25 BEST Online Business to Start For BEGINNERS 2019 | THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

– Hey friend, hey quick question. Are you not happy where you
are financially right now? Struggling to make that
little extra bit of income from your job and just not feelin’ it? Hey, my name’s Chris from chrisnjigha.com, and in this exciting episode
I’m gonna share with you some online businesses that can help put a little bit of extra money
in your pocket this year, going forward. Actually the top 25 best I’ve found, so I mean, a lot of these I’ve tried and I’ve made some money with
and some I haven’t tried, but I can tell you that all of them work. I’ve seen examples of
every one of them working and people making killings off of it, just having a lot of
success so stick around ’cause in this film I’m
gonna share with you 25, that’s right, 25 best online businesses that you can start right
now, as a beginner, 2019, even if you have no skills going forward. This is the ultimate guide,
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whenever I drop new videos on best online businesses, different businesses
to start for beginners, and the things of the like. All right so we’re gonna get
right down into all right? The 25 best online businesses
to start for beginners. This is what I call the Ultimate Guide because this is pretty much everything you could possibly think of, and there’s probably some others, but I’ve pretty much covered it, especially for the beginners,
so let’s get started with it. We’re gonna try to move
through this pretty quickly. So number 25 is Amazon Handmade. So if you’re not familiar with Amazon then I don’t know where
you’ve been (laughing). But Amazon is a massive online
eCommerce based store online. It does millions online. And one of the things about Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, is that
he’s been pretty smart with expanding different ways to help people make money online, too, and one of them is with Amazon Handmade. So Amazon Handmade
essentially is a website connected to Amazon
that allows people that, you know people that
make little knickknacks, they make photos, they make trinkets, they make gift baskets, they make shirts, they make jewelry, they make
things like that, right? Housewarming gifts, baby shower gifts, little handbags and totes and jewelry. That’s what they do. This entire site is
designed to help that person promote their products
and get them on a website and be able to sell them and
make some money online with it. So if you have that type of skillset or that’s something that
you’d kind of like to do, then you can definitely
do Amazon Handmade. You do have to, in order
to sell on Amazon Handmade you have to sign up for them. But there’s a lot of,
there’s zero upfront cost. Amazon fulfills all your orders. You do have to get invited. A really good place to get started if you want to start
making some money online, a great online business you can start if you’re really good with crafts and handmade goods type of things. So now, counting down to
number 24 is freelancing. So I believe freelancing is
really one of the easiest, best ways for anybody to start
an online business online because really all it is
is that you’re just selling and promoting your own services
and helping people out. One of the best places you
can go to do that is Upwork. So I mean Upwork basically is a platform that connects people who
have skills and freelancers to people who need skills,
that need jobs done. So if you can do Design,
if you can do Writing, if you can do Admin
Support, Customer Service, Accounting, they’re looking for that. I mean they have things
just as simple as basically as hey, can you follow directions? Can you be a virtual assistant? And people are making money on this, setting up their profiles, and making $40, $30, $35 an hour. So it’s a really good place to get started with making more online, it’s
just a great online business. Another thing that you can do, place you can go to is Fiverr. Fiverr is a similar
website like that, too. Hey, if you can do Music and
Audio, Programming and Tech, Business, Fun and Lifestyle,
Writing, translate stuff. Even if you don’t have
any super specific skills can you follow directions and
transcribe things for them, for someone, and write blog
posts and things like that? Then hey, you can make money online. It’s a great online business. Freelancing, great place to start. All right, number 23 on the list of best online businesses
to start for beginners, is buying and flipping
websites and domains. So it’s pretty cool, so
if you go to a website called Flippa what you can do, what they do is essentially they, is essentially they allow you to barter. It’s kinda like a platform
for trading websites, online businesses. So let’s say someone has
business that they’ve had, it’s called jayscookieshop.com, he can come on here and post
that website and sell it. So if you’re smart, you can come on here and buy different websites
and different domain names and then turn around and
flip them for a price higher than what you bought them for. I know some people who do that. They go to like Go Daddy or whatever, they’ll buy some domains and flip it. And so that’s another
idea that you can do. If you’re good with marketing,
it’s an opportunity for you to make some good money just by being able to promote a website,
getting it on the cheap and then turn around and flipping it. And so I think Flippa’s a
