2018 Realtor Business Plan

Hello to all my realtor friends it is
slowing down for the end of the year like it always does if you’re smart
you’re doing a business plan for next year as the business slows down any time
throughout the year when things slow down you put your systems in place you
put your processes in place one of the best things you can do is put your goals
down in writing so I wanted to show you how to do a very simple business plan
that will lead you to your goals in 2018 and then I’m gonna do an example for you
so first step is figure out what your annual income is going to be in 2018 and
write that down the next step is to figure out how much your average dollar
amount that you make how much is your average net profit on every transaction
that you do then take your annual goal income and divide it by that profit
that’ll tell me how many transactions total you need in 2018 to reach your
goal last thing is you’ve got to figure out what your leads need to be and so
typically I’m not talking Zillah leads I don’t call those leads at all
a referred lead or someone who gives you gets your name from somewhere someone
who’s reaching out with to you to list or by that’s a lead you’re going to
convert 1 out of 10 or 10% so whatever the number of transactions you need in
2018 is divide that by a 10% that’ll tell you how many actual leads you need
then what do you do you track your leads you make sure you’re on track and then
you do activities and you plan your week according to the activities that need to
take place to drive those leads so you can work it all the way backwards so for example if your goal in 2018 is
to make $250,000 and your average Commission after split and paying your
broker and all that stuff or if you are the broker or whatever the situation is
is 8750 is what you’re making about trent per transit transaction if you
divide out what your 2017 looked like you’re gonna need approximately 29
transactions per year in 2018 that’s about just under 2.5 transactions per
month and that will get you $250,000 at this commission so I’m telling you the
industry standard what you convert at when we’re talking about real leads I’m
talking about hey I’m calling my past clients I’m throwing parties from my
past clients I’m taking care of people I’ve got a great group of VIPs that I
take care of on a normal basis I’ve got it a list I’ve got a system all this
stuff we can help you with it’s a ten percent conversion I’m not talking about
Zillow leads where you got to work through 97 of them to talk to 3 that’s
fine that’s a spoke I get it but a relationship based business converts it
10 percent so 10 percent conversion means you need 25 leads per month to get
$250,000 per year at this income amount per deal so what do you do you work till
you get 25 leads a month you have an organized calendar hopefully you have a
staff member if you’re doing more than three per month you got a staff member
managing your calendar for you you do it a organized list of activities your
calendars built out you’re always working and then you track them on a
lead track or you highlight line 25 and every single month if you get to that
line 25 as your goal and you track where those leads are coming from and take
really good care of people you’ll hit 25 leads that will turn into 2.5
transactions per month that’ll be 29 a year at 8750 that
250 grand if you need help with any of this stuff we love business planning
with our realtor partners if there’s anything at all you need if you’re a
office manager and you want us to do a mastermind with your group if you’re an
Agent and you just want to sit down and establish goals or put systems together
we’re here to help it’s what we do on top of doing great loans for your
clients and taking care of your clients in the same way we’re here to help you
grow your business we want to grow with you and have a great 2018 together
thanks so much talk to you soon

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