3 Best WordPress Website Hosting Companies That Include Free SSL Certificates

This video is good to be about the three best
WordPress-based web hosting companies that will give you a free SSL certificate saving
you a bunch of money hi my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com where I make WordPress videos
for non-techies if you’re new here click on the unsubscribe button and if you like video
notifications there’s a little bell off to the side of that and you too will let you
know when I uploaded a new video now you need an SSL certificate whether you know it or
not I know I know that I needed one and I got one if you look on my website it says
secure and I got the green padlock a lot of people just know it is this green padlock
you need this for every website in fact Google made some changes and insisted in 2017 when
it started in one 2017 started that everybody needs an SSL certificate the reward you if
you get it and they will penalize you if you don’t get it if you have an e-commerce website
or any kind of commercial transactions you have to have it and any website you really
need it in fact Google even reward you in the search engine results if you have an SSL
certificate so it’s something that you need now traditionally with Webhost I don’t give
it to you for free Uribe $5200 per year per website for it and it’s getting inexpensive
pretty darn quick but now there are several web hosting companies that will give you a
free SSL certificate for each website that you have on their service and I want to talk
about three of the best Webhost right now in this video now links to everything you
could just go to order new hosting.com I have links to everything right there and also have
some bonuses if you wanted to get any of these web hosting companies willing to talk about
the very best web hosting companies in this video so two of these web hosting companies
are getting their free security certificates from a service called let’s encrypt now a
web hosting company has have specific integration with Lexus and let’s encrypt in order for
it to work the first two companies have it the third company has an even better SSL certificate
program that get you free SSL certificates here is let’s encrypt they are probably the
leaders in free SSL certificates however not is all perfect and let’s encrypt land if you
do a search for let’s encrypt security problem you see there’s been lots of problems with
let’s encrypt now that doesn’t mean their bad securities certificates it just means
that they’ve had some problems so the first web hosting company I want to talk about is
a Siteground now Siteground is probably one of the highest rated in terms of quality web
hosting companies around especially in the WordPress’s space majority-owned with all
Webhost most of their websites are WordPress-based websites but they are custom tailored for
WordPress and they were probably the first Webhost that I noticed that started offering
free SSL certificates highly respected that they were the ones that really pioneering
and putting pressure on all the other Webhost to give our free SSL certificates now they
have several plans their plans are little on the pricier side because they are metered
so if you see on this is start a plan right here 395 per month but it is a limited to
10,000 visits per month and if you look at the other two plans there’s this metered aspect
of it fantastic web hosting company but you do have to think about this whole metered
aspect of it great web hosting company when you visit order new hosting.com I’ve got information
there about some special discounts with Siteground to get you this is 60% off next working to
talk about A2Hosting I love A2Hosting I think the performance of A2Hosting is better than
what you’re going to get from Siteground the value is better than what you get at Siteground
A2Hosting’s fantastic web hosting company they do not have that metered thing which
are getting at Siteground so you’re not can have this limitation on how many visits your
website can get very very reasonable pricing I also have a special discount lined up with
them order new hosting.com you’ll read about that I like them a lot I’m actually working
on a full review video for A2Hosting because they are that good and next to her and talk
about the web hosting company that gives you free SSL but is not let’s encrypt their actually
giving you Komodo I think I’m pronouncing that right SSL certificate which is way better
than the let’s encrypt security certificate now that company is InMotion hosting now this
is actually knew about a year ago I will I was talking to the folks at InMotion hosting
I said you guys gotta get on this free SSL bandwagon you have to do this they looked
at let’s encrypt they decided there some problems there they don’t want to go that route and
it took him about a year to get Komodo in place where you’re getting a free premium
SSL certificate in your not paying for it it’s going to be free to you now this actually
just launched any new web hosting accounts going to get it all the older web hosting
accounts are going to start having it added and there also adding it to VPS’s and reseller
hosting accounts and it’s just a higher-quality SSL certificate you can see they give other
subscribers in my channel 857% discount when you sign up for a new web hosting account
with them also visit order new hosting.com for info on getting that discount billing
will also be in the video description box and when you click on order new hosting.com
or visit that website I have a special bonus that I like to give to people that are new
setting up WordPress websites or maybe there Novus WordPress users I have paid training
courses on my website there from 97 up to 197 I put a essential bundle of these courses
together worth over $500 when you visit ordinal hosting.com you’ll see about that bundle and
if you order web hosting for many of these three companies I will give you that access
to that course bundle for free just to make sure that you get off to the right start with
having a WordPress website that you take care of yourself that you get running lightning
quick yourself secure yourself etc. etc. so you can visit order new hosting.com to find
out all the information on that and also to get the special discounts I’m lined up with
these three web hosting companies this is all exclusive to me through order new hosting.com
now if you’re using any of these three web hosting companies I want to hear about it
in the video description below I know probably 90% of the viewers of this channel are using
one of these three companies for your own West web hosting needs I’d love to hear how
the experience is going down below which one you thinks best out of the three let’s not
trust the other two but let’s praise the one that you’re using and having a good experience
with hate thanks for watching this video and I’ll talk to you in the comments section down