good place to start with that if you want more
information on doing that. All right, number 22 on
the best online businesses to start for beginners for 2019 is Etsy. So if you’ve not heard of
Etsy, Etsy’s essentially, it’s kinda like an Amazon
Handmade, too, right? It’s kinda similar. It’s an online platform where
you can promote hand goods, crafts, pictures, photographs, jewelry, just kinda like that type
of trinkets type stuff where you can promote that. And so they have an entire
basically a platform where you can be on, come on
here and sell all your stuff, and people will come and find you. So if you want to sell on Etsy
it’s actually pretty simple. They make it pretty simple
for you to get started. They have everything, pretty
much everything you need. You don’t pay unless, I think you only pay if a sale is made. They got tools to help you, and they got support and education. And so you can open up your Etsy shop. I believe they do like the fulfilled bill, do the payments and all that stuff, and you can host your stuff on Etsy, too. So it’s a pretty good place to start, too, if you want to be able
to promote those type of very creative type of items
and you have that skillset or if you wanna learn it
and you don’t know how to then actually I’m gonna show you, down the line I’m gonna
show you some places where you can get the skillsets, if you wanna do something but
you don’t know how to do it. So number 21 for the
best online businesses to start for beginners in 2019
is driving Uber and selling. So this is really technically
not an online business, but I think it is such a genius idea that I had to include it. So essentially you can
make money by driving Uber. So if you’re in your area you can sign up to be able to drive for Uber. You know Uber is a
passenger sharing service where people use their own
cars to pick each other up and make money on the side doing it. But one thing about it
that people don’t realize is that you can also promote
your products and services while you’re driving people around. So let’s say you have an online business promoting some products
and different stuff, let’s say you have an Etsy shop, well you can actually have,
you can promote your stuff by talking to people one on
one right there in the shop, right there in your car, rather, and they can go visit your
website and buy stuff from you. It’s a great way to generate leads and make money at the same time. It’s one of my favorite
online business ideas, that if I had more time
I definitely would do it. But I love this idea. So it’s definitely a place that anybody can get started with. Great online business idea
right there, all right? So number 20 on our best
of 25 online businesses to start for the beginner
in 2019 is creating an app. Yeah, so, creating an app
obviously makes sense, especially if it’s a useful app, right? Making apps right now,
people are selling their apps for just hundreds of thousands
even millions of dollars that solve all kinds of
issues, all kinds of problems, they’re people that help people. And if you’re like, well, Chris, I kind of don’t know how to build an app, well guess what, there’s this
website called appypie.com that essentially helps you build an app if you don’t know how to code, right? And so it’s pretty cool. You can get started, a
bunch of different brands are using the app itself as well. And they make it so simple, literally, all you have to do is use
their App Builder platform, pick the experience,
make some money with it. You get insights, get
no coding is required. And you can do all kinds
of different things. You can make an app if
you’re a restaurant owner, if you’re a real estate business owner, or if you’re in radio or if
you’re, maybe you have a church. I mean you can pretty much
create an app for anything and it’s pretty nice. It’s pretty set up for you to
be able to learn step by step what you gotta do. So that’s a really good idea,
especially when you think about all these different things. People are downloading apps all the time. It’s a really pretty good online business idea you can start, especially if you know a niche problem that people are having a
problem with that you can solve. All right, number 19 in our
best of 25 online businesses to start for 2019 for the beginner is partnering up with an influencer. I say this because people, a lot of times, there’s a lot of people out there who have products, they have services that they need help with, but they just don’t know how to market it. So maybe you can partner up with them and say hey, you know what, I know this, maybe there’s a shop around the corner that sells great cupcakes
or you know a lady who’s on the side who does
the best cookies, right? Hey, they are, she
already has an audience. People already like her, maybe you can partner up with that person, get that product out
there, maybe market it, if you have marketing skills, right? If you don’t then maybe you can’t do it. I’ve seen people who partner
up with real estate investors, they partner up with
them and they do deals. And even if you don’t have any experience but if you have drive and
willing to put in work that the influencer is impressed by that. So that’s an idea that I
wanted to stick in here that you just have to be creative and recognize who’s out there. What do you wanna be involved in? Who’s out there as an
