3 Blackhat Marketing Methods To AVOID | Do Not Do These Black Hat Methods

What’s up marketers? So, in this video I’m
going to do something slightly different. I’m actually going to give you an idea
of marketing techniques. They’re called blackhat marketing techniques. I’m going
to show you three blackhat marketing techniques to avoid using. Now, do not use
these blackhat marketing techniques. I’m going to show you 3 of them. And I’m
also going to be explaining exactly what is blackhat marketing. And I’ll be talking a
little bit about why do people use blackhat marketing techniques. And I’ll
like be explaining to you why you shouldn’t use any of these techniques.
And you should avoid them at all cost. Now, let’s get into the video. I’ll be
showing you these. And I’ll also be going on my computer and showing you some
examples of blackhat marketing techniques that you need to be wary of.
And how they market to people and how to avoid these sorts of scandalous type of
things. Okay, so 3 techniques to avoid. But before I get into the 3
techniques, I want you to understand what is blackhat marketing. Now, blackhat
marketing it can do one of 2 things. It can either… It doesn’t comply with the
rules. You can break the rules. Okay? Rules are meant to be broken. Rules
don’t get you in any trouble. If you break a rule,
nothing really bad happens. But some of these techniques actually break the law.
So, blackhat marketing is one of those things… Some of these techniques
depending on what country you’re in. They make break rules and they make break
laws. Now, why do people use blackhat marketing techniques? Now, some people are
looking for shortcuts. They’re looking for short term ways to make a lot of
money fast. And they don’t really care about rules or the law. And people use
these to advertise you know, such things such as products that are not
compliant with a particular ad network. Or maybe they seek to advertise in ways
using landing pages that are not compliant. Facebook doesn’t like
pop-ups. So, if you advertise a landing page or a web page that includes
pop-ups or autoplay videos then you’re out of compliance. And that could
technically be considered blackhat marketing on Facebook. But
that’s not that bad. There are things that are even worse. And I’ll kind of go
into those. The reason why you don’t want to use these techniques is because you
can get your account banned, okay? Again, there’s no financial or
physical repercussions. But you will get your Facebook account or your Instagram
account or your Google account or whatever account you’re using your email
account banned. So, you won’t be able to use it anymore. This happens all the time
every day. A lot of people do this. And there’s always kind of a constant battle
between people using black hat techniques to grow their
YouTube channels super fast. Or to advertise products that are like
guaranteed to make money on Facebook. But Facebook doesn’t allow, right? There’s all
sorts of things like that that people do every day in order to make a quick
dollar. But again, at the end of the day, you need to avoid these techniques
because you could get your Facebook account banned or your Instagram account
or your Twitter or your YouTube account banned. And you won’t get it back, okay?
So, those are the problems with that. Now, the first black hat technique I’m going to
go over is what’s called farming or using farmed accounts. Now, this technique
applies to Facebook because Facebook has a lot of rules. They have a lot of
products they don’t allow to be advertised. They don’t allow weight loss
products to be advertised, for instance. But if McDonald’s or Taco Bell or Burger
King want to advertise, they let them all day, right? But not weight loss products.
Facebook also doesn’t like products to be advertised that are network marketing-related. Facebook also doesn’t like products to be advertised that are
dating-related. Back in the day if you remember when Facebook was just 5
years ago, when it was younger, all the ads were dating ads. And the reason all
the ads were dating ads is because dating ads work. Facebook is a social
network. And people who are socializing. Want to date. Dating ads would be sent to
people who were already married saying, ‘Hey. Ever thought about cheating on your
wife or ever want fling Ashley Madison?” So, these dating
sites blew up because they were advertising on Facebook. Now, it worked so
well it built billion-dollar companies. But Facebook stopped allowing that
because think it’s better for their user experience. So, there’s a lot of products
not allowed to be advertised on Facebook. And you’ll get banned if you advertise
those products on Facebook. But the time period between when you start
advertising or posting links for those products and when you get banned, you
might make an incredible ROI. Some people I know make… You know, it’s
not uncommon to hear 1,000% ROI. So, somebody spends $10 in ads and
makes back 100. Somebody spends 1,000 in ads and makes back
$10,000. The same day. I even know people who spend $10,000
a day in ads and make back a $800,000. And then when
Facebook catches on, their account is banned. And they lose a Facebook account.
