3 Simple Steps To Systemize Your Business – Systemize Your Business Ep. 4

– [Narrator] The King
of High-Ticket Sales. World’s Highest-Paid Consultant. Media Celebrity. Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur. Acclaimed TEDx Speaker. International Best-Selling Author. Dan Lok. (dramatic music) – Three simple steps to
systemizing your business so that you can live
the life that you want. So step number one. You want to describe
your perfect business. What do you want to do? (audience responds describe) Describe your perfect business. So let me give you a moment. Please, get a piece of paper or a laptop. I want you to describe
your perfect business. And this may be, for
some people in this room, the first time you think about this. What would it do? And just write down
what comes to your mind. What would it do? How big would it be? Do you want to grow a massive company? Or do you want just, you know,
I want a lifestyle business. Or do you want something in between? Or do you want to get involved
with a bunch of businesses, or do you want just one big
company? How big would it be? What type of products and services or projects would it be known for? Okay. Write it down, please. What type of products and services and projects would it be known for? And how would it be unique and different from the competition? How would it be unique and
different from the competition? And what type of customers would you want? What type of customers do you want? What kind of customers bring you joy, bring you satisfaction,
that you want to work with? And it shouldn’t be everybody. And how much money would it make? How much money would it make? How much money you want it to make. Revenue, or your profit,
your take-home pay. How much money you want the
business to make for you? And, the key here is to
be as honest as possible. It’s what you want, not what other people think you should want, not
what your friends told you you should want, what the media’s told you that you should want. What do you want? So it’s like Ryan. I said, you know what? That’s what I want. Ryan Lee,
that’s what I want. Period. I don’t care, Gary Vee, other,
I’m not interested in that. How much money would it make,
and what would it do for you? Yeah. What do you want a
business to do for you? Would it deliver peace of mind,
security, freedom, and fun? Would it deliver peace of mind,
security, freedom, and fun? So what would it do? How big would it be? What type of products and services or projects would it be known for? How would it be unique and
different from the competition? What type of customers you want? How much money would it make?
What would it do for you? And would it deliver peace of mind, security, freedom, and fun? Let me give you a couple minutes. Your perfect business. And don’t let your little voice stop you. Your little voice might say, “Well I don’t know how you
can do that. It’s impossible.” Or, “You can’t do it.” Don’t listen to the
little voice for a second. Just say what do you want. If anything is possible, what do you want? 30 seconds. Okay. Stop. Let me ask you a question. How many of you are very
clear, like crystal clear, of what you want your perfect
business to look like? Okay. Interesting. How many of you like, have some ideas, but you’re not 100% clear? Okay, so some room. Some
room for improvement. Here’s the deal. If you’re not clear about
what the perfect business looks like, what you’re creating, then how do you know
when you’ve succeeded? How do you know you’ve arrived, when you are hitting a moving target? How would you know? It’s
like if I’m a sculptor. I wanna sculpt this piece. Sculpture. But I have no idea what the thing is gonna look like when it’s done. Is it gonna be a man,
is it gonna be a woman, is it gonna be an animal? I have no clue, but I
just kind of sculpt away. Hopefully something will
turn out to be good. Versus, you know what,
I have a clear picture. This is the picture that I wanna create. When it’s done, this is
what it’s gonna look like. Let me follow that. I wanna do, a big piece here,
there, okay. I’m doing that. You gotta think of your business
as a product. As a what? (audience responds product) That’s your product. And we will talk about how you
create a sellable business, well I just sold one of my
companies last month, right? A couple months ago, and you know, for a good chunk of money. Because I created that
as a way, you know what, that’s what I want it to look like. And you know when it’s done, it’s done. Example, you know what, I want a business that makes me x amount of money, I only want it to have so many customers, I want to only work no more
than so many hours a week, and I want to have a very
competent person running it. That means I need to hit
this kind of revenue, in order to pay for this
person’s compensation and salary. You’re creating something.
Does that make sense? You’re creating something. Yes? – [Audience Member] What
business did you sell? – I can tell you in private. I don’t wanna say on the camera. And so, think about that.
Just think about that. Your perfect business.
That is your product. When Ray Kroc goes to work,
the founder of McDonald’s, when he bought the McDonald’s
from the McDonald’s brothers, now McDonald was not founded by Ray Kroc. It was founded by McDonald’s brothers. They’re technicians, making the new shake, flipping the burgers. Ray Kroc, with the
vision, goes in and say, “This thing is cool. Maybe
we can open more shops. “How about you let me do it?” The McDonald’s brothers
said, “Sure. Have at it.” And Ray Kroc took that
and opened up so many, so many stores. So many stores. Ray Kroc, day one didn’t go into McDonald’s and flip burgers. Ray Kroc never flipped burgers. Day one, he went to not
work in the McDonald’s, he went onto work on McDonald’s. Not in. He knows, I’m trying to
create a franchise prototype. I want to create a business
that makes a ton of money that I can duplicate worldwide. Day one. He’s not trying to go in there, “Let’s see how I can