influencer in that space and reach out to them. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them and come at them correct and say hey, I love everything you’re doing, I wanted to partner up with
you to do something magical. That’s number 19. Number 18 online business
that you can start that’s really awesome right
now for beginners, 2019, is maybe you can create
an investment product. So the funny thing is that, hey, if you notice, people have a hard time saving money these days, that is a thing. And so if you’re good at saving, maybe you’re good at investing. For me I know I really enjoy
investing in the stock market, and I’ve lost money but
I’ve learned a whole bunch. Hey you could create a product around it, create a mini course around it that you can help people
with and give them a lot of information
to show a lot of value. One of my favorite websites you can go to to get more information, that I go to, to get all my information for investing is a website called Seeking Alpha. It’s a great website. It’s basically a forum
that just talks about all kinds of information
about the stock market, about equities and things like that. I mean, if you don’t know what stocks are then this is probably a place to start, because there’s a lot of real people that contribute to the platform and they write their own articles, and you can come up with all
kinds of different things here, different investing ideas and strategies that are working right now. For me, I’m big on dividends and income, passive income, baby. So you can read all
kinds of good stuff here. This is where I started
to learn everything I know and turn around and
create something valuable that actually we’re gonna
get into different ways to monetize these ideas
and skills that you have. So creating a product to
help people save and invest is a great online business
that you could start in 2019. Number 17 of 25 best online businesses to start for beginners
in 2019 is coaching. So coaching makes sense, right? If there’s people who want
something that you have and you have a particular skill, you can go on there and help
people with that, right? And here’s the thing about it, a lot of the times people
don’t just want the course, they want that one-on-one interaction, that hey it’s just you and me, the personalized interaction. And so if you have the skillset
and the influence already and you’re able to
acquire coaching clients, that’s a great place to
start to be able to promote your skills, and hey, one thing is that if people are taking
up your time like that they know that they’re
paying big money for it. So coaching also has a
very nice bit of income that goes along with it. People will always pay for
the skills that you have. So that’s coaching you can
do, definitely do it online, you can do Skype meetings, you can do, Skype’s probably the best way to interact with people one-on-one. So that’s number 17,
coaching business, I think, is probably a good place to go. If you think, hey, I
don’t have any skills. Then guess what, no worry,
we’re about to get into that. So number 16, the best
of 25 online businesses to start for the beginner is
being a social media manager. Yeah, so you can, everybody knows that at
this point you need to be on social media and have
some type of presence in order to make your business. You’d be surprised, there’s
some people out there that still are not on social media. Kinda crazy. Or they just don’t know
how to deal with it. They don’t know how to do the
whole posting and all that, keeping up with the content. Hey, if you’re good with that,
you’re good with the fingers, you’re good with posting,
getting engagement, people will love that. It’s a great skillset to have. You can find businesses around
your area that need help with that and just market
to them and say, hey, pitch them and say hey, I’d
love to be able to help you. I noticed you don’t have this website or your Facebook business
page is not doing this. Hey, I help small businesses, I help solo entrepreneurs do this. It’s a great online business idea. Now if you wanna be, if you wanna really take your level skillset
to the next level, then Tai Lopez has this
whole course thing on how you can create your own
social media marketing agency. I’ve not tried it but I’ve
heard that it’s pretty good. So something worth taking a look at. You know, hey, once again, you might have to invest in some money to
learn some of these skills, but at the end of the day if it pays you 10, 20, 30 times over
then was it worth it? So this is an idea,
place that you can start to get some skillsets in
becoming a social media manager. So number 15, we’re counting ’em down, of the best online businesses to start for beginners in 2019 would be creating lead gen websites. So if you don’t know what I mean by that, basically there are
websites, entire websites, that are focused on creating leads, generating bulk load of leads, and what they do is they take these leads that have been generating
a particular niche, and they turn ’em around
and you could turn around and sell ’em to sell to other people in the niche who want those leads. Now a perfect example of
it is what zillow.com does. So Zillow is basically
like a real estate website. You can come here if you’re a consumer and get information on buying
a home, renting, selling, finding mortgages and an agent. But let’s say if you’re
a real estate agent, they make money off of agents
by selling them leads, why? ‘Cause what Zillow does is
they have all this information that caters to the prospect