Therefore there’s people out there who use what’s called farmed accounts or
they buy hundreds and hundreds of accounts so that they can just run ads
for one day and make that 10 thousand percent ROI until they get
banned. Now, an example of a site where people are buying Facebook accounts is a
site sort of like this. Most of them are based overseas.
This is site one of my friends told me about. And this is an example of a site
you want to avoid. Okay? And you can buy farmed accounts. You can buy aged
accounts. And there’s a whole tactic and technique to doing this. You see they
have Facebook ad accounts because people want to make that 1,000%
ROI. So, you can get bulk Facebook accounts or you can get ready to work
accounts. And all this terminology continues to change because it’s like a
cat and mouse game with Facebook. But basically, with bulk accounts you have to
warm do what’s called warming them up. And with ready-to-work accounts, you have
to you can place ads instantly but they cost more money.
There’s a lot of scams in the space and because these people are circumventing
their rule circumventers. Or their rule breakers. You can’t necessarily trust any
of the companies in this space. And it’s very easy to get scammed. If you
were to ever try to do this, It’s very easy to get scammed.
There’s even companies and software’s that allow you to manage multiple farmed
accounts. Because there’s people out there that farm hundreds or thousands of
accounts. And there’s software companies which are legitimate software companies.
Like cowboy kit right here which cost a lot of money. And they allow you to
manage many accounts at once I think they may even give you farmed accounts
and they give you payment methods. So, this is a sort of thing… You know, it
costs just to start with something like this which is really kind of the
all-in-one solution it costs 1,500 to 3,500 dollars.
Not cheap thing to start. But again, the only people really get this deep into
blackhat marketing generally they’re making a lot of money so they can afford
it. Now, the next method that I’m going to go over of blackhat marketing which you
want to avoid.. And again, these videos are purely for entertainment purposes. I do
not endorse any of these techniques. And you should not do them. Okay. Now, what is
link cloaking? Now, link cloaking… What it is once again, it goes beyond the ad
account. Is that a lot of these ad networks, they have rules. They have sorts
of ads and they’ve sorts of landing pages which they don’t allow. And the
reason they don’t allow them is because you know, maybe they detract from the
user experience. But why do people go through all this effort to advertise?
Them why do people go through all the effort to advertise these sorts of
landing pages? And the reason is is because once again marketers who’ve been
doing marketing for a long time. I mean, some of these landing pages, they’re
scammy. They’re using fake testimonials. There’s products that teach people how
to make money online. But every one of the testimonials is fake, right? I’m a
real person, I have real students, I have real testimonials. I’m considered white
hat. But there’s companies out there that will fake everything to get create an
allure of a product. Maybe it’s diet weight loss pills. Maybe it’s skincare
that magically works. Maybe they’ll use fake endorsements from like Dr. Oz or
Oprah. Which are clearly falsified. But obviously, if something if Oprah
endorsed a skincare product, if Dr. Oz endorsed a weight-loss product, it would
fly off the shelves. Marketers know that all they need to do is say Tony Robbins
endorses this money making method. That only $47. And it would
sell. Right? Tony Robbins said, “This is the number one way to work from home. I
recommend you do this right now.” Many people would buy it and it would
work. But he has never done that. Some marketers know this and they want to
advertise those pages. And Facebook doesn’t want them to advertise fake
endorsements and fake testimonials and all that stuff. So, that’s why people
cloak links. And what link cloaking is? It’s when you make sure that the link… If
somebody from Facebook or somebody that works for Facebook. Or let’s just say
somebody located in California clicks on the link. You have a link here that they
go to a legitimate looking site. But somebody who is an on Facebook employee,
somebody who’s a real prospect sees this one. So, that there were people reviewing
the ads they see a page that looks perfectly fine that has no fake
testimonials, no fake endorsements. And they say, “Oh, this is nice. They’re just
teaching people how to write books and there’s no fake endorsements or fake
testimonials.” Whereas a real American, 300 million people in America go to
a page that is loaded with fake testimonials and fake endorsements. And
that’s how some of these marketers, they will buy accounts and they will use
cloaked links so that they can get that thousand percent ROI. And they’ll go
through… They’ll get banned 10 times a day. You’ll have 10 facebook ad accounts
banned every day for months. Just so they can get that high ROI. Now, link cloaking
itself is not illegal. There’s nothing illegal about cloaking links. It’s simply
redirection, okay? It’s simply sending some people to one website and other
people to another website. But if you utilize it on ad networks such as
Facebook and Google or Facebook or Google or whatever, YouTube. Then you can
have your ad account banned, okay? So, it goes against their rules. But
is nothing illegal about cloaking services. That said, these are some
companies that are offer kind of cloaking services. Now, noIPfraud is a
company that you will not… You know, it’s it’s a very well-known cloaking company.