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75 thoughts on “3 Best WordPress Website Hosting Companies That Include Free SSL Certificates

  1. Great info about free SSL Adam!

    I'm already using InMotion through your link. So they also give free Comodo SSL certificate for active users?

  2. 100% Adam,
    You've recommended InMotion Hosting & I've used it religiously since. Never any issues at all.
    It is nice to hear about a free SSL, it's about time thank you for another great video.

  3. Adam, who do YOU host with. Did I miss that? 🙂 I love the idea of getting comodo SSL, but is the performance good on inMotion, for a VPS server? Do you know?

  4. So I'm not trashing but just sharing my experience.

    I currently have a Siteground Grow Big and some Reseller credits. By far, super easy to install LE SSL. As far as support, it amazes me how good it is, I can see why their hosting is more expensive than others.

    I literally just got an A2 reseller account few days ago. Support is helpful but not nearly as good as Siteground. But they do respond so that's a good thing. Unfortunately today was a bit of a let down. My reseller account went down, no biggie, because I can just submit a ticket and find out what's going on. Well, to my surprise, the A2 website was down also, it was showing the cloudflare popup websites show when their down. So there was no way to submit a ticket. Took about an hour or so for the site to come back up. Will let this one hiccup slide and keep on testing A2 for now.

    I definitely want to try out Inmotion hosting Adam, but over on the WP hosting group it doesn't get much love. But I guess I'll never know until I try.

  5. Hay Adam, just in time. As always your videos are Great! I have been looking to change hosting companies and at one point I looked at inmostion hosting but at the time they did not offer free SSL. I already have a paid SSL from COMODO, but free is always good. Thank you, Adam!

  6. I have a free SSL with Cloudflare is that going to continue or do you think I should be looking for an alternative ?

  7. Do you get a free SSL certificate for each and every every website on your host, e.g. InMotion Hosting? Or do you get only one free certificate?

    The SSL may be free on InMotion, but when I last looked, you have to pay for a unique IP address assigned to each certificate. For InMotion. this costs an additional $24 a year per SSL certificate. So four websites would cost you near $100 a year. So an SSL certificate isn't exactly free since you have to pay for the IP address.

    Let's Encrypt will offer FREE WILDCARD SSL CERTIFICATES in 2018. This is HUGE. This allows one SSL certificate to cover unlimited subdomains for a website. For example, for mywebsite.com, the following websites are covered: subdomainA.mywebsite.com, subdomainB.mywebsite.com, etc. Without a Wildcard certificate, all of these need separate SSL certificates – and multiple IP addresses to pay for. With a Wildcard certificate, you would need one IP address to pay for. When I last looked at SSL certificates on InMotion, they did not offer Wildcard SSL certificates but support them if you bought them from a third party.

    Thanks for your videos and your hard work.

