3 Deadly Mistakes Online Business Owners Make And How To Avoid Them

Inside this video I want to talk about something
that’s really close to my heart and something that I think is really important for your
success online. Just a few days ago–in fact just a couple
of days ago, I got a message from my friend Daniel Scocco, who wrote a really, really
fascinating report. It’s actually a very short report called the 10 Deadly Business
Mistakes That You Should Avoid. Now as I read through this report, three of
the ten points really stood out to me. And I thought that I wanted to talk about each
one of these three points with you and explain to them how they have helped me become more
successful online. So with these three points, I’m sure that if you apply them in your
online business or even your offline business, your success for this year would be a lot
greater. Listen to these three things that I want to
talk about that Daniel talks about them inside this report as well. He talks about seven
other deadly mistakes that business owners make and how to avoid them as well. But I’ll
tell you, towards the end of this video, how you can get access to this report. It’s
totally free. Without further ado, let’s get into those
3 things that I think are really important if you want to be successful online in particular. The first deadly mistake that people make
is that they do not solve specific problem. Now, this is so common. In fact, this is the
first thing that I did, the first mistake that I made when I started with my online
business. So I created a book. I wrote a book. It took me 21 days to write this book of 200
pages long. Seriously, it was a mammoth effort that took me 21 days—not just 21 days, it
was 24/7 that I spent on this book. So there’s a massive, massive effort. And
I created this book thinking that I created something that people needed. Now the mistake
that I made was that I didn’t really identify specific problem to solve. I solved the problem
that I thought that people needed to get solved. But in fact, I didn’t think about what they
really want to get solved. There’s a big difference between what people want and what
people need. You need to figure out–what do people want?
What are the problems? What are the frustrations they have that you can solve for them? And
one of the key ways to do that is to just ask, hang around to places where people are,
where they’re having those problems, with your audiences–basically. Ask them. Get
involved and find out what are those problems. Once you know what those problems are, you
can solve them. And until then, everything you do online or in business will not be very
successful. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is once you’ve identified
that problem or that specific need that you’re solving, the next thing is to really apply
massive focus. This is something that a lot of people struggle with online, specifically,
because there are so many distractions. And one of the easiest ways to fail online is
to do too many things all at once. This is the second mistake that people make—not
focusing. What you need to do, is you need to find this
one thing–this one problem that you’re solving and focus all your attention on that
one thing until it’s solved. This could be in the form of a product or a project that
you focus on—to create a product, to create the solution. It can be starting up a new
blog. Whatever it is, it’s applying that single-minded
focus on this one thing and just doing that one thing and getting rid of all other distractions.
That’s definitely been one of my key strategies for success online. When I did the Become
A Blogger program, that’s all I did. I didn’t do anything else when I did the Free Magic
Live program. That’s all I did. I didn’t’ do anything else. In fact, for any of the
other products or projects I’ve ever done in my life, the ones that were successful
and the ones that became successful really quickly with one set of focused on. This brings me to the last one that I think
is really important and the last mistake that people make online that you can avoid. That
is that a lot of people don’t finish what they start. People start a lot of different
things and they don’t finish it. They start one exciting project or they do one exciting
course and then they get introduced to another exciting course and then another one or whatever
else. Before you know it, you’re doing five or
ten different things all at the same time and you, just like having lack of focus, don’t
get time to finish any of them. And so it’s really important to once you start something
and you’re confident that it will work—that you work your way through it and finish it.
That’s absolutely critical. If you don’t have any finish products, you
can’t sell any products. If I never finished Become A Blogger, we never would have been
able to sell it properly. And the same for my work with Free Magic Live and Street Magic
Mastery and any of the other products I’ve ever worked on. You have to finish it. That
is absolutely the key. So those are the three mistakes that I believe
that are absolutely keys. When you make those mistakes, you cannot succeed online. And you
need to be able to get those things right. Solve the problem. Be focus and finish what
you start. Those are the three main things, I think,
you need for becoming successful online. There’s a whole bunch of other things as well. Those
are the three main things to help you get started. Now Daniel talks about seven other things
inside this free report, the 10 Deadly Business Mistakes You Should Avoid and this is through
his Onlineprofits.com business. And in fact, he’s really launching his Onlineprofits.com
business, I think, at the same time when you can get accessed to this report so keep an
eye for that. But this report is totally free. You can download
by clicking on the link right below this video. So just go ahead and click on that link and
that will give you access to this amazing free report. I think once you’ve read this
report and really apply it to your online business, it will help you skyrocket your
success online. So thank you for watching this video, I really
hope that you can use these lessons–these three main lessons that I’ve talked about
and also the other seven lessons that Daniel talks about in his report to help you become
mega successful online for this year. Talk to you soon. Goodbye. Click on the link below to get instant free
access to 10 Deadly Business Mistakes You Should Avoid.

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