3 Website Blog Content Tips – Marketing Monday

Hey guys Brad and Danielle here today we
want to talk about three simple steps you can start taking right now to
increase your website content if you stick with us to the end will tell you
how to get access to our website automation framework all right tip
number one consistency this is one thing that i had trouble with the most because
i’m so busy helping clients building websites how could i just be consistent
for myself you’re probably in the same boat you’re working one-on-one with
clients you’re in the trenches how can you be consistent so even if it’s once a
week or once a month make a schedule start off once a month
and consistently put out something whether it’s testimonials logs or videos
something that you think will help your clients tip number two research you’re
gonna want to look for what your potential visitor is searching for you
don’t want to put in all the effort and get zero interest tip number three SEO
this is where a lot of us have trouble because we really don’t know how to do
SEO so some simple tricks when you upload your videos and your images make
sure you always put a title in there because you can also be ranked for SEO
for your images and videos when somebody does a google search so if your images
your videos and your blog all show up in a google search that way you’ll really
start increasing growth just as we promised you can get access now to our
automation framework just below subscribe now and check it out in the
description should I miss it just as we promised you can get half
that’s now in the description in don’t even think about don’t even read this
just hey guys Brad and Danielle here and today we want to teach you our three
simple steps

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