  8. Hi Adam, If people live in the UK there is a very good hosting company called Guru, and they give you free SSL certificates. You can find out more about them at www.guru.co.uk – they do offer their service across the world, not just in the UK. We were recommended to them by Lee Jackson, from WP innovator (This is not an ad – we just use them),

  9. Great videos Adam, i use inmotion hosting for just 1 month now, i have a resellers account. They are great, very fast very secure, and outstanding support, imagine that i am in Greece with 7 hours time difference and 3 times that i wanted help they were always there, 24/7 real support

  10. I use inMotionhosting VPS2000. Their customer service is TOP NOTCH. Hands down they are one of the best places on the web to host your sites. I had a VPS1000 for years and recently needed more space and a little bit faster server. I explained my situation and was apprehensive about the price increase from VPS1000 to VPS2000. They offered to give me the discounted initial rate for a new customer…permanently, as long as I"m with their company. You can't beat this! They work with you, explain things to you and help you be a better webmaster. As a designer this is critical for me! I don't want to learn all about the intricacies of a server, I want to design functional, beautiful websites. They help me do that. I'm a customer for life!

  11. Does the discount you got for us for hosting only work for the first year?
    Can you explain to us what type of hosting to get and for what situations?

    For example, on InMotion Hosting, there are:
    1. the shared hosting plans,
    2. the virtual private server (VPS) plans, and
    3. the dedicated server hosting plans.


    SHARED HOSTING = $84, $108, or $192 PER YEAR
    + NO IP ADDRESS = $24 per year additional cost per SSL certificate.

    + 3 to 5 IP ADDRESSES for free = $72 to $120 SAVED PER YEAR versus Shared Hosting

    DEDICATED SERVER HOSTING = $2280, $2640, and $3600 PER YEAR
    + 5 to 15 IP ADDRESSES for free = $120 to $360 SAVED PER YEAR versus Shared Hosting

    HIDDEN COST OF AN SSL CERTIFICATE: each SSL certificate needs a DEDICATED IP ADDRESS which costs $24 PER YEAR.

    Thanks for your work. I appreciate what you do.

  12. Thank you Adam. With new hosting comes migration, do you have videos on that process, best tips, tools, etc for a seamless transition?

  13. Thanks Adam, I have only used Inmotion. I love your videos and saw the review you did about them sometime back and used your offer and signed up with them. They offer fantastic support especially for a non tech like me! This is great news on SSL. Keep up the great work Adam

  14. I am using inmotion hosting purchased through your affiliate link….It was one of the best decision I made for hosting my websites. Thank you Adam!
    Will the older customers get the free ssl given by inmotion hosting?

  15. Heloo I have one problem. My Woocommerce site acts silly its something in Wp codes. i wantr reinstall WP . but before i want backup all the products i have. can you advice some ppugin?? downml doesnt work. Exporting products gives me only xml file where it arranges product imgs by codes but it doesnt save imgs. sooo iwant some how save Media files or if possible all products(imgs included)

  16. Actually, I have installed new theme & as well imported the demo data…

    but when i make changes in any pages or past then i got 500 error…. how to fix this please help…

  17. In actual fact, if you go with a premium quality host you gain a lot of SEO benefit, this isn't spoken about too much but it is true. I use a very non-sexy hosting service, but it is pretty darn good – WPgateway

  18. SSL is a need, not an option, on today's internet.
    It is mandated by Google or your website will be downgraded in searches.
    It is demanded by consumers in order to trust your website.

    But SSL has usually been very very expensive.
    And Hosting Services make a ton of money selling SSL to you.
    And even if you get a free SSL certificate, there was a $25 a year fee to get a dedicated IP for the SSL, plus a $25 installation fee (one time). So FREE was not really free.

    The more website you have, the greater the cost. With SSL costing $99 per website, having 10 websites means $1000 a year in SSL fees. This is more expensive than the cost of the hosting and domain name registrations combined.

    It is fantastic that some hosts are realizing that SSLs are no longer an option but a necessity. And charging for SSLs is not in the interest of their customers.

    Thanks to Let's Encrypt breaking down barriers.