in that particular niche and they generate a bulk load of leads. I mean, a bajillion leads
a day off of their website. What do they do? They go around and sell
them to agents, right? So if you’re an agent you come over and talk about agent advertising, and you will see what they say. They’re like, hey, you know what? If you’re trying to, if
you’re a real estate agent you’re gonna get the
leads your business needs from the largest audience
of online home shoppers. See, they created a lead gen website. A lot of it has to do with a lot of powerful, creative content, useful content that the prospect loves. They put their names and information in, and they sell these leads
over to these agents. They’re the middle man essentially. So I like this model a whole lot. A whole lot. It’s a great way to make
a whole lot of money as an online business and
not have to worry too much. You’re kinda like the middle man, so I like middle man, right? You’re the person, you’re not the person trying to sell someone
the gold to the gold rush, you’re the one selling the
shovels to the gold rush. See what I’m saying? You’re always gonna have a market. So I like this idea. So one of my favorite ones, by they way. So number 14 for online
businesses to start for beginners making great money in
the next coming year, is hey you could create
a relationship course. Listen, one of the, the three top things that people are struggling with online, are struggling period
with is relationships, wealth, making money, and
their health, staying healthy. And so man, people have so many
problems with relationships. If you have some skillset or
knowledge about that already, so for example, I’ve been
married for almost 10 years now, I know, right, crazy, believe it or not. So I’ve learned quite a
bit in those 10 years, me and my wife. Hey do you think we
could whip up a course? I mean it’s like a four, five video course on how to create really
awesome relationships that last the test of time or whatever? Hey of course you could. You have that skill, you can do that. Now if you tell me, Chris, I don’t know how to create a course, hey, guess what, no worries, you can go to a website like Udemy. Udemy will actually share
with you a bunch of courses that you can take. So this is a place where
you can go if you don’t know a particular skillset but
you wanna get involved in it and you wanna be able
to do something with it and help people with it. You can go here and find anything you want and get training on it and
it’s really cheap courses. So they’re also training on
how to create a course, too. So you can find something here about creating courses. Yeah, see, create online courses. And they’ll have a course about how to create an online course. I mean it’s pretty awesome. And you can see the ratings
and the reviews on it, how to create an awesome
online course for $10. You see, so there’s really no excuse man, there’s no excuse my
friend, really there isn’t. There’s a bajillion
ideas and ways around it. You just gotta be committed. So if you’re into relationships, that’s something you wanna do, that’s definitely something you can do. So number 13 for the
best online businesses that start to create for the
next year of 2019 is blogging. So blogging, don’t listen
to anybody that tells you that blogging is out. Blogging is still in. Blogging is still making
people tons of money. Blogging is still freeing
people from their nine to five. Blogging is still providing
people a lifestyle that they could have never imagined. Blogging is still the best
place to create a passive residual income source online. Hands down. Now one of the challenges about blogging is that, hey, I don’t
know how to start a blog. Well I have some things to help you out. Number one is, if you
don’t know how to start one then I recommend getting
with online programs that already have blogs set up for you. A good example of this
would be MyLeadSystemPRO. They’re an online marketing platform for home business entrepreneurs, helping them generate leads and
sales and make money online, even for the very brand new beginner. And one of the things that I like about it is that it comes with their
own blogging platform, right? Literally, everything
you need from hosting, security, and plugins, done. All you gotta do is one, two, three, click and it’s good to go. So no excuses. So you wanna learn more about
that you can check that out in the description below. I’ll give you a link to where you can learn more information about that. And so that’s that. Now if you’re saying,
well I gotta start my blog but I don’t know what to do with the blog, how to make money with the blog, then another option I can give
you is this course right here by Ray Higdon. He’s a network internet marketing, I’m not gonna say guru,
but like a mastermind, and he has a course
called the 3-Minute Expert that essentially will show
you how to make six figures from your blog virtually overnight even if you have no experience in his 3-Minute Expert series. So you go through his little page here, and he’ll just walk you
through step by step about everything you get on how to create a really awesome blog that generates tons of leads. So once again if you wanted
to create a lead gen website this might be a good
place to start as well in addition to making money
online with your blog. So I’ll leave the link for that as well in the description below. But that’s some of the
