3 Reasons to Start an Online Business | Mary Freeth

Why do people start an online business?
I’m going to offer three reasons: #1 – They want more time time to spend with
family… time to be with their kids… time to help their parents as they need help
#2 – They want more money. Let’s face it… money CAN bring you freedom. With
money… you can surround yourself with things that you like. With money… you can
take trips… you can travel the world… you can do things that you want to do. With
money… you can live in the place where you want to live. And #3 –
people want to live a life of meaning and purpose. People want to know that
they are making a difference in the world… that they are contributing in some
way to the greater good for all. To find out more about how YOU can start an
online business and get these 3 things for yourself… Click on the link…
enter your name and email address… and i’m going to send you a Video Workshop
Series that will explain to you how YOU can get Time Freedom… Financial Freedom…
and Make A Difference in this world through an online business. I’m Mary Freeth…
and I look forward to speaking to you soon.
Bye for now.

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