    On InMotionHosting.com, I finally found their hidden Free SSL Guide: https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/website/cpanel/auto-ssl-guide

    It was really hard to find. This is a huge attraction for customers but InMotionHosting is sacrificing millions of dollars in income from selling SSL certificates. So some of their staff must not be totally happy about this.

    But I as a customer am happier.

    For a while, I considred moving to NameHero.com – a small hosting company which is doing everything it can to serve their customers right – being the first to offer free SSL certificates. They even automatically and for free link you to Cloudflare with Railgun to speed up page loads! And they are very up front about server resource limitations. Of course, they host on SSDs. They are off the bat more customer oriented than InMotionHosting – but again, they are a young and small company.

    On InMotionHosting:

    The free certificates use SNI without a dedicated IP – so no more $25 a year IP costs.

    And you can get a free certificate for EVERY DOMAIN on your hosting account. Yay! This is a huge win for customers.

  19. Hey Adam, I'm a bit of a greenhorn when it comes to self-hosting and chose to go with SiteGround. Love their support!! Also, wanted to give you a huge a shout-out and thank you for your tuts. Without your amazing content I might have gone in a different direction only to later regret it. Same applies for Theme's (GPP) and Page Builder's (EP). Thanks so much for doing a great job!! You have become a trusted digital friend.

  20. InMotion's hosting accounts are confusing. Business hosting and WordPress hosting seem to have the same pricing points and same specs. Which one should we choose going through your link?

  21. I Just used your link to sign up to InMotion and to move over from Host Gator as I don't have SSL with them and it is a pain to get. Thank you Adam. Once again great advice & video. Regards

  22. Excelente tutorial. Estoy usando actualmente Siteground y lo recomiendo como una muy buena opción para su hosting. Antes estaba con Hostgator pero tuve que salir corriendo por su pésimo respaldo técnico.

  23. Hi Adam, have a question for you. The free SSL's which are included in the hosting package of these service providers, are they free for lifetime or is it just free for the first year?

  24. Hello,
    I haven't had any problems with HG, but I'm considering moving my ecomm site from them to IMH come renewal time or maybe sooner. I started with HG hatchling earlier this year, then changed to the baby cloud package. Neither package offers free ssl, and I'm not really sure about security of the cloud. Changing hosts makes me nervous, since I don't really understand it. Could I leave my domain name with HG, but host with IMH? My site is not developed yet; still very empty, so I think a change now would be better than later when it's built up. Right?
    Thank You.

  25. Wanted to get a Reseller package with InMotion but they do not offer free SSL certificates at the moment, they dont know when they will add this service. Very dissapointing

  26. Setting up my first website. Going with Inmotion Hosting. They offer BoldGrid as a preloaded page builder. Love your tutorials on Elementor, would I be able to use Elementor instead? Are they comparable? How do they size up? Thank you

  27. I have created couple of websites on WordPress (with heavy plugins), however the hosting provider that I'm currently using is not good as the sites are running very slow due to the plugins installed. My question is- do u have an idea whether these hosting providers will be able to handle the load of the plugins on my WordPress sites?

  28. Hey Adam. Great vids, thanks for your hard work! Quick question for you. I was almost about to sign up with A2 hosting but decided to go with hostinger because it was less expensive. Hostinger offers a free SSL certificate with Let's Encrypt and the ability to add Let's encrypt to all future websites for free – but apparently I have to manually update the SSLs on the additional site. Wondering if you have an opinion/review on hostinger? I have 30 days to change to change my mind so if there are any red flags you can point out, I'd rather change to one of these three options. Thanks so much.

  29. Hi Adam, I am using Inmotion and so far i'm very happy, especially with the customer service. Since I'm a relative newbie this was very important. I never have to wait more than a minute or two to get a response and they are always patient and helpful. Going to look into the SSL now.

  30. Which company is best for woocommerce and include ssl and is the fastest, have best security and have the best support for the money ? and if you will have sites both in the US and Australia

  31. Hey there, i noticed you only looked at Shared Hosting. Out of the 3, which one would you recommend for VPS or Cloud Hosting? Thanks.

