#223 [Web TV] Before You Automate Your Business

Hello and welcome Janet Beckers here with
your Wonderful Web TV tip of the week. And today I’m answering a question from one of
the members of our community, Alexina. Alexina’s asked how do I automate my business.
Whoa! Big question. It’s a big question because there’s so many moving parts, isn’t there?
And a lot of times people when they ask this question they’re thinking about the software
do I need to use. Let’s take a back step before you can think about what’s the software that
I need and what is the best one to match my business you have to take the time to really
look at the way you run your business. The very first step you need to do and a good
way to do this is just get a big whiteboard or some big paper and some texters and I want
you to map out the path of what happens for typical clients when they come to your business. So we need to look at things like how do you
attract that client, when they get to your website what do you want them to do when they
join your mailing list what happens next. If they would contact you to get on the telephone
or however it is that you communicate directly in order to make a sale. What happens in order to do that? Do they
have to send an email, do you make a time, is there somebody there that’s for the telephone. When you make a sale, what are the steps that
have to go in place in order to take the money? Once you’ve taken the money, what are the
steps that have to happen in order for you to deliver what people have paid for? Whether
it’s a product or it’s a service. These are the things that you need to work
out exactly before you can automate. Because that way you’re going to know am I going to
need automation around getting people onto my mailing list? Am I going to need automation
in things like scheduling times for appointments. Am I going to need some kind of automated
for delivering a product? Whether it’s a physical product or not. Am I going to need some kind
of automation to get the money in the bank? Or do I not need to do that? Do most of my
clients do what to be invoiced anyway? So you can see it’s going to be different
for every business but the number 1 thing you have to do is totally map out the path
that the client will take from first hearing about you to being absolutely overwhelmed
for the fantastic service that they’ve had and become a repeat client. That’s how you automate your business. Start
there and then you can worry about the software later. And that can be other videos that I’ve
got here where I share different ideas on different software that you can use. So hopefully that would answer you question
to start with. If not just leave some questions below, I love to hear from everybody that’s
watching as well. What is some tips that you’ve got on automating
your business? Have you done this whole thing of mapping a lovely flow of how does a client
actually interact with you and your business. Have you done this? Have you got some questions
on it? Just share them down below and I’d love to hear from you. Bye

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