best ways to make money. So if you notice we’re starting to get into the higher caliber stuff. Some of these things may take a little bit longer to put together, but I’m telling you you can definitely, you have the year, right? It’s 2019, 2020 going forward. Hey, you can start
putting together something every single day and will
build into something powerful. So let’s get going some more. Number 12 with this online
business that you can start in the next coming year for beginners is creating and selling courses. And so, hey, this might
sound a bit challenging and a bit intimidating. But I’m telling you, creating a course is not that difficult. It really isn’t. You just start a course just now on Udemy where you can buy it for $10, they’ll show you how to create one. It’s not hard, it’s usually
putting together videos for the most part, putting
together a lot of great content, in any particular niche. So what I recommend is, hey, let’s say you wanted to learn how to do Etsy, right? Etsy was a thing for you,
you wanted to do Etsy, have an Etsy shop, well come on here, buy a
course about Etsy marketing, babam, all right. Four and a half star, 4.6 star
rating on Etsy 2018 marketing and how to make the most of it. And then you buy this course for $11, watch it, implement
it, what’s stopping you from turning around and creating a course on what you just learned? Nothing. And you can sell that course as well. You can come in here, create any course you want and sell it. Udemy will allow you to sell
courses on here as well. Another option you can
consider is Skillshare. Skillshare is another online website that has educational trainings and courses and things like that and will allow you to be able to sell your own course, too. You can become a teacher right here. And they walk you through the process. It’s step-by-step, it’s free. Connecting with peers. Just a great way to make money because remember people are always looking to create skillsets. And if you have a skillset go out there and create a course and sell that. People know now that going back to school, like colleges and universities, is not financially makes a lot of sense when they can find valuable
course content like this online. So provide the value out there and people will always be willing to pay for it. So number 11 for the best
online businesses to start going into 2019, this is
the ultimate guide isn’t it? Is eCommerce website. So you’ve heard of eCommerce. So eCommerce is essentially the act of selling something online. Whenever there’s a transaction,
someone buys something from a seller online,
that’s eCommerce happening. And so one of the best ways
for any one person to do this is to get started on Shopify. So Shopify is an eCommerce platform, one of the largest I might add, that allows you to set up shop, set up your own website
with your own designs, with your own custom domain
name, your own thing, and you can upload the designs
for whatever you’re selling. It could be your own product or it could be the
products of other people. We’re gonna talk about that when we get into affiliate stuff. But it’s a great way to make money online because you’re providing
your presence on here. Shopify pretty much
does everything for you. They do the design, the hosting for you, the transactions of the orders. I mean, it’s pretty much
everything you need right there. They got customer support. Hey, if you wanna learn more about that they have a 14-day trial. I’ll leave the link for
you to check that out. But it’s one of the best
ways a lot of people are making money right
now is through eCommerce. And Shopify is really a good
place to start with that. All right, number 10 best
online businesses to start for beginners is network marketing. So if you don’t know what
network marketing is, network marketing is essentially individual people promoting
a product and service. So you may be affiliated
with a particular company that has products. Instead of the network marketing company promoting it through traditional means like the stores and radios and TV ads. They do everything, the
marketing and distribution, through human people, through
an independent workforce. So you can be an independent affiliate with a network marketing company that’s promoting household goods. And you promote and you can sell them to your friends and your
family and things like that. In addition to that and make commissions. In addition to that you can
also build teams as well. So let’s say you have a team of customers who really love the product,
they wanna join you, they can now become also
independent reps and distributors and promote the product. When they make sales
they get percentage of it and so do you. And you get an override. That’s what makes network marketing such a great online business idea to start because usually it’s very
easy to get started with, not much money. You don’t have to worry
about the products, it’s already done for you. You don’t have to worry about
fulfillment of the orders. It’s usually already shipped
and done and dropped. Drop shipped to the customer. Everything is pretty much
online for most companies now. So one of the best places you
can go to to get information on direct selling, ’cause
direct selling is also an aspect of network marketing as well, is the dsa.org website. They’re basically Direct
Selling Association designed to protect consumers and provide accurate information about what is network marketing, what is direct selling,