  32. Hi
    I want your opinion about (mochaHost web hosting)
    It’s very cheap … so that make me afraid from it,
    I trust your opinion.

  33. I have never had a problem with Blue Host, but I am considering changing to one of your recommended ones.  I am interested to learn more, since my three years with BH is up next month.

  34. Okay, doing it. Switching from Bluehost over to InMotion. I just chatted with the InMotion sales people and they were super helpful and fast. Looks like they'll be a little faster too.

  35. I've used all three and they all have their good points (and not so good ones), but they're all so much better than the EIG/GD crowd.

    I think your SSL comments in regard to Google are a little misleading. There isn't any data to support the fact that non-ssl websites (still) are being "penalised" in SERPs. If you said that Google looks favourably on a site having a correctly configured and installed SSL then I would agree with you.

    Plus, especially for us in Europe with GDPR coming in, there's going to be a higher concentration on businesses having an SSL so that the collection and communication of user data is secure.


  36. Hi, I personally use hosting from GetLark . It is a fast, simple and secure platform with very good technical support. Additionally, they give the service for 14 days free of charge. It will be suitable for web sites, shops and those based on WordPress. I highly recommend, I am very happy.

  37. Hi Adam, my account of hostgator is going to expire, and thinking of going to inmotion.Great Video

  38. Hii Adam,
    I need a hosting plan for my 10 websites for my INDIAN visiters,
    Which should I choose between SITEGROUND , INMOSTION HOSTING and A2 HOSTING.
    Please help me you all.

  39. Siteground provide only 30 gb shared hosting.. Is it enough for lare website.. What happened when my data near 30 gb

  40. i,m asking for website hosting for word press can load more than 1.000 visitor online without any problem > witch one you recommend for me?

  41. Inmotion or Siteground? Many of others recommend siteground so are they good in marketing or are they really good?
    My top priorities are quick and good customer support, speed and less loading time

  42. InMotion sounds attractive given your dx but have you seen the customer reviews ?

  43. Hi Adam, I have most of my sites hosted on Dreamhost. They offer free SSL with Let's encrypt and their pricing is very good. Sometimes I find their dashboard to be confusing. I am thinking of switching to Inmotion. What are your thoughts about Dreamhost?

  44. I quit having web sites around 6 months ago and now looking at trying again, at 80 years of age some of the 'knots' getting on line can be difficult, after being brought up using a hammer and chisel the IM and web scene is complex. I have a load of mech engineering Power Point presentations I would like to get out of the computer into the world of hammer & chisel and so I will try once more and look at Inmotion to restart. Ernie Terry

  45. They look like good options but still a bit overpriced, even with the SSL certs – I have been with Media Temple for a few years, they have great support and I currently run 14 sites on there and I pay 20 bucks a month. Ok, they don't offer free SSL certs but still, better value I think.

  46. Do I need to purchase hosting for each website I buy? Or do I just purchase one hosting package and just point the DNS servers to my hosting account such as A2. Then do you ad WordPress to each? Thanks

  47. A2 swift vs turbo…

    Is it worth the extra $$$ to get turbo. I spoke with customer support and they couldnt specify what was best for site getting 4k uniques month, running wordpress/woocommerce.

    Any thoughts. Using slooooow arvixe shared and looking for much faster host. Speed is main concern…want the fastest host i can get for <$10 month that includes free SSL

    Looked at siteground but too many stories of CPU throttling during traffic spikes ie viral posts.

  48. Hi Adam! Does your 57% discount still work for inmotion hosting? I am looking to leave Site Ground as there prices has increased dramatically.

  49. I have built a website with elementor. I bought the domain name and hosting from GoDaddy but I don't have a SSL certificate. Now my domain name is still valid for 2 more years but my hosting is about to expire. Can I use the above hostings? How can I transfery website from GoDaddy to either of these hostings?

  50. Adam what plan are you on in cloudways and which server (Digital ocean, gcloud) and which setting would you recommend on cloudways for some one heavy on plugins, and has couple of subdomains ?

  51. A2 hosting is fcking dumb site won't let you register a domain in .com even it's unique to other site like putanginamoka

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