2015 Business Plan Competition

All right good afternoon I’m Christie Belle i’m associate vice propost and executive director of the UAA business enterprise institute and it’s my privilege to be here yet again as your MC for the UA APU business plan competition this event has been going on since 1999 and I want to recognized a few folks in the audience who has just been tremendous supporters and interlining to making this event happen first and foremost I want to recognize out CEO chief encourage officer Allen Johnson This event is really the vision of Allen and his team the interpenetrate and minters network as well as a whole host of folks but I would say Allen Spen right in the center of that pack encouraging everyone forward so Allen’s been tremendous keeping this event going over the years then I also want to recognized some folks from each of the universities and the key faculty there are involved Kai Holland in the back here Kai’s with Alaska Pacific University clearly we we run this event across all the universities here in Alaska and Kai’s been one of the key lead for this year we rotated that around and Kai’s just been tremendous I don’t know what we would have done without Kai this year so thank you Kai Next I want to recognize forest neighbors with university of Alaska Anchorage As well as Al Herman many of you know that Al had too he had surgery recently so we’re all praying for his quick recovery and it sounds like he’s doing wonderfully but he won’t be with us here today even though worked hard to get us to this event then I wanna recognize UAF representitive Scott Bell We typically have faculty as well as folks from within the community that represents each institue Scott is Chair of the nownuk innovation Scott key from the UAF side as well as Ping Lang who’s not here is faculty from the UAA side

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