and things like that. So they have a whole bunch of things. It’s all designed to protect the consumer. So I’m actually gonna do a, I probably will do a video on some of the best things to look for in
a network marketing company. If you decide that you’re gonna choose one I’m gonna probably have
something for you guys. But it’s got a lot of
good information here so you can figure out
what’s the difference between network marketing companies and how to recognize any ones
that are fake and not good. So I believe that to be a great way for many people to make
money online from home as an online business,
definitely something to consider as one of the best online
businesses to start going forward. So number nine for best online business is to start, for beginners, is Amazon Fulfillment and drop shipping. So essentially what Amazon
Fulfillment means is that, hey let’s say you have a product or you make trinkets at home, you could go to Amazon Handmade, right? Or let’s say your product
doesn’t really fit that niche and so you can use Amazon
to fulfill your orders. What you do is then you could
just package up your product, ship it over to Amazon,
Amazon will hold it. Whenever someone buys
something from your website, could be a Shopify website, and that order will then go to Amazon. Amazon will get the order, package it up, put the packing slip,
and ship it over to you, handle all your customer
service, and everything. So it’s really a great idea. Essentially that’s what dropshipping is. Dropshipping is a service
where some supplier, or someone fulfills your
order and ships the product directly to your customer. You never actually have to touch the product or see the product. Another way could be, hey, let’s say you don’t have your own products, but you wanna sell
Amazon-related products, that’s another way that it works, or any other affiliated products. They’ll take the product and package it and ship it directly to your customers. So I know Amazon Fulfillment
is something that Amazon is selling something
that a lot of people are doing really, really well with. So dropshipping, if you
wanna dropship from Amazon or any other supplier it’s
definitely a great idea. One of the best ones, I think, to get started, especially for beginners. So number eight for the best
online businesses to start for beginners going in 2019 is subscription based businesses. So let me tell you something. Subscription-based businesses
is one of my favorite ideas. Essentially what it is
is that someone pays you a fee every month for a
service that you provide. So what is it? It means that it’s ongoing, which I love, residual income, and people
continue to pay for it as long as you continue
to provide a service. That way you can continuously
be adding more and more to it, giving more value and maybe upcharging, creating more value form it. A great example of that
is a Facebook group. You don’t even have to have
your own subscription website. You could use a Facebook
group and do the whole thing and charge people for being in the group. An example of it is what Ray Higdon has done with Rank Makers,
which is a Facebook group that helps network marketers
be better at their skillsets. And he charges I think
it’s like 10 or $15 a month and he comes in here and
delivers tremendous value. The man has 13,000 members in here, making $20 a month from each one, you do the math, all right? Another example is this
guy named Chris Hogan. Basically created an entire
Facebook group where he charges, and I’m not sure if it’s this website or if it’s another one, but he charges like a small nominal fee for people to be in there
where he shares daily tips on investing and saving. Once again, we’re talking
about if you have that skillset this is something you could do. You could start a group
and invite people there and start providing tremendous value and charge for your services. I think subscription based businesses is one of the smartest
types of online businesses you can have for the following benefits that I mentioned already. Definitely one of my favorite
ones to consider for 2019. Number seven best online
business to start for beginners, is print on demand. We’re kinda talking about
the whole Amazon Fulfillment and Dropshipping thing we were mentioning, print on demand is this particular type of dropshipping and eCommerce. So essentially what it
is is let’s say T-shirts, for example, is one of
the ones I can think of. You wanna create T-shirts, right? But let’s say you don’t wanna create a, you don’t wanna make a whole
bunch of these T-shirts to sell and then have them in your house where you have to sell them. Then you have all this product inventory. That would kinda suck, right? So essentially what you could
do is talk to your supplier that will do all of this for you. They will print your T-shirts on demand. So only when someone makes an order. They will print it, they
will get it package it and then they will deliver
it to your customer and essentially dropship
it in front of them without you ever having
to see that product. So that’s print on demand,
essentially what it is. Very hot strategy right now happening. An example of a supplier that will do all these things for you is Printful. So they basically will
print all your custom design or whatever you want. Let’s say you were selling hats, you’re selling phone cases, you’re selling shirts, leggings, whatever, and then they essentially will,
once someone has an order, gets an order from your