make a better hamburger. “How can we make better
french fries?” Nope. How can we make this that can run by people with very little education, very simple training, and we
can start it off like that. What business is McDonald’s in? (audience says real estate) Very good. Real estate. And the franchise is a way for them to make money so they
could acquire real estate and have all these
tenets paying them money. That’s the vehicle. One smart guy. What can I say? One smart guy. At the same time, other people started the same hamburger restaurants and joins same time as Ray Kroc. Joe’s Burgers. Michelle’s French Fries. And they remain one shop,
for their whole life. Because they never took the time to develop the business skills that it takes to make a business work. They just keep doing the
stuff. Think about it. So let’s build an on-purpose business. The purpose of, write this down, the purpose of owning my business is. Please write that down. And
then we’ll take a break. The business of owning my business is, just fill in the blank. The purpose of owning my business is… My business will allow
me to, fill in the blank. My business will allow me to…
So that I can enjoy, what? And have the ability to do, what? Time to get clear. The purpose of owning my business is what? My business will allow me to
do what? So I can enjoy blank. And have the ability to blank. That’s an on-purpose business.
That’s not a moving target. And don’t, try not to filter the answer. Whatever comes to mind,
your first thought, usually that’s the truth. That first thought.
That’s usually the truth. And after you think about
it, you overthink it, you filter it, that may
be further from the truth. So whatever comes to mind.
Will allow me to do what? So I can enjoy what? And
have the ability to do what? If you’re crystal clear,
then you may be thinking, maybe your business doesn’t need to be as big as you think it needs to be to give you what you want. Because there’s a big difference between if you wanna make, a million a year, or half a million a year versus
making 10 million a year. The price that you have to
pay, it’s a big difference. The price you have to pay to get there. It’s like, do you want to be a good enough swimmer to win local championship? Or to win just tournament
in a provincial tournament? Or do you want to be an Olympic athlete? The price you have to pay, differs. And most people, I think for most of us, you don’t necessarily have to,
“I want to win the Olympics.” You know what, I’m pretty happy. In YMCA, I beat everybody else. I’m happy. I don’t need to be like that. I just, hey, you know, I make enough. That’s cool, and I can beat
the 70 years old. It’s cool. You know? Good self-esteem. (laughs) It’s whatever the goal is.
Whatever the goal is. Okay? Owning my businesses, allows
me to, so I can enjoy. So how many can see that business
is just a vehicle? A what? (audience says vehicle) To get you what you want. It’s never meant to consume your life. The challenge is most entrepreneurs are consumed by their business. They’re consumed by their business, when it’s actually just a vehicle to get you from Point A
to Point B. That’s it. That’s why I’m not attached
to any one of my business, except maybe my coaching business. But, any one of my companies, with the right price, I would sell. I’m not attached to it.
It’s just a vehicle. I love what I do, but I
could sell the business. Versus this is my baby!
I’m not gonna sell! This is it! I’m gonna hang onto it! No, as entrepreneur we
can always create. Yes? You can sell and you can
create something else! It’s in our DNA! You
can’t help but create! How many of you sometimes
when you’re showering, you’re doing some other
things, you’re out there, you’re out there, you’re
thinking about business? You can’t help! It’s in
our DNA! So it’s okay. Trust me, you sell that thing,
with you know, a lump sum. You will find things to
start and do. Guarantee. Probably the next day. Something. Oh let’s do something
else! It’s in our nature. It’s our nature. So let’s take
a 10 minute break. How long? (audience says 10 minutes) I’ll see you in 10 minutes. So, what have you learned from my talk, and how does it apply to you? And how do you take direct action? Comment below and let me know. If you have any other questions, you can also comment below. And don’t forget. Click
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57 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps To Systemize Your Business – Systemize Your Business Ep. 4

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  17. Hi Dan – I find your advice practical yet thought provoking. I've got lots of work to do still but you've really opened my eyes to the reality of the life I want. Great job!

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  27. 3 Simple Steps to Systemise My Business


    – how big
    – what would it do
    – what would it be known for
    – what prod and services would it be known for
    – how would it be unique from competition
    – what type of customers do you want
    – how much money do you want to make
    – what would it do for me

    Would it deliver peace of mind, security, freedom and fun?


    Let me ask you a question? How many of you are really clear?

    If you’re not clear… how will you know if you’re successful?


    This is the picture of what i want


    When its done, it’s done!

    To build this business successfully and have a excellent person running it.

    Ray Krok. Took Mc Donalds didnt flip burgers, he worked on how to duplicate this business run by people with low school.

    Other people build one burger store.


    My business will allow me to..

    … so i can enjoy

    —- and give me the ability to


    Go with your first thoughts…

    What you want may change what your business is

    Business is vehicle to get you what you want.

    I could sell any of my businesses

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