3 Amazing Small Business Tools Invention Ideas

Amanda is a maker, a practitioner of tech
wizardry and DIY magic, and this maker just got a new magic wand. This is the new
Optimus: the Optimus is a modular three-in-one machine that includes a 3D
Printer, a Laser, and CNC Mill; it assembles into two configurations and
creates finished products; this machine can make anything, except waffles. So we
designed the Optimus for people like Amanda, she’s full of cool ideas and wants to
create something new. The way that it’s been though, if you wanted to start
making, you’d have to strike a deal with the devil, to finance a lot of machines,
and a huge space to use them, and unless you’re Tony Stark, this situation is
about as convenient as a harpoon to the face, not convenient at all. So, we changed that, and created one flexible machine with three essential tools that fits on
your desktop. This machine was forged by our small
team of makers, engineers, and designers, and we’re driven by this idea that
making could be more fun, easy, and just a better experience overall. So with that thinking, we made the
Optimus simple to operate and maintain; and along with this machines, we’ve
created an app to control it, and also a simplified 3D design program, so Amanda could start making fast. While it’s easy to use, this machine was
built for professionals, who require top grade tools, this is what we’re all about. And with quality in mind, we’ve built the
Optimus with all metal parts, this ensures that it’s going to be reliable,
sturdy, and that it can bring your ideas to life, year after year. The modular design enables the whole rig
to quickly transform, back and forth, in just a few minutes, and the modular
design means it’s easy to manufacture and transport, and because you don’t need to buy three separate machines, you’ll save money, then maybe you can buy that
waffle maker too. We know first-hand about the excitement
of holding your own designs, so while others may not get why you
Make, Tinker, or Cosplay, we do, and we want to help you make the more stuff. Now you
can bring the Optimus into full production, we have successfully built,
and tested 20 machines, now the Optimus is ready. Back us and get your own
three-in-one makers dream machine or check out rewards made with the Optimus. Back the Optimus on Indiegogo today. Hi, Kickstarter, I’m John, an Industrial
Designer with over 20 years experience, designing and developing products for
industrial clients. Fabricating models and prototypes is a huge part of what I
do, but I’m using a Laser Cutter, a CNC Router, or a 3D Printer, or all of them
together, but all of the methods and tools that I’ve used, there’s one I’ve relied on heavily over the years, and that’s Vacuum Forming; it’s my so-called secret sauce, when it comes to making three-dimensional plastic parts. The
problem is though, Vacuum Formers aren’t exactly accessible, they’re massive factory grade equipment, that cost an arm and leg, and there aren’t really any proper desktop versions of them either, until now. This is Vaquform, the World’s first
digital desktop Vacuum Former. Now everyone can shape and form plastic, like
a seasoned pro, with Vaquform’s smart, efficient, and easy to use features, such
as the exclusively designed high performance hybrid vacuum system that delivers
extremely detailed shapes and parts; a computer-controlled heater and thermal
probe, that monitors the plastic temperature in real time. And a built-in library, of heating
profiles, for various materials, so you’re sure to get perfect results, part after
part after part; just select the correct profile from the menu, press Start, and
wait for the vacuum to switch on, once it’s on, all you have to do is lower
the handle bar, and begin vacuforming. With a Vaquform, you get a compact
professional-grade Vacuum Former, without the hefty price tag, allowing you to
finally get that boat rolling on that business idea of yours, or simply make
things for your own personal enjoyment, whatever those things might be, whether
it’s one of designer toys; custom packaging for bespoke gadgets; or
one-of-a-kind art pieces. By backing my project, I’ll be able to produce the
first batch of Vaquforms, and put them in the hands of makers everywhere, helping
them bring their awesome ideas to life. I’ll also be able to do further research,
on new raw materials and develop Vaquform’s software even more, continuously expanding it’s library of heating profiles, so Vaquform actually gets
better with time, now that sounds like a pretty good investment, don’t you think? For more details, feel free to look around my Kickstarter profile and make sure to
visit Vaquform’s official website and Facebook page. Thanks! Now let’s get ready to Vaquform.

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28 thoughts on “3 Amazing Small Business Tools Invention Ideas

  1. What is mentainance of this product and aftersells services in india?first one 3dprinter price.Whatever plastic industry on india is also selling less items because of global money crisis.No one wanna buy abs products nowdays , so it wasnt good for me but lets see by trying.

  2. The vaquform is amazing, the way the frame comes down is genius.
    But the price needs to come down almost an order of magnitude or copycats will kill it. Perhaps just let people buy a vaccum pump and 4 gallon tank separately? That would also allow moving the noise to a separate room or the garage.

  3. too much "magic" and "devil" word used only for a stupid physical object. you americans are stupid and childish as it's said worldwide.

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