website, the order goes through. They will get that order. You send the order for them to fulfill. They print it, they pack
it, they ship it done. It’s perfect. See your store goes to
your Printful factory and then your client gets it. So print on demand, to me, is
an online business right now that is really, really hot that, yes, even a beginner could start. If you don’t know how, hey,
don’t make excuses, go to Udemy. They have course there that you can learn. Or you can get with Shopify. I think Shopify also has great courses and great training there as well. So that’s something that
I definitely recommend. All right, number six for
your best online business to start for beginners would
be an email newsletter. Hey, I love this. Once again, this is like the
subscription based type model. Essentially you have a newsletter where you’re giving valuable information
about a particular niche. Remember, the more niche that it is the more profitable that it will be because you’ll be able to
speak to the right people who are looking for
what you’re looking for. So you can create a newsletter
that you send out every day or maybe every week or every month that has just valuable
information, a particular niche. An example of this is
a cat named Ben Settle. If you don’t know him, he’s
a very well known copywriter. Maybe not that well known. He likes to keep in
the dark kinda sort of. But he’s really good at what he does. He has an entire email newsletter called Email Players that
he sells $97 a month. People pay $97 a month for his
incredible copywriting skills and coaching in his newsletter. So if you have some type of skillset you can do the exact same thing. Once again, this is a way to monetize a skillset that you have. If you don’t have any
skills then I recommend you go to Udemy and get you
a course or go to Skillshare. Skillshare will help you. Go to Udemy and buy a
course that’s gonna help you get some skills that you can
start promoting to someone. So now we’re down to the top five. Number five best online
business to start for beginners would be to create free mini courses. So what do I mean by this? Essentially, if you bought a course and you’ve put it into action and you got some results from it, turn around, and create a free
mini course from that course that has everything you learned in it. But the way you make money from it is by including links
from different resources they’re gonna already
need inside that course. It’s a brilliant way to
do one of the top things that we’re gonna talk
about, affiliate marketing. Just great way because what it is, you’re giving a lot of value to people. People are loving you for it, and hey, it just makes
sense if they’re gonna use all this value that you gave in the course they need these tools, then hey, they might as well get the tools from you. Great way to make some great income. So now for number four, number for for the best
online business to start and for beginners in 2019
is publishing a book. Yes, that’s right. So if you go to Amazon, Amazon has their Amazon
Direct Publishing with Kindle. Essentially you can create your own book and publish your books on Amazon. It’s really powerful. Doesn’t take, it takes
you less than five minutes to publish it and it shows up everywhere on Amazon’s just massive network. Great way to make some
residual income from books and particular niches, solving
problems that are issues, and you make 70% royalty on
all the sales that you make. Great, great idea. Great way to make some great
money for an online beginner. I think it’s one of the best ideas. If you don’t know how to create a book that’s worthy of going on Amazon Kindle then I’m gonna leave a link for you below in the description on a
course that I recommend that will help you from a guy that’s made a lot of money from it. I’ve heard great reviews
and I think it’ll help you. But hey, Amazon Kindle
selling, publishing books is a great way to make money online, an online business that
any beginner can start, and I encourage you to check that out ’cause that right there is one
of my favorite ones as well. So man getting down to the top three. Number three best online things to start for beginners in 2019 is creating a YouTube channel. I think creating a
YouTube channel is amazing because first of all, videos
is what’s happening right now, and number two, YouTube
is growing like wildfire, the second largest search
engine in the planet. Probably gonna overtake
Google as the number one search engine, period, in
the next 10 years or so. People are buying and
selling all kinds of things off of YouTube and YouTube videos and it’s just a great
way to really promote anything you’re doing, whether
you have a product to sell or you’re promoting a service, anything, and so I really believe that
creating a YouTube channel is a long-term strategy
but will create passive residual income that you’re
just gonna continue having. If you’re looking for ideas
on kind of channels to create, I did a video called some of the most profitable niches
on YouTube right now. Check out that video. I’m gonna leave the
link description below. But one of my favorite ones is, hey, if you have kids, if you have kids you can create a channel around children and unboxing their toys
and things like that. Hey, it’s very popular, you get to spend time with your children, which is what I’m big on right now. And hey, you’re creating that
long-term income and legacy on YouTube that can pay you
