3 Ways Technology Is Changing The Way We Shop

Retro announcer voice:
“War or not one thing is for sure: A daily
battle is being waged in supermarkets all over this country. A battle for the
customer’s dollar.” As technology speeds up the way that we do business, retailers are beginning to focus on using tech to raise the bar for convenience. Here are just a few ways retailers are creating an innovative shopping experience. Anyone with a computer or mobile device can order groceries 24/7, thanks to e-commerce. A study by Nielsen found that one-quarter of online
respondents order grocery products online, and 55 percent are willing to do
so in the future. The Internet of Things turns home appliances into assistants
telling consumers when it’s time to restock. Some smart refrigerators even
offer grocery shopping directly through their interfaces. According to Gartner,
there will be over 26 billion connected devices by 2020, and the Internet of
Things market will be worth $151 billion. Retail giant Amazon
wants to funnel digital sales. Amazon Dash wands and buttons allow consumers to instantly order everyday products. The Amazon Echo can also order items on command. Amazon Go is an experimental grocery
store in Seattle where consumers can simply take what they want and go. Using
the Amazon Go app, the store recognizes when a customer has arrived, and tracks
the items they take. When the customer leaves, those items are then charged to
their accounts. Cashless payments make checkout a breeze or eliminate it
altogether. PriceWaterhouseCoopers predicts that by 2019, 85% of transactions will be paid for in this way. Retailers are looking for ways to use the ubiquity of smartphones to their advantage. Walmart partnered with
GM to test Bluetooth beacons hidden inside LED light bulbs in their stores. Beacons are wireless devices that track and respond to apps or items within
their vicinity, such as the person’s smartphone. The lights in Walmart tracked customers and pinged their phones with special offers as they shopped. Retailers have a clear incentive to adopt new technologies. After all, if it’s easier to shop, it’s easier to spend.

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