20 Websites That Will Cure Your Boredom!

That’s bizarre Oh, I can keep taking off his nose! Oh, I clicked his eyeball! Brian: ahh *Both scream* *funky intro music* Hello! And welcome to Episode 3 of Weird websites that will cure your boredom today we are looking at twenty websites yes that’s right, 20 OF EM! Because you guys suggested them all, Brian went through all the comments and picked out some of the funniest, some of the best, some of the weirdest, some of the strangest websites that we could find, and today we’re gonna be looking at those websites, and hopefully, you know, along the way you can find a website that you can just lose yourself in and waste your weekend Yay! Also, make sure you click the bell icon next to my channel on mobile and on desktop to be alerted when I upload videos because I will be commenting back the first 30 minutes of each upload and just to let you know I don’t comment back to like “Notification squad!”, “First!”, uh “OMG like this comment because this comment’s broken, it’s hacked I actually delete those comments so Don’t even bother with those comments, okay? ‘Cause I will delete them. Oh geez that’s creepy dude. Ha ha ha ha ha! OHH! WOAH, this must be from like, an old film! Is that it? It’s just a continuous loop? Hold on, lemme click. OHH! I’m like, switching channels! On the weirdest, TV show ever. Ohh! Ohhh! OHH! If you’re lacking insults and you have no idea like, how to insult someone How to just roast them For all eternity This is the place to not go were dynamite you could blow your nose if i could afford the wood I’d have your mouth boarded up if i ever need a brain transplant I choose yours because i don’t want to bring that never had been Okay that’s pretty good. Yo momma-oh look at all these yo momma jokes Okay, yes, it’s living up to it’s name mama’s so dumb i told her Christmas was just around the corner and she went looking for it Chad: Nice shirt, dude Matthias: You insulting me? Well I got something for you. Yo momma’s so dumb it takes her two hours to walk sixty minutes. OHHHHHHHH! Yo momma’s so dumb she put lipstick on her forehead because she wanted to make up her mind. Um, sorry I had to do that to you guys. Sorry I had to demolish you. Chad: That was really good. com seriously this trick will blow your mind start by selecting a suit hearts Because I have a big heart. But why is it red then? I can’t not think of hearts because the heart was red. I’m gonna click red. No, but I can’t! So it’s telling me to not think of it, so that I’ll pick this one. So I’m gonna defy it and pick hearts. ok now mentally select a card but don’t Okay. *whispers* Four of spades I have a card in mind take me to the next step think about the card you But what if you’re hearing me dude? Is there like a microphone input on the site?? Brian: OHHHHHHH Matthias: K, that’s not great they removed EVERY card. All the cards are different. That’s the trick? You out-you fooled me for literally a half of a millisecond. You think you got me crazycardtrick.com?!?! No way! You’re gonna have to up your intelligence to get at this brain! A viewer sent this website, okay? And it’s just so weird! Okay? I just wanna say how weird it is. Oh my gosh, wait, hold up. You can buy things? I’m a little, obviously perturbed by the fact that it says ‘White Power’. And there’s only white people on the screen. I-I, I don’t know if this site’s racist but maybe it’s racist against other colors of milk? Power milk for the comforting certainty that our milk is the purest available but it’s something more elusive the difficult it difficult to put into words *shudders* Why did you send me this site? gargling video know why you why you that You put this site in my list! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! winning for the weirdest site i don’t know if it’s living up to curing boredom but holy crap i hate it I hate it I hate it burning pixel com Oh another weird one dude I mean I guess it’s titled weird but what’s with the dancing baby why dancing baby oh my gosh so weird this website is essentially a collection of gifts of babies in various positions dancing you remember the dancing baby from like the menus no really I wasn’t a 90s kid oh I mean I am a nineties kid but my brain wasn’t functioning during the nineties I just like looking at like Hot Wheels blockbuster Commission the baby for a commercial here’s an MPEG version of the commercial I did for them ok we’ll give it to your baby sisters oh you’re married blockbuster naidu ways let’s just all around base with you used to work there and back tell us about it most boring job in the world dude haha geoguessr dot-com embark on a journey that takes you all over the world from the most desolate Road in Australia to the busy bustling streets of New York City challenge mode single-player i believe the idea for this is similar to the last two Episode one of the weird websites it takes it to a random spot however this is different and that i have to guess where we are right now so i can look look around and try and