in so many different ways. So definitely one of my favorite
ways to make money online. Best online business right now. So number two, number two
best online business to start for beginners going in
2019, affiliate marketing. So no doubt about it, affiliate marketing, one of the best ways to make
money online, hands down. Essentially what it is, it’s
basically the network marketing except in that you are an
affiliate within a company. And once you get accepted
sometimes you have to apply. And once you get accepted
then now you can promote any product or service
that that company has, and someone buys from your particular link you get paid a commission. It’s as simple as that. When someone buys from you, your link, you get paid a percentage of
the commission of the sale. One of the best places to start, and most people get started
with is Amazon Associates. You can sign up for free and join. You get paid up to 10%
in advertising fees. That’s basically commissions
from every product that you promote or sell off of Amazon. Obviously it makes sense
because they’re like one of the largest online eCommerce
based stores on the planet with just about everything
you can buy from. And so depending on
what category you’re in it will determine what
percentages you get. But it’s definitely a good place to start. Another place you can go to is ClickBank. ClickBank is an affiliate
marketing network. Essentially they house
a bunch of advertisers and different products and brands here you can choose from and promote, and so you can easily go to
your affiliate marketplace to check out and see what they have and just kinda go through
all the different things. Like if you wanna talk
about games or whatever, you can go here and see
what kinda games there are, products are being sold
and you can promote. One of the best places to
look at is the gravity. The grav will tell you just
how many people are selling it and making money from
promoting the product, so the bigger the number the better. I hear that if it’s greater than 20 or so that’s a good number. That’s a good place to
start if you wanted to start making money online with
affiliate marketing. Like I said, hey, you can
do affiliate marketing in so many different ways of promoting. We talked about the books, we talked about the lead gen sites, it’s just all kinds of
different ways to do it. So I encourage you to
really just get into that because it’s one of the
best places to make money. And then for my number one, number one way to make money online, by starting an online
business for beginner in 2019 is to become an influencer. I can’t really tell you how critical it is being an influencer. An influencer means someone
in a particular niche in the marketplace that has authority, that has leadership, that has expertise, that people listen to. People listen to you. And how do you become an influencer? It means finding a
niche, sticking with it, and showing up every
day sharing information. You can share information. It doesn’t even matter if it’s not yours. It could be information
from other resources, but if you’re the one
showing up every single day, over time you become an influencer. Yes, this is not a quick idea. This is not one that’s gonna
make you money right back. But I’m telling you, it’s
one that once you achieve it, it’s gonna make everything we talked about up until this point so much easier. How easy is it to sell to someone if they already respect you
and trust you and like you and you are the go-to resource
or one of the go-to resources in your particular niche? It’s probably pretty simple, right? Very simple to do. So I encourage you to consider
becoming an influencer. They have this article
here about people who have real big becoming influencers on various different
social media platforms. You don’t have to be this big like these people to make money, but remember all these people
started from somewhere. They all started from zero. Every single one of them. So all you gotta do is just get started. Get started with your online business, get started with your brand,
get started with what it is you wanna talk about and promote and just keep showing up. Keep showing up. How long is it gonna take? Who knows. Everybody’s different. My fingerprint’s different
from yours, right? So that’s how unique it
is in terms of the timing, how it’s gonna work with you. But what you can rest your
faith on is that it does work. It does work. So that’s it my friend. Hope you enjoyed it. Hope that was helpful for you. Did you find some ideas
(mumbles) you can take to make 2019 the year for you and beyond. I hope you did. I hope you did. So that’s it. If you enjoyed this video,
you found it to be valuable, then hey, give the video a like. I encourage you to
subscribe to the channel so that you can be
notified whenever I release new videos like this on online businesses. And hey, just for sticking
around I give you my free gift. I call it my affiliate cheat guy, lazy man’s cheat guy to
affiliate marketing fortunes. Everything you need to learn how to make the most money online with the least amount of
stress, least amount of time, and least amount of resources. So hey, if you want your free copy, it’s in the description below. So that’s it my friend,
hope you enjoyed it. Until the next exciting
episode be blessed, stay hungry out there. I’ll see you on the next one. Peace.

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