many companies
dealing with many small businesses across the country have now in fact
come on board and are endorsing the opportunities that the
NZ Business Number provides. Mr SPEAKER: Question No 9. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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