figure out who am I gonna cheat a little bit we’re going to cheat a little bit wow I have absolutely no idea what but that is at / who I be your oh no you can’t do that Sgt no it’s not doing just cheated no it’s not make guess I can’t even see that close Oh what so it’s actually over here wait like like like Africa to get my eyes checked okay this has got to be okay I’m not gonna I’m just gonna keep looking around a little bit this has got to be in Europe absolutely in Europe ok because these roads are small oh that’s gotta be I think it’s got to be potentially in out let’s say let’s say somewhere in the UK Poland Poland ok I’m not that far I’m pretty far this website is legit i like this website this is cool guys go check this one out geoguessr com not a sponsored video next website is called the nicest place on earth hello hey you can just give me a hug without me letting you give me a hug and then waited me like everything’s okay oh this guy Oh smiling thanks man thanks dude Wow white dude chill everyone trying to hug maybe that’s what this site is all about okay what do you got oh yeah now all they bought a double howww status relative if any of you ever need a hug this is the place to go you love me you don’t know me bro what is it all just men where the where the ladies I’m well okay not only a unicorn that’s what is this after bad about the insults place but it really hurt my feelings do you feel better yeah I feel really good now take your way to the time and I got to go will you do me check your back checked oh they didn’t trust me to put something on their back why would you what would cause you to not trust me why would you trust the next website is called radio pick a country anywhere on the map and pick a decade from 99 from 1902 now ok let’s pick Bolivia wow sounds Wallach America let’s pick congo who has children and this is in the nineteen sixties South Africa not bad i can has cheezburger this website so popular although you’re right putting it in because you can absolutely waste your life excuse me through your boredom in this website you got i can haz you have failblog you got mean basically geek universe and you go down through here sometimes I fantasize about being a golden retriever in an upper-class white family somewhere main do not fantasize about that that doesn’t sound like a fun experience that sounds like I’m gonna eat dog food no thank you just a bunch of cute animal photos that will make you feel hashtag blessed why do you say hashtag just use the hashtag don’t say hashtag all those are cute oh my gosh but but i don’t know why it makes me feel blessed I don’t own those animals I don’t know those animals personally but I mean they’re cute super cute I’m not gonna lie i think i’ve ever been near cal do you know they stink that’s cute birthday boy hard to QR gosh what you know that cute no thank you your pet next website is called zoom quilt Oh trippy ok so this quilt just oh my gosh continually keep zooming in and zooming in and zooming and it never stops is an endless loop oh my gosh how do they do that how like legit how do you do that this is beyond trippy okay I see what’s happening i see what’s happening maybe they threw this in there so you put a painting and then put a little hole and put the painting inside the hole and you keep zooming into that hole that’s creepy one though you see this this is the little hole right here and we’re gonna go into a new painting right and this is most likely a little hole in the next one that will go through I know I was wrong it’s right here wow dude is ever going to stop though does this orange stop this Orange has gone all the way through oh my gosh this is bizarre i’m going to suggest that maybe you go check this out and see if you can get to the end of it let me know if there is an end now there is we found it away this bit is looped oh crazy did Simeon logic studios.com oh it’s just a random game start oh I have to make this ball Oh popped it so i have to fill this space without getting hit up ok I see oh and if I let go it doesn’t get popped before the balls hit to have to fill out this space all suck moho new game overtime overtime yes oh you see how big that ball is kinda like that I just screamed that out and we have neighbors this next website is called vector park.com oh I can actually mess around with this what is that is that baseball bat he’s just following it around eternally even is that dude that’s weird i’m gonna go to the next one these are bizarre and I can’t interact with this 1i can interact with this one they’re just like little gifts of look little dudes and vectors just running around having fun meanwhile i’m just watching them having fun this next one is acrobats ok so i can pick it up I can just add a ton of acrobats and see what they’ll do they’ll bounce off of each other and stop oh and turn the light on i can see they’re all different colors when it’s off you can’t tell the different colors wonder what what that’s a metaphor for let’s just span it see what happens oh my god there’s