2012 BPC Elevator Pitch Winner

– Every three and a half seconds, a property crime is committed in the US. You’re also at risk from
disasters, fires and floods. Would you know exactly what you lost if your house burned down? Mach 3 ID provides a fun
and secure system to easily catalog your belongings
using an app to scan barcodes and take pictures. Valuable items can be
discreetly labeled with RFID tags for indisputable
proof of ownership. The app will be available
as a one time purchase with the tags and recovery support offered on a subscription basis. None of our competitors offer the complete system we provide. Not Lowjack, not Snag. There are 114 million
households at risk in the US. 46 percent have at least one smart phone that can access our system. It can also be adapted
for worldwide markets. We’re seeking 180,000 dollars
to fund start up costs. We’ll break even in two years and provide a 19 times return in four. In the time I’ve been talking, 17 property crimes have occurred. Mach 3 ID, ID your life. (clapping)

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