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– Do you want to know
the three key mistakes that I see so many integrative
health practitioners make with their website? Hi, I’m Uli Iserloh and as
a marketing technologist, I have a very unique perspective on what it takes for
integrative health practitioners to put their website to work. And to start out, the number one goal of your website is to
convert a website visitor into an email subscriber. Because unless you have their email, you cannot follow up with them, you cannot continue the conversation. And what we do know is that it takes a series of seven to 10 touch points to go from a no, not right now to a yes. So number one, your website
needs to look the part. Just like in dating,
people are very visual and they evaluate each other
based on how they look. And so if your website
doesn’t look up to par, if it looks like it is outdated, that’s sort of hampering your ability to make that initial connection. Number two, you need to
talk about the right things. At this stage, when a
patient with chronic disease comes to your website,
they’re not necessarily in a buying mood, they’re not ready to set up a paid appointment with you, so what we need to be
talking about is about them, about their problem. You have to clearly identify
and clearly showcase why you are the one to help them resolve the problem that they’re facing. And that starts with being very clear about what is the problem that
you can help them resolve? What is the problem that they are willing to give you money for
to help them resolve it? And what that entails is being clear on what is actually the problem
that you can help them with. Can you help them with
it, and number three, are they wanting to give you money for it? Because if they’re not
willing to give you money for it or only very little money, then it becomes really hard for you to market that service, right? So that’s number two,
saying the right things. And when you start dating, nobody wants to talk to somebody that’s
constantly just talking about themselves and doesn’t let them get a word in edge-wise. So your website needs
to be patient-centric talking about their problems
and articulating how you are able to help them with their problem. And number three, you need to
capture their phone number. So again, I see so many
integrative health practitioners that have nothing on their website to capture people’s email address. And because they don’t have this, they’re not building an email list. And because they don’t have an email list, they’re not nurturing people,
and so it’s impossible for them to actually
convert website visitors into an actual phone consultation. So if you are complaining
that your practice is not getting enough new
patients, if your phone is not ringing enough,
the answer is not more SEO or more paid advertising, the answer is first create an email nurture sequence that explains what you
do and that positions you as the go-to expert in your community. So I hope this video is helpful for you. Let me know in the comments
how that lands for you, and what stumbling blocks
you have encountered in creating an email nurture sequence, and I’ll hook you up with
additional resources.

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