2014 Elevator Pitch Winner, University of Dayton Business Plan Competition

– Of the 46 billion dollars
Americans spend on fishing equipment each year, 30 billion of that is spent on fishing lures alone. Wouldn’t it be nice if
fisherman didn’t have to buy a lure of every type
of fish they wanna catch? Our goal is to revolutionize
the economics of fishing in favor of the customer
through the introduction of the Shake-N-Bait. A universal lure that replaces hundreds of manually trolled lures. With a combination of
its vibrating DC motor and unique coloring,
it is proven to imitate a struggling fresh water
fish, leading to happy times and cost effective fishing. Initially we will market at trade shows and plans are in the works to
introduce it to retail chains such as Gander Mountain
and Field and Stream. We seek a 50,000 dollar
investment for production and marketing and investors can expect a 2X return in three years. Why go fishing for lures when you could go fishing with a Shake-N-Bait.

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8 thoughts on “2014 Elevator Pitch Winner, University of Dayton Business Plan Competition

  1. Awesome! Elevator pitches are very tough to do. We also have a video of a pitch competition called Mid Atlantic Bio Angels. You would enjoy it!

  2. As a avid fisherman this would be a major fail in the market. Great idea but their is simply NO way you can make one bait work like 100 different baits! Here's an example, can you really transform and crankbait to a spinnerbait? Or a plastic worm to a top water frog?? Listen fisherman are willing to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on lures, personally I do it as a COLLECTION! Not saying it's a bad idea but trust me, the reason it's not already a product, or a well known product is because it would never ever work.

  3. sounds like the judges know nothing about fishing lmao. One type of lure working for every fish? Sounds great on paper but so does communism

  4. This is what the Mighty Bite lures on tv claim their product can do. Easy way to spot an amateur if you see them in someones tackle box.

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