Or very underground. But you can’t get accepted to it unless you are a student
of my super affiliate system because it requires a referral, okay? All of these
services are somewhat expensive. Okay? Now, clicktool is another company
that kind of has link cloaking built into its platform. And this is run by my
friend out here in Los Angeles. And very successful. Extremely successful
affiliate marketer –Carlos Cruz. He currently spends about 5 million
dollars per month on Facebook Ads. He makes a great return. He’s an affiliate
marketer spending 5 million dollars a month. Just think about
for a second. There’s a lot of people working for him. He has a pretty crazy
life. He’s a really sick house. I won’t go too much deeper but he’s a cool guy. And
I endorsed this. And you can get a free trial of this software. Yeah, you can
start with it free. So, as you see, it as custom domain; all the stuff you need. Now,
this last method it’s also a little controversial. Again nothing illegal
about this. But if you use it in the wrong way, you are breaking the rules. And
this is utilizing data breaches. So, what’s interesting is maybe you’ve heard
about one of these data breaches that has happened. You know, LinkedIn got
hacked. Macy’s got hacked. Apple got hacked.
Myspace got hacked. Every company is getting hacked. But where does all that
data end up from these companies that get hacked.
Well, that data is actually pretty freely available.
They’re called breached databases. Some of that data is resting on forums like
this site –raidforums. And there’s many other places where you can find hacked
databases or they’re called data breaches. There’s nothing illegal about
downloading them because it’s considered public data. But what you see here is
there’s 5 billion emails from over 300 databases here that you
can download. These are big files. And you can simply just download these
databases. Look, you have Apple’s database of 350,000 app users that have been
hacked. And if you select this, let’s look at this. You could just click download.
And you it I think it costs a few bucks to download it. But you will get device
information, the names, the iPads, the iPhones, the iPods, the device IDs of
different people’s devices. You can download the entire Connecticut voter
database that was hacked back in 2015 with two million records in it. Again, you
click download here. And the data that it contains is voter IDs full names, date of
birth, genders, phone numbers and citizen status. Here’s a database that contains
57 million people in it from a dating site zoosk which was hacked back
in 2015. And this database comprises of the people’s email addresses and their
passwords. So, you can download all this information. But if you use this in any
way, you can actually go to jail, okay? If you try to use this to log into
somebody’s account, I believe that can be a violation that can even get you to go
to jail. So, all this information is really it’s out there. If you use this
information if you upload these email addresses, let’s say you’re trying to
advertise a dating website and you upload this information to Google or
YouTube or Facebook to target an audience around, then you can get your
account banned. Because it isn’t your information. You didn’t collect that
information yourself. These people did not opt in. If you try to send these
people an email, you can go to jail because that is considered spamming.
These people never authorized you to send them commercial email. So once again,
avoid these methods. Be aware of them. You might come across them but these either
break the rules or some of them even break the law. And there’s a lot of stuff
in here. So, let me know which method is the craziest to you. Let me know in the
chat below or in the comments which method are you just like whoa! You know,
that’s horrible. That’s crazy. And let me know what you’d
like to hear more about in the future. And just guys, remember. I’m here to help
you make money. But I also want to help you avoid things that are
be avoiding. So,as always, guys, make sure you support the channel. Subscribe. I’m
showing you real marketing stuff that’s going on.
I’m the craziest marketer that will be on YouTube. If you know that I am the
craziest marketer on YouTube, type in “craziest marketer”. Make sure to
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watching and talk to you in the next video.

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