too much what’s gonna happen is too much and when there’s too many people everyone ends up fighting wonder what that’s a metaphor for what we got another vector park one this one’s called head a look we got a little air here oh just took up his nose that’s bizarre I can keep taking up his nose i clicked his eyeball oh oh why why would you eat your own eyeball nope let’s just click it let’s just take your nose up nose off again whoa did you see his nose changed go a pipe nose look wait wait Oh put that back on sorry but I’m almost positive that his elephant nose was about to eat his I what o.o why you got to eat your eyeball again doing this is just weird enough but an elephant nose okay I can’t stop that I gotta move on next site next site is called draw stick man i’m going to draw a stickman here no relevance to anything what is drawing is do that great under a chill out a box you can open it can you draw a key in my hand oh that’s kind of cool done gonna get closer wow this is really clever another box but how do i get to it can I draw like a ladder Oh or balloon in my hand it was like could draw a little bit better than that i’m doing it with a mouse guys chill out what happened why my balloon fall I drew an impenetrable balloon that’s not a balloon it’s like it weird looking egg ok oh I somehow birth the dragon that killed grade a quick draw sword in my hand and I’m gonna draw the way my sword ever look at that sword those blades are you better not kill him with that sword because that is like a bowl this sword come on dude kill him they’re there and they’re having an epic battle right now oh and he died why can’t I just draw a gun in your hand so you can shoot down the box and the game over like this take me five seconds no dragons no nothing just just logic this next website is called text smiley click the copy ok so i can make my own face oh and then essentially i think you can copy it and then send it off to your friends that’s kinda actually pretty cool so if you just like I don’t know what you talking about dude and you’re also a little bit mad about it you like what what dude is an option there’s an option for that press the spacebar so i assume I’m gonna have to tap the spacebar as many times as humanly possible in five seconds ready set go click to see your score your score is done it on don’t didn’t on not until my score personal-best 31 ok there’s my score it’s not going to my school but I can retry 31 so my personal best ready I messed up is that I’m gonna just try it without even all 36 I didn’t mess up also I don’t want to break my keyboard so let’s move on WTF should i do with my life tell me I should become an investment banker well known you should be a lawyer you should be a freelance writer ok ok so what does do how to be a freelance writer so in a small article there you go boom that you’re freelance writer that’s how you do it kids just look up on google read one article and your professional actually kinda how i started youtube find the invisible cow ok so i move my mouse oh and he gets make more excited the closer I get now where are you cow now congratulations you found one that brings your total up to one well that’s a good start expert mode your cursor won’t change when you hover over the cow huh ok I can do expert mode Wow da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da expert mode did well that took you on boom crazy laws dot-com finland traffic fines are calculated as a percentage of the offender’s income that’s weird dude so if you make a lot of money your traffic fines will be enormous how’s that fair France it is illegal to kiss on railways well that’s just that’s just dumb if i want to kiss my wife I’m a kiss or anywhere even on youtube in wilbur Washington is illegal to ride an ugly horse what cha out what’s what’s the definition of the attractiveness of a horse I mean some people could argue that all horses are ugly right and all horses are beautiful in New York the penalty for jumping off a building is death these camping real you know I don’t know in Florida is really it is illegal too far in a public place after 6pm on Thursdays so let’s check this is real in Florida is over too far in a public place wow it’s illegal florida for florida laws kidding me dude so many laws about dumb laws in florida that looks like it’s a lot I’m you know I don’t want to confirm under percent because that requires me to do work and I don’t want to do work so make sure you check out this video right here it’s the last whack websites that we did and it’s just as good just as entertaining and also click up there to subscribe on desktop and mobile and you’ll see more of these beautiful videos high five

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  5. The dancing baby was the first “video” ever created. It was a repeated film projected in the late 1800s or early 1900s. It was the first GIF ever!
    But is got super popular in the 90s when people made their own versions of “The Dancing Baby”

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